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Writing, like communications, is a staple in every career and school. Someone wanting to pursue a career for writing can look to technical writing, journalist, lawyers, and a lot more....

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Jonathan M. Apr 26, 2018 291 views

What is the best kind of poetry to read if I want to major in English?

I've spent time in AP English Literature and Composition, but I wanted to explore the poetry out there, but I'm not quite sure where to start. #aplit #english #poetry...


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Hannah N. Aug 12, 2018 258 views
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Sergio P. Aug 10, 2018 195 views

What's the most comfortable and steady position to be in when it comes to journalism while still making a difference?

By making a difference I mean having an impact by giving news to the world without constantly feeling like you're "missing a deadline" or stressing about giving news as fast as possible. #journalism...


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Cerissa D. Aug 10, 2018 202 views
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Cerissa D. Aug 10, 2018 196 views

What is the first step in getting into the writing scene for Film and TV?

I want to know where to start first and who to make connections with. I feel like internships are important but I'm not sure what exactly I should be shooting for. My college is close to New York City which opens up a lot of opportunities. #film #college #career-path #writing...


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Sarina W. Aug 07, 2018 246 views

What's a good major to pursue if you have an AA degree in Health Sciences General Studies and you enjoy subjects involving English/Writing?

By 18, if I work hard enough, I should have an AA degree in Health Sciences General Studies, though now I'm wondering if I still want to pursue a career focused entirely on health. I've always struggled with math, which as I've found is quite involved in this field, making me reconsider my...

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Gabriel S. May 28, 2018 234 views

Do you have any advice for a student who wants to be a novelist?

I will be attending NYU this fall and majoring in English and I hope to be a novelist in the future. #english #writing #novelist #fiction #writer...


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Trinity G. Jul 23, 2018 245 views

How Do I Sell Books in More Than One Genre?

As a young writer, I'm told all the time that I have to stick to one genre and one genre only. The problem is I like all genres and have written in all genres and formats. I write whatever I want, but I'm told that no one will publish me unless I allow myself to get stuck into a niche/specialty...

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Trinity G. Jul 23, 2018 224 views

How Do I Break Into the Screenwriting Industry?

How do I get into writing for film? Is it easier than writing literature or is it harder? I don't want to be famous, just write things. Which is an easier field to get into or what is the significant difference that could affect my choice about which writing industry to go into? #writing #film...

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Emily A. Jun 27, 2018 224 views
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Alexandra C. Jun 15, 2018 317 views

Is journalism a good major?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

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Beverley S. May 31, 2018 237 views

I self published a book. What's next?

I've sold a decent number of copies of my novel, When the Clouds Break, but I don't know how to expand my audience without spending tons of money. Any advice would be appreciated. #books #writing #advertising...


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Sara L. May 24, 2018 346 views

How can I get myself on track with writing and publishing a book?

I've always wanted to be a published author. I've been writing since I was little, and now I need to get serious. How do I get organized? I don't even know where to begin. I'm beginning my final year of undergrad and have plans to go to graduate school. #college #student #author...

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Emily V. May 11, 2018 199 views

What kind of writing samples should I give when asked?

Most jobs in public relations ask for writing samples before the interview process. What kind of writing should I submit? Are there things the recruiters prefer to see? #public-relations #writing...


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Emily V. May 11, 2018 311 views

How should I improve my writing outside of school?

In public relations it is important that students write well. I want to write more and get more accustomed to writing, is there a way you recommend I do that? What kind of writing should I be practicing? Creative or specifically press releases? #public-relations...


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Catherine P. Jan 17, 2018 260 views

How much writing and reading are expected?

Sometimes you can't understand what you're reading unless you break it down to annotate, and annotating takes long itself to do. Do all subjects require to do that as well? #reading #writing #education...


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Jacoby B. Jan 17, 2018 244 views

How can one create an original voice in applying for college?

When students are applying for college, most have the same mindset of haveing to use “loaded language”. How can I single myself out even if I feel all options are taken.#college #college-admissions #college-applications...


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Noah R. Jan 17, 2018 241 views

How can I become a sports writer or sports commentator?

Because I know alot about #nfl #pac12 and I really enjoy learning about it and reading about it #espn .#sports #sports-writing #writing...


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Nicole M. Jan 16, 2018 259 views

How can I begin building a writing portfolio for future jobs and internships I would like to apply to?

I am currently a Writing and Journalism major and am unsure as to how to begin building a portfolio for the future. I would like to know how I would begin a process like this and if there's a way I can show my own legitimate writing to professionals when I am still a student. #writing...

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Neateshia W. Jan 16, 2018 251 views

I am not good at writing papers at all. What are some recommendations for me to be more successful and reasearching and constructing a good essay paper?

I am going back to school after 12 Years. English and writing have never been my strong areas. I want to do more than just pass this class, but also reasearch and construct successful work. If there is any tips, pointers, or advice that can be given. Please, I am all ears. #english #essay...

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Eamonn M. Jan 16, 2018 220 views

How hard can it be to get a career in a field unrelated to your major?

I'm looking forward to college and studying Biology (or Geology) and writing/communication. I'm gonna play music and two sports on the side, work a job, hang out with friends, and pretty much whale away at my future without a shred of a plan. Ok, so I'm kidding about that last part, but I...

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Allison S. Jan 15, 2018 249 views

Is a career in journalism rewarding?

I am a high school junior and I am still trying to decide on a career choice. I have been researching 📓 ism but I have to say the pay is not very encouraging. One source has beginning salary at $30,000. #journalism #writing...


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Talina H. Jan 13, 2018 222 views

Since I want to become a journalist and I’m already writing stories to contribute to my schools newspaper/website what other classes should I take to help me become a successful journalist?

I want to become an excellent journalist in the future and I want to know what kind of classes I should take that would help me in collage and In the far future. #journalism #writing...


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Quin F. Jan 10, 2018 200 views

What are some good online journals for up-and-coming journalists?

I'm a freshman in high school and I'm very passionate about a career in writing. I write a lot of poetry but have been dabbling for creative non-fiction and have 4 more years to figure out my exact style. #journalism #online-journalism #writing...


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Lane J. Jan 10, 2018 265 views

What is a year in the life of an author like?

I really want to know what progress is like as an author in the real world, and if there is any struggles or problems, and what it's like to pick certain genres (or not). I'd also like to know when are the most enjoyable/satisfying times of an author's career. #author #writing #progress...

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W. C. Y. Mar 24, 2017 533 views

Question on deciding my career path

For me, I have been thinking of being a writer/ jobs related to media, is it better for me to work on the field that are related to these fields? Or will it be a better choice for me to try out different industries like business before graduating from university? #undecided #writing...

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Bryce S. Mar 24, 2018 361 views

For college application essays, is content or structure and formatting more important?

Many applications give you options on essays. Some choices seem ideal with my writing style that I could write them with good formatting, but other topics I feel as if the content I put into it would help me stand out, but may not be quite as structured. ##essays #writing #writing-and-editing...

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