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Career Questions tagged Sports Broadcasting

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Christian Dec 14, 2022 113 views

Sports Broadcasting

How many years would it take in college to become a sports-broadcaster? What type of classes would it take in High School and College to get this job? Would Journalism be a good class for this major?

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Gracie Nov 10, 2022 287 views

Sports Broadcasting / Sports Media

What does the typical day of a sports broadcaster or someone in the sports media do?

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Sophie Apr 12, 2021 399 views

What does a broadcast journalists daily life look like?

#sports-journalism #broadcast-journalism #sports-broadcasting #sports-media

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Julian Aug 28, 2018 382 views

There are many schools with Sports Management Degrees and some with either Broadcast Journalism or Sports Media. What is the best degree for the career of my choice?

I am ready to go to any state to begin this journey. #sports-broadcasting #sports-media

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Serion May 07, 2018 529 views

How long should it take to become a sucessful broadcster ?

I would like to have a great career ion that field if the NFL does not work out I still would like to have a major hand in the sport #sports-broadcasting #sports #broadcasting #communications #media

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Serion May 07, 2018 532 views

What are the steps of becmoing a sucessful sports broadcaster ?

I would like to have a great career ion that field if the NFL does not work out I still would like to have a major hand in the sport #sports-broadcasting #sports #broadcasting #communications #media

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ethel Aug 22, 2016 898 views

How likely is it to be a sports commentator?

i have always wanted to be one but i would like to know the likelihood of pursuing that career. #sports #television #sports-journalism #sports-broadcasting

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Alana Aug 20, 2016 982 views

What do you love about sports entertainment?

It is important for everyone to love what they they, especially if they plan on continuing on in their career for many years. This also leads to a happy life! I would like to see why others enjoy this industry to widen my views. #sports #sports-management #entertainment #social-media...

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Alana Aug 20, 2016 844 views

What is the best first step in planning a career in sports entertainment and why?

I believe that it is important for someone who is beginning their journey in starting a career to understand the hard work and steps it takes to achieve their goals. I would like to see how others would start to plan their careers and why so I could also have more input on how to start mine!...

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Tyler Aug 19, 2016 872 views

What can/ should i do while i am still in high school to help prepare me for a career in film or broadcasting?

I am planning on taking a course in one of the two once i enter college and pursue a career within the major i choose. I am wondering i can do to prepare and for this and gain more knowledge and experience in either. #film #film-production #broadcast-television #sports-broadcasting

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Taylor Aug 13, 2016 969 views

What did your path to becoming a field sports newscaster/reporter look like?

I think it would be super fun to be on the field of professional sports games and interview the coaches, players, and others. What does it take to get into sports reporting? I'm interested to hear what your path looked like and whether you have advice for young people like me about how best to...

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis May 24, 2016 841 views

Is it hard to find a job with baseball teams?

I want to get on with a minor league or a Major League Baseball team whatever way I can because I love baseball #sports #sports-management #baseball #sports-broadcasting #broadcasting