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Career Questions tagged Universities

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Jul 05, 2018 550 views

What are the best universities for accounting in Texas.

#business #economics #accounting #universities

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mery Nov 13, 2021 274 views

what is the best MSc in business and management?

I am studying bachelor in international business management #business #entrepreneur #management #business-management #international #universities #Masters #MSc

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jan 14, 2018 690 views

When deciding on what colleges to go to, what should take precedent- what you want to study or where the university is?

I've heard that college is about a lot more than the education aspect, that it's learning to live on your own and explore yourself as a person. Also, the majority of people end up switching majors anyway while still in college, so I'm wondering what should be weighed more: the university as a...

dakota’s Avatar
dakota May 19, 2020 422 views

What are the best colleges/universities in South Carolina for engineering?

My family i thinking about moving down south from Massachusetts. I am interested in studying engineering in college. I would like to know some colleges that are good for engineering in South Carolina. #college-search #engineering #college #universities #southcarolinaunitversities

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RAVI Dec 25, 2017 795 views

UGC Approved Universities

How many #Universities are approved from UGC?