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Career Questions tagged Small Business

Kaylah’s Avatar
Kaylah Mar 03, 2018 505 views

How do I start my own veterinary practice?

I plan to run my own veterinary practice and would like to know the steps to creating your own business.
#business #entrepreneurship #company #veterinary #small-business

Karim’s Avatar
Karim Jan 23, 2018 599 views

What is the first step in starting an online business?

I am interested in starting an online business.
#sneakers #onlinekicks #freshkicks #entrepreneurship #small-business #online-marketing

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Jan 21, 2018 633 views

Making money on Etsy?

I'm thinking about starting a home business on Etsy, but don't know if it's really worth it...has anyone had experience selling on Etsy before? #etsy #entrepreneurship #small-business

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra Jan 16, 2018 875 views

What is it like owning your own small business?

I'm going to college to get a business degree and I plan on starting my own small business someday, but I don't know what that really consists of. Is it hard to be successful and make a decent living with this being your only source of income? #business #small-business

Sabrina’s Avatar
Sabrina Jan 10, 2018 934 views

What steps should I take to become a small business owner?

I am an 11th grader and I am passionate about being a small business owner. I've always dreamt of opening up a tea house and want to know what steps I should take to get there. I have no idea where to start and would really appreciate guidance.

#entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #small-business

Lidia’s Avatar
Lidia Oct 10, 2017 825 views

Which university should I go to run a salon?

Is almost time to choose my university, my dream is run a salon especially for nails
#business-development #women-in-business #small-business #entrepreneurship #cosmetics #cosmetology #college-selection #beauty-industry

Bradley’s Avatar
Bradley Oct 09, 2017 541 views

Im 30 years old and would like to own my own business. Ive started with ads on kijiji but would like to grow into a multi million dollar company. How do i start doing that?

Starting a fan base on Facebook and Instagram is where I'm at but I need to find out how to go about finding and leasing property or land so I can make my auto body shop a worth while venture. Small businesses #good-attitudes #entrepreneurship #business #business-development #small-business

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Sep 01, 2017 540 views

Culinary Arts career in a small town?

I come from a small town in Ohio which consists, mostly, of farms and forest. What types of jobs should I keep an eye out for when looking for a place to advance my career? #cooking #culinary #culinary-arts #culinary-management #small-business

Kiara’s Avatar
Kiara Feb 15, 2017 629 views

What state requirements do I need to be able to own and develop a business?

I want to be able to own my own business so I can introduce myself to the world. I want to start a little at a time. #entrepreneurship #business-development #small-business

#career-specific #personal-development

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Dec 21, 2016 715 views

How to take a small business and make it global?

Small businesses are thriving. I want to create a skin care business that uses natural methods to healing skin. As well as alternative types of healing such as binaural beats. For example selling binaural beats playlists for college students struggling with finals or day to day activities. I...

Lilian’s Avatar
Lilian Dec 20, 2016 924 views

What career can I land with a busniess degree?

I am currently majoring in business and many people around me as well. Even though I am majoring in business, many family members and friends around me don't agree with me pursuing this major. The most common reason is "You won't find a job." #business #career-counseling #career-choice...

Kukiele’s Avatar
Kukiele Dec 06, 2016 825 views

When buying a business how do you tailor it to your specific needs as terms of making it successful and earning an excellent profit.

I want to be successful entrepreneur #business #entrepreneurship #business-management #financial-services #business-development #business-analysis #financial-accounting #small-business

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Nov 07, 2016 834 views

Why do positions in corporate America have such a negative connotation?

People today tend to think "corrupt" when they think of people at the "top of the totem pole". There is often the dilemma of taking the high-paying corporate job vs. the low-paying job that is more in-line with ones values. #business #small-business #corporate

Akatzin’s Avatar
Akatzin Oct 29, 2016 1283 views

What is your biggest advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

As a future entrepreneur, I crave for advice by the experts! #business #engineering #entrepreneurship #architecture #small-business

Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia Oct 27, 2016 1298 views

what would be the first step to become a successful entrepreneur and starting my own business?

Once i decide on my business type i would like to begin my business and expand it internationally or even nationally. i want my business to become a billions worth enterprise, or even more so that others could follow my footsteps and become successful themselves. #business #business-management...

Lindsay’s Avatar
Lindsay Sep 16, 2016 1261 views

What type of places are good for first time jobs for teens?

I've been looking for part time jobs to earn extra money for college tuition. #job-search #business-management #college-jobs #first-job #job-market #small-business #part-time #job-fairs

Wasi’s Avatar
Wasi Jun 24, 2016 1178 views

How do you recommend I start my own small business?

I want to start a small scale business and need guidance.. how many workers would be needed for a packaging company? #business #entrepreneurship #social-worker #business-idea #small-business #e-business

Wasi’s Avatar
Wasi Jun 24, 2016 1023 views

I want to know about online trading. I have heard people make good money in Trading

I have an interest in Online Trading #business #business-idea #small-business #e-business #stock-trading #trading

Wasi’s Avatar
Wasi Jun 24, 2016 1046 views

What would be the best small scale business to start with an amount of 10000 dollars.

Am aspiring my future in Business #business #business-idea #small-business #business-law

Jill’s Avatar
Jill May 21, 2016 1614 views

Can someone realistically pursue acting while having a part-time job?

I want to be able to pursue my dreams in musical theatre while also having a stable job that interests me, like teaching piano or owning a small online business. #acting #theatre #theater #actors #musical-theatre #small-business #tutoring #live-theatre

Rebekah’s Avatar
Rebekah May 19, 2016 1100 views

How can I combine many interests into one career?

I just love to do so many things. The hard part is knowing which are viable career paths and which should remain hobbies. Maybe I can combine some of them to create something unique! I wouldn't mind starting my own business/organization to make that happen. Some of my top interests include:...

Dimarco’s Avatar
Dimarco May 18, 2016 551 views

With most of you being fashion gurus, would you prefer promoting an underground fashion line or partnering with mainstream designers?

I ask this question because there are more underground, up and coming fashion designers who, in my opinion, have better taste than many of today's mainstream designers. Sometimes I wonder if it's all about the money or actually using your expertise and knowledge to help those underground...

Aileen ’s Avatar
Aileen May 16, 2016 751 views

Is is advantageous to start a business as an online business before opening up a physical store? Is this a good way to build a costumer base and save up money for rent and other expenses?

My sister and I are hoping to own our own small business in the future, selling handmade items. #business #real-estate #small-business

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Mar 24, 2015 1264 views

What careers would be best suited for a major in sociology?

Would a sociology degree prepare me to own a small business. #business #majors #sociology #small-business