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Career Questions tagged Wildlife Biology

Meghan ’s Avatar
Meghan May 12, 2016 699 views

How much schooling does it take to become a wildlife biologist?

I am interested in biology but I want to be outdoors and in action looking at animals and nature. I was wondering the amount of schooling needed to become a wildlife biologist #biology #wildlife-biology

Millie’s Avatar
Millie May 09, 2016 2060 views

What sort of major is recommended to be a wildlife photographer or videographer?

Would it be better to receive a degree in something to do with wildlife (e.g. biology/zoology) or a degree in film-making? #film #photography #wildlife-biology #videography

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Oct 23, 2015 1704 views

What does a game warden do on a daily basis?

I am in sixth grade an I would like to be a game warden when I grow up, any help would be appreciated. Thank you! #biology #marine-biology #zoology #wildlife-biology #wildlife #game-warden

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Oct 22, 2015 1113 views

What education is required to become a game warden?

I am in sixth grade and I would like to become a game warden when I grow up. I like wildlife and would appreciate your help! Thank You! #biology #police #marine-biology #zoology #wildlife-biology #game-warden

Trevor’s Avatar
Trevor Apr 10, 2015 1054 views

game warden

What kind of benefits could I get as a game warden? #police #wildlife-biology #hunting #fishing #wildlife #ranger

Trevor’s Avatar
Trevor Apr 01, 2015 937 views

Are there college courses that I can take for becoming a Game Warden?

I am very interested in what type of education I will need to become a Game Warden. #law #police #wildlife-biology #fishing #wildlife-conservation #nature

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Dec 17, 2014 1837 views

Within in the career field of being a zoologist/wildlife biologist, how hard/easy is it to work for the federal government? Also what would be the perks or benefits of working for the government?

I would like to work in this field and was curious what it would be like to work for the government. #healthcare #federal-government #zoology #wildlife-biology