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Career Questions tagged Women In Stem

Maria T.’s Avatar
Maria T. Mar 12, 2017 767 views

As a woman in a STEM field or a woman going into a STEM field, have you ever felt that you were in any discriminated against due to your gender?

As an 18 year old female chem major (soon to be chemical engineering), I'm curious about others experiences in typically male dominated classes/majors/jobs. engineering science chemistry stem chemical-engineering women-in-stem women-in-tech...


Maria T.’s Avatar
Maria T. Mar 09, 2017 949 views

What is a way for me to volunteer in a field relating to STEM online, as I am a busy chemistry student?

I am a chemistry major with a very heavy course load, but I would like an opportunity to give back in some way that is feasible for me to do. chemistry volunteering stem time-management women-in-stem scheduling...


Samantha M.’s Avatar
Samantha M. Oct 30, 2016 1175 views

Would it be hard to be a mom and also be in a STEM career?

I am interested in choosing a career in STEM but I also want to be a mom. I want to know how possible it is to be both. computer-science engineering science technology information-technology stem...


Gillian C.’s Avatar
Gillian C. Nov 14, 2016 1968 views

Are there engineering majors out there directly related to animals?

Animals have always been a huge passion of mine. I would love to know if there are any engineering majors that I can study that can lead me to an engineering job that involves working with animals. engineering civil-engineering biomedical-engineering animals women-in-stem...

animal-welfare women-in-engineering environmental-engineering

elissa G.’s Avatar
elissa G. Oct 31, 2016 694 views
Bronwyn G.’s Avatar
Bronwyn G. Oct 30, 2016 724 views

Where can I find organizations that support women in STEM-related careers?

As a woman hoping to get a STEM-related career after college, I recognize the fact that there are few of us. Are there any organizations or places where I may be able to find like-minded women?I believe it is important for women to support one another, especially in a male-dominated field of...

mechanical-engineering organization women-in-stem women-in-tech engineering

Samantha M.’s Avatar
Samantha M. Oct 30, 2016 615 views

Do you feel any bias towards your work being a woman in STEM?

I want my work to be as credible as a male's. Is there any unfair actions or bias against being a woman in STEM? women-in-stem...


Gillian C.’s Avatar
Gillian C. Oct 29, 2016 711 views

Being a woman in STEM, what is expected of your work life to be like as a civil engineer?

I have constantly been told that there are more men in the STEM field than women, and as a woman, it would be more difficult to communicate with my coworkers compared to being able to communicate with them if I was a man. I was told that I would be surrounded by other men who would not take me...

civil-engineering women-in-stem women-in-engineering structural-engineering professionals

Jessica B.’s Avatar
Jessica B. Oct 28, 2016 820 views

Are biodemical engineers highly needed in the STEM field?

I was looking at a few statistics online, and came across a few websites that listed stem careers in demand. Most of the are software developers , computer programmers and mechanical engineers. I'm a woman going into the biomedical engineering field and was concerned about all the hard work and...

biomedical-engineering math women-in-tech women-in-stem science engineering

Jessica B.’s Avatar
Jessica B. Oct 28, 2016 657 views

Will a degree in biomedical engineering help me get a career in the STEM field?

I recently spoke to a friend that is in the program. She told me she can't find a lot of jobs with this degree since it covers a broad range of topics and not just a certain one like mechanical, civil engineering does. I've been doing research for osseointegrated prosthetic limbs, and wanted to...

stem women-in-leadership biomedical-engineering science math women-in-stem women-in-tech engineering

Ananta S.’s Avatar
Ananta S. Oct 27, 2016 598 views

Are there any fields in STEM that are rare to choose?

Career searching is an important tool for people to reach their dream professions. engineering career medicine career-choice architecture women-in-stem...


Luz M.’s Avatar
Luz M. Oct 27, 2016 695 views

When you deside to be an engineer, where would be the best option to study abroad?

I want to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering and my goal is to use my degree to better help someone other than the United States. I know many colleges offer a study abroad program and require it many times for engineers. Where would be the best place where I can use my mechanical...

stem-education mechanical-engineering study-abroad helping-others women-in-stem helping-people engineering

Kendralyn M.’s Avatar
Kendralyn M. Oct 27, 2016 635 views

What are "worthwhile" contributions that I could make to today's society as an astrophysicist?

I want to get a doctorate in astrophysics but I don't want to do all of this work and spend all of this money/ pay off loans for several years if I can't do something worthwhile with it. stem women-in-stem astrophysics stem-education...


Kendralyn M.’s Avatar
Kendralyn M. Oct 27, 2016 521 views

Why is it hard to find an affordable college or university that offers an undergraduate astrophysics program?

I'm a senior in high school who wants to major in astrophysics and work in that field. The only colleges/universities that I can find that offer Astrophysics are really really expensive and I don't want to pay off loans for the rest of my life. stem women-in-stem...


Hannah W.’s Avatar
Hannah W. Oct 27, 2016 540 views

What is a career in biomedical engineering like?

I've been very interested in biochemical engineering for a long time. I am interested in building and/or improving prosthetics. One of my closest friends was born without the lower half on one of her legs. With a lot of hard work and support from friends and family, as well as a great...

biomedical-engineering biotechnology women-in-stem engineering prosthetics

Hannah W.’s Avatar
Hannah W. Oct 27, 2016 702 views

How do you think we can encourage more women to pursue a career in STEM fields?

As a young lady myself, I am saddened by the lack of interest in STEM that I see in my female peers. As children, an equal amount of men and women are interested in STEM fields, but as we grow up, girls seem to view STEM as a more masculine field and begin to distance themselves from it. I...

stem women women-in-stem young-adults women-in-tech

Faith T.’s Avatar
Faith T. Oct 26, 2016 520 views

Does doing well in classes not specific to majors important?

I am a math/science based person, and i cannot do as well in history and literature/language. Will this affect me in the long run? stem women-in-stem...


Faith T.’s Avatar
Faith T. Oct 26, 2016 576 views

What are big civil engineering companies? Where do they take interns?

I have been interested in becoming a civil engineer for 6 years now, i am dual enrolling my classes at a university, and i am going to apply to colleges in a year, but i want to know what businesses go to which colleges for interns and such. internships civil-engineering women-in-stem...


Madeline M.’s Avatar
Madeline M. Oct 26, 2016 507 views

For all STEM majors, what courses that were NOT requirements for graduation ddi you most benefit from?

I am a prospective STEM student. I wanted to get insight on not only core classes, but other classes some of you may have taken that had an impact on your personal life (not necessarily your major). I know college is expensive and taking extra courses may seem trivial to a focused student, yet...

women-in-stem stem college

Amanda M.’s Avatar
Amanda M. Oct 25, 2016 618 views

Which forensic science related job would be best for me based on my interests?

With a forensic science major, I intend to work with trace evidence, but I can't determine which job would allow me to do so. I know of Forensic Anthropologists, Blood Splatter Technicians, Entomologists, etc. but I don't know which of these (and the rest) I would need to work as to be able to...

stem biology career-paths career forensic crime-scene-investigator science women-in-stem

Ta'jah G.’s Avatar
Ta'jah G. Oct 25, 2016 773 views
Adilene Jezabel M.’s Avatar
Adilene Jezabel M. Oct 24, 2016 569 views

Women in stem, how do you know when your cheated?

Trying to become a woman in stem, what are some tips that will not get me cheated from the benefits of my work ethic compared to male counterparts. There's always been a difference in pag wages between men and women, but how I can I better prepare myself for this reality? I mean I could just be...

stemcareers women-in-stem

Kaycee P.’s Avatar
Kaycee P. Oct 23, 2016 577 views

As there are still not many women in the engineering field, what would I be able to do in college and my future career to earn more respect from men in that field?

I have heard from some female engineers that I have talked to about how they weren't given as much respect as they should from men in college and their workplace. This worries me because I want to major in Biomedical Engineering and I want to be fully respected in the workplace and in college...

biomedical-engineering women-in-stem women-in-engineering engineering

Gabriella H.’s Avatar
Gabriella H. Oct 22, 2016 836 views

What is the most popular engineering field?

I am very interested in the engineering field, I would like to be a corrosion engineer when i grow up. But at this point in my high school career, I would like to try and explore other engineering fields. engineering mechanical-engineering civil-engineering stem chemical-engineering...

women-in-stem industrial-engineering

Jiali C.’s Avatar
Jiali C. Oct 22, 2016 747 views

How would one combat the lack of diversity in the STEM field?

Hi, I'm very interested in the tech field namely computer science. But there's not many women or people of color in the industry. I find this a bit discouraging but I'm determined to make this my career. computer-science computer-software women-in-stem...


Anna W.’s Avatar
Anna W. Oct 22, 2016 597 views

I'm planning on getting an engineering degree and then going into the medical field to become a doctor. Is biomedical engineering the best course of action for me, or is there another engineering field that would both interest and be beneficial for me?

I've been involved with the Math, Engineering, and Science Academy at my high school for the past four years and absolutely loved it. I love physics and I love the engineering classes offered at my school; however I've always been entranced with the prospect of being a doctor. I'd like to go to...

civil-engineering chemical-engineering biomedical-engineering doctor computer-software women-in-stem women-in-tech engineering

Anna W.’s Avatar
Anna W. Oct 22, 2016 916 views

Due to the under-representation of women in engineering fields (and STEM fields in general), are there any double standards or certain "standards" that are expected and directed towards women?

Despite many women being encouraged to go into STEM fields, it is still a heavily male-dominated field which is a little intimidating. Since there isn't complete equal pay between the genders as well as double standards for both, I'm a little worried that my work as an engineer will be judged...

women-in-stem women-in-tech women-in-engineering engineering

Alexandra C.’s Avatar
Alexandra C. Oct 12, 2016 1279 views

For female professionals: Have you even encountered any obstacles obtaining leadership positions because of your gender, and if so, how did you handle those challenges?

I've always had slight concerns about being a woman pursuing a historically male-dominated field (in my case, psychology research/professorship), and I was curious what have been the experiences of women in leadership positions. Was it difficult getting where you are because of your gender? Are...

leadership women-in-higher-ed women-in-leadership sexism women-in-tech women women-in-stem women-in-engineering

stephany D.’s Avatar
stephany D. Sep 16, 2016 642 views

What colleges have a good STEM program?

college applications coming out soon and i want an idea of where to apply engineering science mathematics women-in-stem...