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brett G. Sep 16 42 views

What are some steps I need to take to get into the welding field?

I am a High School student looking for information about how to enter the welding field. #high-school #student...


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Shayla W. Sep 16 41 views

How do I search for careers I want?

#welding #nuclearengineer #navy I play basketball, hang out with friends on the weekends. I work...

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Connor K. Aug 28 48 views

What are the best classes for becoming a welding technician?

I'm looking to know what classes I should take to be a welding technician. #welding...


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Landen D. Aug 26 45 views

What type of welding should I look into?

I like working on cars and want to do welding in the automotive industry. I don't know what types of welding there are in the automotive industry or which ones I should get certified in. #welding #cars...


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Landen D. Aug 26 31 views

What classes do you recommend for welding?

I'm an junior in high school and I want to be a welder but I don't know what classes I should take....


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Nate N. Apr 22 72 views

What type of experience or credentials do I need to have to get an entry level position as a welder?

I am in metal fabrication at McCann Tech. I am good at welding and with my hands. I hate sitting still i like to be active and moving around....


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Christian M. Mar 13 113 views

What jobs can be offered for welding

My name is Christian I am a senior at Leto high school. My strengths are being a hard working and focusing on any task given. My weaknesses are that I’m easily distracted and I can’t focus with a lot of noise. #career #welding...


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Orlando S. Mar 03 114 views

Why are you the best welding candidate for us?

I put all my effort and I also accept new challenges when it comes to work #welding #welder...


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Orlando S. Mar 03 100 views
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Francisco M. Mar 02 123 views

Can you describe the hardest welding challenge?

I am very interested in the welding field. I have welded once and it was fun. i am looking to find out as much as i can about welding. Any suggestions, tips, or advice would be great....