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Deshawn H.’s Avatar
Deshawn H. Dec 18, 2017 523 views

What certifications are best to obtain if I want to earn a computer job without a degree?

I'm currently a first-year college student trying to obtain a Computer Science Degree. However, due to the cost of tuition, I'm looking at cheaper alternatives. As I wish to earn a career in the computer field. Which certifications (i.e Cisco or A+) or trades do you guys recommend that will...

#stem #career #computer

Madelyn H.’s Avatar
Madelyn H. Jan 24, 2018 235 views

What is one thing you wish you knew as a college freshman?

If you were to go back to freshman year of college what is one that you wish you had known then that you know...


Braeden C.’s Avatar
Braeden C. Jan 22, 2018 352 views

How do you find the right internship at a career fair?

Trying to plan ahead to finding an engineering internship in college and wondering how you sort through all the options. All tips appreciated. #engineering #chemical-engineering...


Prem K.’s Avatar
Prem K. yesterday 37 views

What should I do inorder to enter into product management role after my MBA?

I would like to pursue a product management role after my MBA. Can you help me with what are the steps that I should follow? Note:- I'm not a coder...


Emina T.’s Avatar
Emina T. Aug 09 74 views

Studying law online

Hi!Have someone taken a law course online?Where and what is your experience with it?What about GDL?Is it a better option? #law #lawyer #law-enforcement #law-school...


Anya B.’s Avatar
Anya B. Sep 13 43 views

Can I be a food and beverage manager but still get time for myself and others?

I have always loved hospitality and I really want to be a food and beverage manager. My second choice is a pastry chef. In this field, is it possible to work less hours? I just want more information about this field of work. I don't want to miss out on sleep every night or miss important...

#culinary #management #culinary-arts

Zion O.’s Avatar
Zion O. 5 hours ago 11 views

I wanna be a successful animator,author ,comic artist, and actor so I have what it takes?

My favorite color is red n black. My favorite food is pizza N Im tryna be a animator someday #communication #art #animator #animation...


Hayden C.’s Avatar
Hayden C. Sep 17 56 views
isys L.’s Avatar
isys L. Sep 17 38 views

How did you find out what to major in?

#college-major I want to major in computer science but I don't know if it is right for...

Mathias C.’s Avatar
Mathias C. Sep 14 38 views

What college degree do most pilots get?

I'm currently getting my private pilots licenses and I want to pursue being a pilot as a career. College is a must for me, but I would like to get more insight on what degree to get. #aviation #pilots #college...


C L.’s Avatar
C L. Feb 19, 2018 2776 views

what to write for a follow-up email on a conditional job offer

I've accepted a conditional job offer. However, I haven't heard back from them after I accepted the offer. What should I write in the follow-up email ? #job-coaching #email #human-resources #career-counseling Thank...

Unachukwu A.’s Avatar
Unachukwu A. 8 hours ago 5 views
avery D.’s Avatar
avery D. Sep 15 33 views

If you are a nurse, do you think that the salary you recieve is fair? Why or why not?

#nursing #healthcare I'm a junior in high school and have been interested in nursing for around 3 years now. I am 17 years old. I'm not completely sure on where I want to go to college but I have been looking at the University of Iowa and the University of...

lily L.’s Avatar
lily L. Sep 17 53 views

What is the most stressful thing about working in a office?

I have an interest in the financial field, like financial planning or accounting....


Hussein A.’s Avatar
Hussein A. Sep 17 41 views

What should I do if I plan to go to college but I'm not sure what I want to major in?

I'm a Junior in high school and I'm not really sure what I want to do in the future, I get exceptional grades however I've never been interested in any particular subject so far and I'm unsure about what I want to major in college. Any advice? #college #college-major...


Rosa W.’s Avatar
Rosa W. May 24, 2016 447 views

How much influence does scientific research have on policy-making?

I learned that legislators are not experts in everything, so lobbyists provide information to legislators when making policy on issues interest groups focus on. But even if this information is provided, how much do legislators take the facts into consideration? #research #politics...

#environmental-law #political-issues #presentations

Emily T.’s Avatar
Emily T. Sep 18 58 views

How do I figure out what career I'd like to pursue in the future?

All my life, I've only been exposed to the most generic careers. ie. careers in the medical field, law, computer science, engineering, education. I've done research, but because I've only seen those select few careers in action, I'm not really sure what interests me. School isn't exactly...

#career #career-paths #career-choice

Nestor P.’s Avatar
Nestor P. 2 days ago 52 views
Crystal A.’s Avatar
Crystal A. Jul 27 86 views

I want to become a Licensed Midwife, but don’t know where to start?

I am currently going into my second year of college this upcoming fall semester as a Biology major. I wanted to become a doctor, but got conflicted. After taking time to reflect on my future and what I ACTUALLY want, I’ve decided to go into the Midwifery route! I am attending a community...

#college #midwifery

Jamie J.’s Avatar
Jamie J. 2 days ago 95 views

How necessary is it to get a college degree for web development or UI/UX design?

I am a current high school senior considering whether or not I want to dedicate four year’s time and go into debt for a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in design. I am hoping to get online certificates and take online courses instead as I’ve heard the computer science/design...

#user-experience #uxdesign #uidesign #design #technology #computer #web-development #computer-science #graphic-design

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