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Career Questions tagged Un

Kira’s Avatar
Kira Oct 28, 2020 317 views

What does an average day in your profession typically look like?

I am majoring in International Studies with the goal of doing humanitarian aid through potentially the UNHCR, Doctors Without Borders, or Peace Corps. #professional #international #humanitarian #UN #PeaceCorps #DoctorsWithoutBorders

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Apr 08, 2020 590 views

How is it like to work at UN? What do you specifically do working with the part of humans rights?

I’m a student from Brazil and next year I will join an university. I wanna do the International Relations course and in the future work in the UN with human rights, traveling all around the world and helping others. #career #International #Travel # #job # #work #work #humanrights #humanitarian...

Mathilde’s Avatar
Mathilde Mar 26, 2019 315 views

What are the best advice you could give for someone who would like to get his foot in the door of UN system?

I have graduated two years ago with a Bachelor Degree in Financial Mathematics, and have been working in private sector. I would like some advice on how to improve my chance for getting into UN system.