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Charlotte Y. 9 hours ago 21 views

What should/can i major in in college if I am aiming to be in the medical field?

I am currently a junior in high school and I am not sure about what I can or what I should major in in college if I want to work within the medical field later on. I have heard that you can major in anything in college as long as you take some required classes for medicine but I am not...

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Alejandro P. 17 hours ago 8 views

What are the chances to get into Investment Banking (any job) as intern without any experience nor a Master's Degree in Finance / CFA? What should I expect in terms of hours worked and chances of growth if I make it?

I am turning 28 this year. My past experience is in Marketing and Sales and just got my Undergraduate Business degree in 2019. During univeristy I picked up some finance subjects as electives like corporate and financial markets. I really love to sell, to invest and to be aware of what happens...

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Alexandra M. 2 hours ago 4 views

successful therapists vs successful lawyer. Who makes the most money?

I really wanna become a criminal defence lawyer, but at the same time more I research about it the less i wanna become one. However, I do want to become a therapist as well because i will have more time on my hands, but afraid that i wont gain as much as I do if I become a lawyer....


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Genna P. Mar 08, 2018 273 views

Are SAT and ACT scores more relevant than GPA and overall grades when it comes to college admissions?

Since a lot of high schools weight their GPAs differently, and since SATs and ACTs are standardized, I was wondering which aspect makes more of a difference when applying to colleges. #testing #sat #gpa #college...


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Nikeia S. 10 hours ago 13 views

Nurse Scientist

I posted a question earlier about nursing vs. medical laboratory science as I have an interest in both careers. I stumbled over this profession when I searched if there was any way I could combine nursing and laboratory science/ research. What does the typical day of work look like for a nurse...

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Amani S. Aug 05 33 views

How long do it take to get your business license?

I like to hustle for what I want, I’m a hairstylist I’m very chill and I want to start my own business#braider...


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Taylor K. Jul 31 59 views

What Careers Can You Have With A Bachelors Degree in Marketing?

Hello! I am a transfer student currently transferring to West Chester in the fall. All online though :( I will be studying marketing and am wondering what types of jobs I could thrive in as a marketing student. #marketing...


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christopher X. Nov 27, 2019 143 views
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Paulina Vanessa B. Jul 30 35 views

What is good advice to get prepared for Teacher Certification Exams?

I am currently studying an undergraduate degree on Middle School Education in Texas. Although I am about to start my second year of college, I will be graduating earlier than usual and would like to start getting prepared for the certification tests. I am kind of concerned since I am an...

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Iqra T. Apr 18 550 views

Is there anything you regret not doing in high school/college?

Why didn't you do it and is it something you would recommend others do? #college-advice #college #highschool #highschool-advice...


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Yew Kin L. 2 days ago 41 views

How To Politely Interrupt the Conversation?

I face many situations where the recipient is talking too much and straying away from the main focus. I understand that it's good to let the other person elaborate about their own interests and passions (Remember How to Win Friends and Influence People). However, I find it a huge time waster,...

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Cindy L. yesterday 40 views

How to engage more audiences on Linkedin?

To all professionals reading this post, thank you for your precious time! I hope all is well on your end! :) Context: I like to use Linkedin to look for jobs and connect with like-minded people. However, my posts don't usually generate a lot of views. I don't know how LinkedIn algorithm...

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Marry D. 8 hours ago 0 views

What is it like to own a café?

After earning a sufficient amount of funds, I wish to open up my own café. 1) What are good locations to open one. 2) What experience do I need. 3) Do I need to know about coffee and pastries. 4) What is the best way to attract customers. 5) Do I need a degree. #café #coffee...


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Keorah J. Jul 11, 2019 120 views
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Jessica H. Jul 08 50 views

How difficult is it to become a full time nurse?

I'm not really worried on being at the hospital full time but I would like to know?...


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Bria B. Sep 19, 2016 626 views

Are there any other ways to volunteer for a cause online beside this one?

I want to get more involved in the world and be able to network, or volunteer for activities around the world. The best way as people to connect to each other is through the internet and I want to see if there are other online volunteer options. #volunteering #networking...


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Elena L. Jan 16, 2018 226 views
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Emily T. Mar 15, 2018 293 views

How can I apply my love for volunteering to my college life in the future?

Volunteering has become a significant part of my life, and I can't imagine life without it. I do a lot of work with kids who have special needs and I want to figure out how to incorporate that into a college atmosphere. #volunteering...


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Itzel D. Jul 31 51 views

St. Edward's University vs Middlebury College. Which should I choose?

I'm a first generation college, low income WOC, and I've struggled a lot in college in general due to my mental health. I have the opportunity to go back to Middlebury College and finish my degree in Neuroscience. However, I was also recently admitted to St. Edward's University as a Behavioral...

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Jade S. Jul 31 44 views

What are the difficulties in becoming/being a book editor?

I'm interested in being a book editor. I know that every career has its challenges, but because I don't have many book editors to talk to, I don't know what challenges book editors have. What difficulties happen in the job search and job itself? Thank you! #july20 #book-editor #book-editing...

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