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Career Questions tagged United Nations

Alexia’s Avatar
Alexia May 13, 2016 797 views

I want to work for a non profit helping humans with illness mostly mental and help animals what should I major in?

I love everything, i want to work for a non profit helping people and animals and also educating them and therapy idk what to major in, i love teaching in third world countries, i love cultures traveled the work i speak 4 languages i love government and UN stuff, i also love bio and science and...

Ching Ting’s Avatar
Ching Ting Mar 05, 2017 847 views

How to prepare for a career in the United Nations during university years?

I am in Sophomore in university. My majors are English Studies and French. I would like to work in the United Nations as a language staff. How may I get ahead in preparing myself for embarking on a career at the UN? #career-counseling #international #language #international-relations #united-nations

B. Eni’s Avatar
B. Eni Jun 10, 2016 1020 views

What college majors should I apply to in order to be a diplomat?

I want to be a diplomat or even work for the U.N, but I am unsure what I should major in. I am currently leaning towards Economics, Journalism, and probably will go to law school. Any other suggestions? #international-affairs #united-nations #diplomacy

Alisha’s Avatar
Alisha Jun 07, 2016 718 views

How does one start working for the U.N.?

I am interested in working for the U.N. to make the world a better place by working on issues like reducing pollution, stopping wars and eradicating can I go about achieving all this ? #economics #united-nations #social-change #foreign-policy

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren May 28, 2016 576 views

What is it like to work for the UN?

I love the idea of international cooperation and diplomacy, but I'm not sure what it is actually like to work for the UN. What are the different roles? What skills are most important to have to work for the UN? #united-nations #diplomacy