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Amanda K. Jan 23 94 views

What Types of Translating Opportunities are Offered to Teens?

I'd like to take advantage of the fact that I'm bilingual to volunteer virtually during the pandemic, but most of the opportunities I come across are specifically for people over the age of 18. #high-school-student #translating-opportunities #bilingual...


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Amanda K. Dec 31, 2020 148 views

Virtual Volunteering for Teens Interested in Healthcare

I was wondering what types of virtual volunteering opportunities would be available for high school students looking to contribute to, and gain experience in, healthcare? It seems both my age and virtual approach have limited my options, but I really want to help out somehow. #healthcare...

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Christina L. Dec 01, 2020 182 views

Best extracurriculars for Psychology major?

I am in a community college studying psychology and want to apply to many great schools by the time I transfer! I am interested in getting my masters to become a clinical psychologist or educational counselor after undergrad. However, during the time I am in community college now, I want to...

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olive P. Jul 26, 2020 363 views

What category of volunteer work is best for someone who is interested in studying law?

Volunteering is really important to me, before COVID I was volunteering every week through an organization for children and families facing magical challenges. I am still doing projects and teaching through Zoom with them but I am also really interested in adding another volunteer opportunity...

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Ella W. Jan 26, 2020 272 views

What are some career or leadership experiences that will help me choose my career

I'm currently interested in business and the STEM world, though I still enjoy playing sports and instrumental music. I would really appreciate any opportunities (online or in-person)! #careerchoice #highschool #stem #business #career #opportunities #internship...


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Elisa C. Jan 24, 2019 232 views

BCBA Volunteer opportunities for after 5pm on weekdays and anytime weekends

I am a current adult student completing the required academic course work by the BACB; however, to fulfill the 1500 fieldwork hours, I need is a practicum site and a supervisor. I work during the day. That is why I am willing to volunteer after 5 p.m. during the week and anytime on the...

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Andrew C. May 02, 2018 374 views

How was your experience attending mission humanitaire program in Benin?

Me and my friends are planning to go on a mission humanitaire ( program in Benin. If anyone has any experience with such mission humanitaire program. Please share your experience. #missionhumanitaire #missionhumanitaireafrique #voyagehumanitaire...

#volunteer #nonprofit #volunteering #humanitarian

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Moiz A. Aug 11, 2018 351 views

Upon graduating with a decent engineering degree and working just about enough to pay off the debt, how can one give back to the society?

My mother always emphasized on something - "always leave something better than how you found it". I would like to live up to her model. #engineering #volunteering #payback #mindfulness #satisfaction #technology #upliftment


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Kiara S. May 28, 2018 437 views

Summer Break what to do?

I'm not quite sure how to spend my summer break and want to get ahead. So what should I do? Read? Study? Online-courses? #summer #preparing #summer-internship #volunteering...


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Julisa C. Mar 20, 2018 358 views

What are volunteering opportunities that I can apply to if I am under 16 for the time being?

So right now, I am involved in three programs that I recieve good hours in, but I want to do more hours, as well as having a variety of experience in other fields. #volunteering #nonprofits...


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Ena W. Mar 20, 2017 470 views

How to find international affairs volunteering?

I don't want to go to abroad just like some international conference in local. #volunteering...


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Tyler E. Mar 27, 2018 491 views

What is the best way to give back to you're community whether you make it to college or not?

I am asking this question because most people think you have to have a lot of money to help others out but there are plenty of way's to do so without having a penny. #community-outreach #volunteering...


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Emily T. Mar 15, 2018 380 views

How can I apply my love for volunteering to my college life in the future?

Volunteering has become a significant part of my life, and I can't imagine life without it. I do a lot of work with kids who have special needs and I want to figure out how to incorporate that into a college atmosphere. #volunteering...


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Daleen C. Feb 13, 2018 443 views

How can I volunteer with writing?

Hey guys, So I love to write, which is why I'm pursuing Professional Writing as my major. However, I also love to volunteer. Is there a way I can combine my two loves and volunteer to write? #volunteering #professional-writing #writing #editing #nonprofits...


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Leslie L. Jan 31, 2018 422 views

What are some volunteer/internships in Dallas for high school students who want to study in the medical field?

I have realized that having medical school opportunities will help you stand out and benefit you in the long run. I have heard about the STARS program but I believe it is too late to apply for that program. #medicine #internships #volunteering...


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Teleola A. Jan 26, 2018 499 views

Must your previous volunteer positions be relevant to job application?

Are employers interested in the type of volunteering you? By this I mean, do employers want people that have volunteered in activities that are directly relevant or related to the jobs they are applying for? (specifically jobs in business/management)Or can any volunteer experience help when...

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Joy Z. Jan 25, 2018 524 views

How does volunteering help you get into college?

At what level would volunteer hours help you get into college? people did a lot of volunteer works, but I don't know how do that would help you get into college. what information do people get from the volunteer works? #college #volunteerhours #collegeadives #collegeadministration...

#college-admissions #volunteering #extracurriculars #college-advice

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lilia W. Jan 23, 2018 1003 views

What is the best way to approach someone for an internship

I have found a few companies that I would like to intern and possibly work at but they are not currently offering internships. I would like to approach them and see if they would be willing to let me intern or volunteer there. #interning...


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Lundyn R. Jan 23, 2018 328 views

Internships or volunteer opportunities in criminal justice?

I am in high school and I want to have a career in criminal justice. I'm wondering what types of internships or volunteer opportunities I should get involved in now. #criminaljustice #internships...


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Hannah S. Jan 16, 2018 629 views

What is the best type of volunteer work that colleges look for?

Do colleges look for your volunteer hours? If so what kind do they value most? I have been apart of a math internship where I help Algebra 1 kids with their homework and I am apart of the National Honor Society. Would colleges look at that to consider my eligibility? #math #college...

#volunteering #volunteer-leadership

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Emely L. Jan 03, 2018 460 views

I'm a caring and helpful female who has a desire for a career in a non profit company. What suggestions would you have for me to guide me in my schooling?

I'm asking this question because I want to help homeless people and volunteer for people that are in need. I want to help kids with cancer and help them find a way to smile. When I am older I want to make a difference for people that are in need. #volunteering #nonprofits...


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Inderjeet S. Dec 19, 2017 545 views

I completed a B.Sc. in nursing. How do I seek volunteer opportunities in a healthcare field?

The main purpose of writing this is to get experience in volunteering to make my resume strong #resume #career #healthcare...


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Ashley H. Dec 08, 2017 465 views

What are some good ways for high school students to gain experience?

I did not have a lot of experience outside of school and volunteering when I started at university, and my brothers are both looking as they could be in the same boat as I was. I have given them a couple of suggestions from things that I learned, however, is there anything that anyone would...

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William H. Nov 07, 2017 470 views

Is voyage humanitaire trip beneficial?

I came across this site for going on a volunteering trip. Is voyage trip really beneficial? #voyagehumanitaire #missionhumanitaire #volunteering #nonprofits #humanitarian...


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C L. Oct 15, 2017 624 views

What can you do with you Psychology BA degree?

I know i'm not the only one feeling this way, but as I'm graduating soon (next year), I'm a bit nervous and I wonder what are the options out there for psychology major students? I don't want to jump into grad school right away since I haven't figured out which field I really want to invest...

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Ruth G. Sep 01, 2017 657 views

Where can I volunteer in Portland Oregon?

The reason for me asking is because I think it will help with my career choice and get a more understanding on helping people. #make-a-change #volunteering #volunteerism #career #career-counseling...


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Daleen C. Sep 10, 2017 515 views

What kind of job can you get with a social work major?

Will a major in social work give me the education to have an actual job in the non-profit sector, or will it give me the training to be a volunteer? What sort of job can I get with a Social Work major and how can I help people? #social-work...


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Daleen C. Sep 01, 2017 493 views

Is Social Work a Good Major??

I want to help people... I love helping people. However, with a major in social work and doing that full time, will I have enough of an income to pay off my college debt? Or would it be better to major in something else and then volunteer to help people? I would love to help people full time,...

#social-work #volunteering

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Aleena C. Sep 01, 2017 482 views

How can I become an activist in my community/school?

I want to be more engaged in my school and community but more specifically in my field of study. I am a poly sci major minoring in environmental studies and want to eventually work for a non-profit organization. I've tried applying online but living in San Francisco makes it difficult to make...

#sfsu #non-profit #volunteering #sanfrancisco #polysci #evironment #politicalscience

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Risa M. May 19, 2016 626 views

How do I best prepare myself to not only be an effective, professional, and successful worker but leader?

I'm currently unsure of what exactly I want to do in the future, but I have a heart for at-risk, underrepresented, vulnerable populations, preferably somewhere out of the country. This, however, is a rather broad umbrella topic and I hope to find that career for me through various opportunities...

#volunteer #service #outdoor #leader #volunteering #veterans #homeless #undecided

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Mounia M. Mar 16, 2017 1988 views

What skills do I need to be a good mentor?

I'm curious about becoming a peer mentor to help me gain counseling skills and help me get into the non-profit. #volunteering #counseling #mentoring...


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Betsy G. Jul 21, 2016 741 views

When writing a resume, how do you write about your weaknesses in such a way that will make you more likely to be hired?

Being a tenth grader in high school, I am required to work community service hours. In order to do this I must get a job as a volunteer or intern somewhere. In order to apply for certain positions a resume is required to be submitted. I would like to know how to write one to the best of my...

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Rj J. Dec 11, 2016 709 views

What's the best way to make your resume stand out on top of your peers?

Hi I'm a student at Westwood High School which is ranked 48 for academics out of all the high schools in the country. This means we have lots of competition amongst our peers. I'm currently trying to build a resume that won't only look better than my peers but also grab the attention of good...

#resume-writing #college #volunteering #job-application #college-advice

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Jackie G. Jan 12, 2017 2778 views

What information should I include in a cover letter?

When applying to a job that requires a resume and a cover-letter, what information should I include in the cover letter so that I don't 'repeat' what's on my resume? #college #career #internships #interviews #volunteering #cover-letters...


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Angelina P. May 08, 2017 1012 views

What does "long-term" mean in volunteering?

I am homeschooled, so I don't have many extracurricular activities. Because of this, and also because I enjoy it, I volunteer a lot. In August, I started volunteering once a week at a hospital in Outpatient Registration. I enjoy it, and I am planning on continuing through the summer. I am not...

#social-media #business #engineering #medicine #communications #college #team-leadership #volunteering

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Ena W. Apr 26, 2017 705 views

Do you think of certificate of appreciation?

When I do some volunteering work in university, I would receive certificate of appreciation about the activity. I keep them. Could I write them in my resume?...


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Ena W. Apr 17, 2017 930 views

Do you think of non-profit work experience?

I am finance second-year student. I plan to find a volunteering job as director of finance. #finance...


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Galina B. Apr 14, 2017 605 views

Are there any things that you must do the summer before you go to college?

I am a senior who will be graduating in June. I already sent in most of my enrollment forms to my college and registered for freshman orientation. Is there anything else essential I should be doing this summer to prepare for my first semester of college? Is it highly recommended to intern or...

#summer #college #volunteering

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Ena W. Apr 10, 2017 563 views

How to spend second-year university summer?

I am finance student in business school. If I find a unpaid job in non-for-profit organization as vp finance, is it helping me in future? #finance...


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Dana O. Apr 04, 2017 573 views

If someone is a volunteer at a company or a governmental agency and they want to ask about opportunities for paid positions how can they get up the courage to do so?

I am currently volunteering at an agency and I am very interested in the type of work that they are doing there. I enjoy volunteering at the agency but it would be nice to be able to earn and save up some money while I don't have a lot of bills to pay. #volunteering #government #non-profit...


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Ena W. Mar 25, 2017 489 views

Do you think tax clinic volunteering in university society is useful?

I am finance students. As international student, I don't have many work choices now....


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Ena W. Mar 20, 2017 636 views
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Ena W. Mar 20, 2017 486 views

How do you find volunteer activity?

Now i use school web, google, and mouth-to-mouth ways to find....


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Ena W. Mar 15, 2017 557 views

Do you have suggestion to second-year student?

Now i am participating much volunteering, is it useful?...


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Maria T. Mar 09, 2017 888 views

What is a way for me to volunteer in a field relating to STEM online, as I am a busy chemistry student?

I am a chemistry major with a very heavy course load, but I would like an opportunity to give back in some way that is feasible for me to do. #chemistry #volunteering #stem #time-management #women-in-stem #scheduling...


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Albert P. Dec 09, 2016 711 views

Which major should I choose?

I'm going to be applying to college next year, and for many colleges you need to specify which major you are applying as. However, I'm not sure what I want to be doing, since it's something I may be doing for the rest of my life. I'm interested in psychology and volunteering, but I don't know...

#computer #career #college-major #career-counseling #computer-software #college #psychology #volunteering