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Career Questions tagged Space Exploration

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Ahlyia L. Aug 27, 2018 874 views

What are ways to increase your changes of being accepted to four year colleges, despite being from a low income area?

Another question I have is how can I stand out to colleges while being from a low income area that, to me, seems to limit my opportunities? I have had personal experiences losing great opportunities due to where I am from. college high-school low-income-area workforce steam stem science...

pharmaceuticals astrophysics advice medicine space-exploration space planetary-science technology math engineering career forensics astronomy

Ahlyia L.’s Avatar
Ahlyia L. Aug 27, 2018 505 views

What are the challenges I may face pursuing a career in science, and how can I stand out among the rest?

For my first two years in high school I have been studying biotechnology and I have been working diligently in preparing myself for college and the workforce. Though I have not decided on an exact career, I am deeply considering one within forensics, pharmaceuticals, or in the space exploration...

stem future biotechnology space-exploration high-school planetary-science career nasa pharmaceuticals astrophysics workforce medicine steam science women-in-stem technology forensics student