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Career Questions tagged Writer

Robyn C.’s Avatar
Robyn C. May 05, 2016 1035 views

Is it hard to get writing jobs?

I love creative writing, but I don't know if there are any real career opportunities using a Creative Writing or English degree. writing author writer creative-writing...


Midalis D.’s Avatar
Midalis D. Mar 10, 2016 618 views
Laiza G.’s Avatar
Laiza G. Sep 01, 2015 987 views

Can you please help me explore these careers (I am undecided): assistant vet., business person, psychology, movie director, writer (for movies), or lawyer.

I am asking this question because I don't know much about these careers. I want to decide what I want to be when I grow up. business psychology lawyer veterinarian director...


Sofia T.’s Avatar
Sofia T. Jun 03, 2015 1081 views

What are some necessary things you need to pursue filmmaking/writing?

I am interested in the career, however I don't know what a director needs to make a film great. I am dedicated and a perfectionist, and like to make things the best quality before releasing them to the public. Are there other things you need, or should I hone the skills I have now for the...

writer film-making films director

Alyssa P.’s Avatar
Alyssa P. Apr 08, 2015 2973 views

Is writing a realistic profession?

I want to be a writer but I feel like it's impractical and unrealistic. writing...


Marcella P.’s Avatar
Marcella P. Apr 01, 2015 1032 views

What degree do I need to have to be a writer?

Hello, my name is Marcella and I am in 12th grade. I am not sure what type of degree do I need to be a writer. I am pretty interested in being a writer. college journalism degree...


Jazzmin P.’s Avatar
Jazzmin P. Mar 18, 2015 873 views

Is there a specific path, or steps that someone must follow to become a creative writer?

Hi! I am a high school senior who loves history and who never stops writing. I used to strongly want to be a writer, but through the years I was slowly discouraged. However, I reevaluated the career today and it still interest me. Are they any steps or is there a certain path I have to follow...

writer creative novel-writer fiction writers

Luc H.’s Avatar
Luc H. Feb 01, 2015 889 views

What steps did you take in high school to start your career in journalism?

I'm Luc, a 17 year old junior looking to start a career in journalism after high school. Specifically I was hoping to get into Video Games. I am very enthusiastic about the gaming industry, and writing has always been my strongest attribute. Now is the time to start preparing for my future and...

video-games writer journalism

Sophia  D.’s Avatar
Sophia D. Jan 26, 2015 5168 views

What major do I need to study to be a writer

I am a high school junior and for awhile now I've been wondering about what career path I should take. I believe that a job is something you do for money and a career is something you do because your passionate about it. I love to write! I find myself writing everywhere in my spare time and...

writer novel-writer journalism famous educator

Garrett  O.’s Avatar
Garrett O. Dec 01, 2014 984 views

Starting in high school, what is the first or the most important step in becoming a writer/author?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School (BCCS) in Boston, MA. I have a passion for writing and have written short stories and poems effortlessly since the sixth grade. I have seen my writing skills grow tremendously over my years at BCCS. Since freshman year, in addition to writing...

writer journalism author genre journalist novels

Ana G.’s Avatar
Ana G. Oct 28, 2014 872 views

what is music like to you?

i'm asking this question because i'm really into music and i want to be a singer and one of my dream is to go to Boston art Academy singer writer dancer drummer...