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Hannah G. 20 hours ago 2 views

What career opportunities come from a biology degree?

I am entering my first year of university in the fall, and have applied to several programs at different schools. I am curious if there are many career opportunities that stem from a biology degree, or if it should be used as a stepping stone into further education #biology #science...


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Thomas L. 20 hours ago 3 views

Psychiatrists out there, do you carry any baggage from your clients? if so how do you cope with it?

Hi! I'm Thomas, I'm interested in psychiatry and human psychology, and I would like to know more about how people in the psychology professions think about their work. #psychology #psychiatry #clinical-psychology...


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Aun M. Feb 23 38 views

What looks better on a College Application, Paid internship or Unpaid?

This isn't tailored to internships in terms of job prospects, rather it is a question about which path would be better suited to place on a college application. The money isn't needed, but it would definitely be helpful. However, if an unpaid internship is a way to go, I will certainly not...

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Bao-Truc T. yesterday 22 views

What did you have to sacrifice in order to pursue a career in the medical field? If you could go back in time, would there be anything you would do differently?

I am currently a junior in high school and even though I am interested in having a career in the medical field, I feel like I am unaware of what I'm potentially getting myself into. I want to feel prepared for what is to come! #medicine #healthcare...


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Nora D. yesterday 45 views

How much does the PSAT affect college applications?

I’m a high school sophomore who’s very excited (but also confused) about college!! #college #college-advice #high-school...


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Tanu N. Feb 08 79 views

I want to be an movie/tv actress and lawyer at the same time!

I’ve been wanting to be an actress since I was 3. I can also dance, I’ve loved it since I was 3. I can sort of sing. Drama is my favorite class at school. But I need something else just in case, so I plan to graduate in law and be a lawyer. I am also passionate in law, but it is a recent...

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Ankit G. May 28, 2019 114 views
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Fabian M. Jan 22, 2018 222 views

My career choice is to be a plastic surgeon or nuero surgeon but i also am intrested into business

I am am not fully sure of what the requirements of a surgeon are as well as a business man. but what really interest me is business because i have little experience and i would like to master that skill, really because i enjoy it.#business #plasticsurgeon...


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Megan C. Jan 16, 2018 223 views

How to balance a full time job and a university schedule

I am a returning college student. I am a single mom to a wonderful 3 year old. I am getting closer to my associates degree at my community college but then looking to transfer to San Francisco state University but I still need to keep my job to care for my daughter. Can anyone help with advice...

#wildlife-biology #time-management #work-life-balance #single-parent

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Anthony M. Mar 11, 2019 78 views

Do You enjoy your job as an Electrician ?

Does your job stress you out most of the time ? How long did it take to get were you want to be in your career, Or Are you not were you want to be ? #electrician...


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Josh P. Feb 12 49 views

Want to go into advisory / management consulting. Which is a better stepping stone? Audit or Tax?

Hi. I'm an accounting fresh graduate who is currently trying to complete ACCA. I would like to go into advisory or management consulting but lately there are no responses from Big4 and other consulting firms. Therefore, I might have to start my career in either external audit or tax. Which of...

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Fuhad I. Feb 14 111 views

What is the best way to get work experience

#internship I'm currently searching for work experience placements in finance and...

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Antonio L. Feb 16 66 views
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Juan G. May 17, 2019 176 views
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Brianna D. May 26, 2016 1190 views

What are some reasons that I should pursue a career in business?

I am 17 and am really excited to go into business. #business #finance...


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Katherine P. Jan 11, 2017 517 views

How soon should you pick your major?

I'm a freshman who is majoring in Political Science, but not quite positive that it is the major I want for good. #college-admissions...


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Micaiah M. Feb 24 61 views

What is it like to be in college?

I've been home schooled since the first grade, i am completely inexperienced in just being in a school environment. Broad question i know but, what's it like?...


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Aaliya B. 2 days ago 23 views
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Shayla C. May 11, 2016 1392 views

Why did you become an auditor?

I just heard about this job. I'm great with numbers, and do well in math class in high school, but this job sounds kind of boring. Do you like your job as an auditor? Is it really as boring as it sounds staring at spreadsheets and numbers all day? I'd also like to hear why you chose to become...

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Micah M. Jan 28 103 views

Any schools that provide CNC and 3D printing lessons?

I am student currently enrolled in the Hawaii Job Corps program and was wondering if there are any recommended education outlets or schools regarding 3D printing and CNC programming . I would like to study this after my graduation from my program. #engineering...


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Bryson B. Jan 28 41 views
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Mireia R. Sep 30, 2017 851 views

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job in the fields of accounting, auditing, consulting, and/or taxing?

People like me often search for jobs that will allow them to make a difference in the world and give their life purpose meaning, and direction. Who knows? Maybe accounting could realize that goal. #accounting #audit #auditor #auditing #accountant #consulting #tax #taxing #taxation...


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Yomaris E. May 24, 2018 552 views

What do I wear for an interview?

I've always wondered what is considered appropriate for an interview. I went with a short sleeve shirt to an interview, but I was then told that I had to wear a long sleeve. #interview-preparation #job-interview #interview #interviews #interviewing #job-interview...


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Justin M. 2 days ago 76 views
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Kameron K. Feb 06 49 views
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Lindsay M. Jan 17, 2018 551 views

Is the Foreign Service Academy really selective and hard (ivy league hard) to get in?

Planning to be a diplomat but I would like to know if I will have to have a really amazing resume or is the academy only take testing scores. Something I would like to know before I am dead set on being a diplomat. #government #diplomat...


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Maria R. Feb 21 48 views

I'm looking to increase the amount of exposure teens like me (17) have to coding and computer sciences so they can take it into account when thinking about their future like I'm doing. What could be the best way to do so?

I've thought about this a lot and I think organizing a workshop in schools that do not include computer science courses in their curriculum is the way to go. During the workshops, students will be taught to program in certain languages by experts, although I still nee a lot more planning. I am...

#technology #computer #volunteer #computer-science #education #planning #computer-software

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Bianca F. Feb 24 44 views

What is the highest paying position and degree a head chef can get?

My passion is cooking. I'm trying to know everything there is to know about this occupation and whats the furthest i can get in this particular field. #chef #culinary-arts #culinary...


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Caitlin O. May 27, 2016 551 views

Should the rigorousness of a job be considered for when choosing a career?

Ever since 3rd grade, I have put myself in more rigorous academic situations (specifically Gifted and Talent and the International Baccalaureate Program) and I respond well to hard work. Will all of the difficult courses I have been taking, I started to look at jobs that require a lot more...

#career-choice #course

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Robin T. Mar 23, 2017 440 views

Do university graduates earn higher salaries than college graduates?

I've always been told that University was the bread and butter to finding a high salary job. However, my uncle earns six figures with his college diploma. #jobs #graduate #salary...


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Calvin J. May 31, 2019 223 views
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Deondre B. Feb 24 36 views
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xica M. Feb 25 51 views
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Andrew N. Jan 11 70 views
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Ethan T. Jan 28 70 views

What grade are you in?

I like long walks on the beach....


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Gwynn U. Feb 24 35 views

How hard is it to be in the painting?

Sometimes I like to challenge something new and experience strength and weekness. #job #painting...


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amoi J. Mar 13, 2018 292 views

I am currently a Junior in Highschool and I am close to being a senior. I have been thinking about the career I want to pursue after highschool and I want to become a pediatrician. What degree should I look for and how many years will I be in school?

I always wanted to become a doctor when I was younger. I had the passion to help people. When I was little I used to pick up medical equipment and play like I was a doctor. In middle school and high school I went to the library often to research books about the medical field and children. I...

#college #doctor #pediatrician #premed #majors