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Flora C. Mar 24, 2014

What kind of graduate degree is in demand right now?

I will be graduating with a Bachelor degree in Science soon. I don't want to work in science-related research so I don't want a Master of Science. I want to know what graduate degrees are in demand in industries such as pharmaceuticals or finance and are obtainable with a B. Sc. #finance...

#banking #pharmaceutical-industry

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Ashley P. Mar 24, 2015

When majoring in psychology do I have to work with medicine or can I just be a person who helps with issues but not deal with medicine ?

I'm a high school senior and wanted to major in this since I was a freshmen and I keep getting told that I would have to work with medicine. #doctor...


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Jaime P. May 06, 2015
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Monica H. May 06, 2015

I want to start and be successful in my own a cosmetics line , what do i major on ?

i would love to create a cosmetic line,since i have been interested in cosmetology since i was young but have no idea what kind of classes i should study. How do i start ? #cosmetology...


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Nancy R. May 08, 2015

Is psychology related to social work?

i cant decide between psychology or social worker. help.. #psychology...


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Daisy R. May 06, 2015

What are the most popular majors ?

i want to know what majors are harder to get into and which are easier. #college-major...


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Jonathan D. Apr 09, 2015

What internships or advisers are available to prepare me to become a computer programmer?

'I am an incoming college freshman student, at CUNY Brooklyn College. I am majoring in Computer Science, and I would love to have advice and opportunities available for me to pursue this dream career.' #science #computer...


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Wilma C. May 06, 2015

How Is college different from high school based on classes and the work assigned?

I am a junior and I was wondering how high school differed from college based on the level of work and flexibility...


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Elizabeth G. May 06, 2015

What jobs could I do if I decide to major in Forensic science and want to work for the FBI?

I've always wanted to work for the FBI but i want to be realistic and know what jobs i could do if i decide to study forensics. I know i can also major in criminology and get other types of jobs. What positions would i be able to do in the FBI if i study forensic science? #fbi...


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Nafoatti13 . Feb 03, 2012

Culinary - Whats the next and final step?

After finishing college and getting a degree in caulinary, whats like the next step into becoming a chef? Who do you go to? Thank you #career #career-paths #cooking #culinary...


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Andrea L. May 04, 2015

What kind of career positions are available for someone who majors in anthropology?

I am interested in anthropology and I wanted to discover more about it. Like what are some career positions available? What exactly can you do if you major in anthropology? #college #majors #careers...


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Darlyn P. May 04, 2015

What is a day as a biomedical engineering like?

I am interested in biology and medicine and was curious to see what a "typical" day is like. I understand that perhaps no two days are the same but maybe something general will still be helpful #biology...


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Irma A. Apr 22, 2014

What are some of the majors that people who are interested going into the medical field should do?

I am a High School student, and I am interested in going into the medical field, but I was not sure what those majors should be? #doctor #medical #health #majors...


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Benjamin O. Apr 06, 2015

What types of things should I do to get into the Naval Academy?

I am a high school sophomore and I get good grades. My brother is now a plebe at West Point. Will that help for my application? Also, I am attending college classes at Harvard this summer. #military...


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Kiah C. Mar 24, 2015

In a day to day life, would you rather be a obstetrician or Mid-Wife ?

I would like to choose the career path of being a mid-wife or obstetrician because I want to experience then a woman giving child birth. I want this experience because I've watched television channels and I have seen that it's a beautiful thing when babies come into the world. #obstetrician...

#pregnancy #mid-wife

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Devon C. Jan 13, 2015

What are good majors to take to become an elementary teacher?

I want to become an elementary teacher and I am in my senior year of high school and wondering what good majors are. #teaching #teacher #professors...


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Alexander B. Mar 25, 2015

I want to pursue my masters in public health

Hi guys. I will soon obtain my bachelors degree in Human services and I am planning of going for my Masters in Public Health! I believe both of these fields are similar in a way. My question is, would I be able to go straight into a Public Health Masters program with an undergrad in Human...

#social-work #human-resources #social-services #public-health

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Hnia . May 23, 2012

In the career of a international peditrian, what is the day to day life of a professional in this field?

As a child I have had a fond desire in helping children in developing nations either with the huge epidemic with HIV/AIDS or other infectious diseases that run ramped in the adolescent communities of these nations. With wanting to peruse this career, I realized my ideal career path is to be a...

#medicine #career-paths #international

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Caroline H. Mar 26, 2015

What are possible careers that I could go into that combines language learning/traveling with a computer science degree?

I am a high school senior, and a few months ago I found out that I had been accepted into Brown University under Early Decision. I am having trouble deciding what I would like to concentrate in because I have a passion for both language learning (possibly hoping to concentrate in International...

#career-paths #career-options #computer-science #college-major #languages

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Olivia F. Apr 09, 2015

What is the easiest way to earn a scholarship?

what are some ways to earn scholarships without having to do a lot of work? #college #general...


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Danny G. May 06, 2014

How do you become a professional soccer player.

I'm asking this because i like soccer and i wanna become pro. #sports #football...


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DION S. Mar 19, 2015

What is the best occupation to utilize a degree in Engineering?

I'm interested in...

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Andrea L. May 04, 2015

What do people that major in archaeology do?

I am interested in archaeology, but I am not sure what exactly do people who major in this do. Anything that you might know about this major is greatly appreciated. #college #career #careers...


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Darlyn P. May 04, 2015

Any “words of advice” from a person in the marine biology field?

I am a senior in high school. It is a field in which I am very interested in....


Darlyn P.’s Avatar
Darlyn P. May 04, 2015

Can you combine Botany and Medicine?

I am a senior in high school and was curious to know if a career existed that combined medicine and botany? I am very interested in both and am wondering to what certain extent do they "mix". #medicine #biology...


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Tubyez C. Mar 26, 2014

Jobs with business management

I will be majoring in Business when I attend college in the fall of 2014. I wanted to know what common jobs can a student receive after college with a business degree, and what is the average salary....


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Mickayla K. Mar 28, 2015

What are some jobs I can get as a Marine Biologist?

I am a senior in high school and I am thinking about studying Marine Biology in college, but I am looking looking to find out what jobs are offered to Marine Biologist. #biology #marine-biology...


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ChristopherG . Mar 29, 2012

In college, are there specific classes I have to take in order to work as a child nurse?

I know that there are different types of nurses. However, I would like to work with children because I believe I work and bond well with children, Specifically, would I just qualify as a register nurse and work from there?...


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Shaksz A. Apr 28, 2015

Studied Architecture - now I don't want to work in that field. Any related fields?

Hello. I have finished a degree in Environmental Architecture. I have one month left to graduate, but I don't want to work as an architect. I realised that it is not the field for me around a year ago. However I thought it would be a waste to let go of the 3 years I finished when I am so...

#talent #environment #architecture #bachelors #health #design

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Payton . Apr 14, 2015

where should I start to become a chef?

i'm Payton and i'm in sixth grade i really love cooking i watch the food network channel and i also love to cook as well but i really want to get in the culinary arts. #classes #cooking #culinary-arts #restaurants #culinary-skills...


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Juan F. Apr 30, 2015

How to become a successful architect?

I am very interested in architecture, but I don't know much about the process of becoming an architect #college #university #architecture #architect...


Wade-Noah  B.’s Avatar
Wade-Noah B. Apr 08, 2015
Makaila F.’s Avatar
Makaila F. Mar 24, 2015

Are there any career fields that I can explore that blend design/art and engineering?

I am a senior in high school, and I was recently accepted to Stanford University. I am interested in Civil Engineering, but I recently took a digital foundations class at Skidmore College, which made me interested in Graphic Design. I want to explore majors and career fields that blend both of...

#design #engineering #architecture

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MariaMayela R. Jan 26, 2015

what career can i take to be risk managment administrator?

I want to be like an FBI agent but with less risk and in a company and I want to know what career I should take #business #lawyer #police #agent #social-psychologist...


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Maya M. Mar 24, 2015

What is the average pay of an school social worker per year ?

I am asking this question because when I go to college I am considering making sociology my major #student #counselor #professors #social-worker #therapists...


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Law Questioner S. Apr 26, 2015

What types of lawyer work in courtrooms?

Like they go in trials. Does a personal injury lawyer go to courtrooms? #law...


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Ezra R. Mar 07, 2015

How much does it cost to start up a lawyers office?

I am just a 6 grader and I am just wondering if I could still get the best area and still my first year. I was thinking about 150 dollars to see people. Every court date is $950...


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Cynthia J. Jan 06, 2014

As a social worker, what is the process of the client paper work after you meet with them ?

I'm a Senior in high School , and i might like to become a social worker in the future. #social-worker...


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Anthony B. Mar 17, 2015

Is it fine to pursue a degree outside of medicine if you want to have a career in medicine?

My name is Anthony, and I am a senior in high school. I initially thought I wanted to study biomedical engineering because most of the courses fulfill medical school requirement, but now, I have found other majors that peak my interests, such as Biological Sciences, Anthropology and Africana...

#college #pre-med #surgeon #doctor

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Richard R. Mar 23, 2015

What is the percentage of failure rate when becoming an electrician.

Well, I am someone who wants to become an electrician because of family members that are also in the field. I am asking this question because I want to know just in case I need a back up plan in case something happens....


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Ridwan M. Mar 23, 2015

if im interested in being a doctor what should i get my bacheolors in?

I want to be a specific type of doctor....


Jack H.’s Avatar
Jack H. Oct 07, 2014

Is it better to spend more on your undergraduate or law school?

I am a senior in high school, and an intern at a law firm. I am applying to a variety of colleges, from Georgetown & Duke to CU Boulder & University of Nevada- Reno, trying to get a Political Science - Business double major. I need some advice from a professional in the field to help me...

#lawyer #law

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Kay G. Apr 21, 2015

what are the different careers that you can take up other than becoming a doctor after completing your inter in pre medical science?

i am asking this question because i want to become a doctor but if in the future i cahnge my mind so is it possible to choose a different career even after completing your inter in pre medical science? #teacher #experience #doctorate...


Nairobi  F.’s Avatar
Nairobi F. Feb 11, 2015

If I apply to a school and they do not have nursing (only RN nursing), but I want to be a midwife, what should my path be or my next step?

Hello, my name is Nairobi and I am a senior in High school. I go to school in Dorchester, and I have applied to colleges already and have been accepted into my first college choice, which is Framingham State University. They do not have nursing for first year students but have RN courses, which...

#nursing #doctor #mid-wife

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Sam N Brittany S. Feb 21, 2015

Doctors CNA - Can u work in a hospital while you're in college?

Im brittany im 23 and im doing my GED so i was wondering while your in college can you work at a hospital im wanting to be a cna #nursing #healthcare #nursing-education...


Sabrina N.’s Avatar
Sabrina N. Mar 23, 2015

how would you get a internship to experience different jobs in medical field?

I am asking because somewhere in the medical field sounds interesting to me but I don't know which type of job is best suited for me that's why I want to experience multiple things to do in order to find what I like best. #doctor #registered-nurses...


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River D. Apr 07, 2015

What kind of tools would you be able to use if you are working in surveillance?

I'm interesting in becoming a surveillance agent when I get into college. #law #police #private-detective #spy #surveillance...


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Johana R. Apr 08, 2015

what degrees do u need to become a surgeon?

cause i want to be a surgeon later on the future...