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Career Questions tagged Student Development

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Aug 01 101 views

Does certification improve my chances of getting into my top school?

I have 10 non-credit certifications from accredited universities like Stanford University, Harvard and USC universities, but I'm quite confused if they're really significant on college applications.

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Kaiya May 21, 2021 295 views

How do you monitor learning and student growth?

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Kayse May 17, 2021 440 views

While being a full-time student, how do you manage work and studying?

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Jose’s Avatar
Jose May 17, 2021 310 views

What are medical schools looking for in a student ?

#medical #student-development

Jose’s Avatar
Jose May 13, 2021 226 views

Would the hours be flexible if a pre-med student works in a hospital?

#student #student-development

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Manasi May 02, 2021 271 views

about an interview

im a hotel managment student and for my bachelors i have to be prepared
#student-development #student #interview #brandeis

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Apr 26, 2021 367 views

What is the best way to connect with organizations to apply my degree in marine biology?

I am a high school student planning on going to college to major in marine biology and data science. I want to make the most out of my marine biology degree - I have my eye out for valuable experiences or opportunities that will allow me to network with organizations, but what else can I...

Re lin’s Avatar
Re lin Apr 25, 2021 1326 views

What job is best for a abm student?

#student #student-development #first-job #job #students

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Jason Apr 19, 2021 222 views

what do I need to be to be a paleontologist?

#student # #high-school-students #student-development #students

MJ’s Avatar
MJ Mar 29, 2021 592 views

Part time jobs for freshmen CS student?

What type of freelancing or part time jobs should I do while being a student and also want to earn money?

#st #student-development #student #computer #programmer #freelance #computerScience #WebDeveloper #android #ios #technology

Letlotlo’s Avatar
Letlotlo Mar 28, 2021 286 views

Will I need a degree or other qualifications besides matric to qualify for post

I am a business management student at private college. During high school I was part of leadership committees for 3 years. I am sociable individual and I am excellent in planning events #internships #student-development #business management #student #leadershipqualities #part time job

Donovan’s Avatar
Donovan Mar 18, 2021 268 views

What classes should I take if I want to pursue education and training?

I am a middle school student and education and training came up as one of my top job choices after taking a quiz. I enjoy training my friends and my brother, but I also want a career that pays well. #student #student #job #students #career #motivation #education #student-development #training

adriana’s Avatar
adriana Mar 12, 2021 243 views

Do you think the time it takes to become a forensic science technician is worth it? Do you enjoy your job? If so what is your favorite part?

I really enjoy learning about cases and finding the solution and answers based on the evidence is really satisfactory to me. #student-development #human-resources #jobs #student-development #forensicwork

Simlindile’s Avatar
Simlindile Jan 31, 2021 214 views

How to get internships

Am a fourth year student at the university of Zululand, am doing Bcom Accounting and Auditing degree. am currently waiting for my final results. Am looking for internships. #student-development

Era’s Avatar
Era Jan 04, 2021 486 views

What is your advice for me as a freshmen student?

I'm kinda scared hahaha Thank you guys! #students #student-development #college-student