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Millenia F. Jan 10, 2018 180 views

How do music producers get their name out there and work with well known artist?

I am a songwriter and would like to branch into music producing so I can experience other aspects of working with different artists. As a songwriter its been a little difficult to have a wide range of artists to work with and I would like to know how producers do that. #music-production...

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tamara H. Aug 14, 2016 415 views

how can i be a singer and songwriter as well as a food and beverage server

Just want to know if thats a good opinion to work for. Even though thats my goal #singer #songwriter...


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Angel C. Mar 09, 2016 5168 views

If you want to become a singer would it be better to go to a college that focuses on arts, or just a regular college that has things to do with music and singing?

I might want to go to college and do something in music, whether singing or something. And I want to know which will be better. #music #arts #singer #musician #songwriter...


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Nicki W. Feb 24, 2016 901 views

I'm thinking about going to college to continue on with music producing like in the studio. Can you give me some tips on how to start off the right way and what is some colleges I can look at for music producing?

I am asking this question because my dream is to become a artist and get my music out to the world. As a child all I ever did was sing and make rhymes and a lot of people has told me I got skills. I just want to know more colleges I should attend or look into about music producing and how many...

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Hao L. Jun 25, 2015 1209 views

How to compose a song ?

I'm really want to compose a song on my own. But i don't know how to write songs and create Track. What should i do to get into It :< #music #singer #rapper #songwriting...


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Hao L. Jun 23, 2015 868 views

What can i do to audition in a Record Label ?

I am Galileo HS student. There is a Record Label i want to go. It's call YG entertainment is located in Korea. The thing is that i want to audition in YG entertainment. but i not sure how to audition and what should i do to prepare for it like learning music or how to compose #singer #dancer...

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