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Alec S. 10 hours ago 11 views

What is the best route to becoming a fire fighter?

I like the idea of becoming a fire fighter and helping people and ping them safe. What is the best route to getting a fire fighter job as well and keeping that job? #firefighting...


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Aiden W. 1 hour ago 10 views

How much training do you need to be a firefighter?

#I am in the 8th grade and I am interested in being a firefighter. Do I need to go to college and is there a special school you can go to to be a firefighter?...


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Kayley S. Oct 23 38 views

What advice would you give to someone considering a job as a concept artist/illustrator? What about an art director?

One of the things I'm scared of is burnout and art block. I've struggled with those issues in the past (as has every artist) but I'm worried if it'll greatly affect my work. #art #artist #fine-art #arts #conceptartist...


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Colby H. Oct 23 33 views

What do you have to do to become a Fire Fighter

Hi I am in 12 grade and this career has been interesting me for a while.I have no definite plan on what to do after school and I am scared for my future especially because my brain is not set just on this career but I just need some clarification #firefighter...


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Danial H. Jan 18, 2018 323 views

What sort of tasks does a mathematician commonly do in their job?

While I know the image of "people in suits crunching numbers" is wholly false, I'm not actually all that sure about what mathematicians (whether they're studying topology, physics, or any branch beyond) commonly do as a part of their occupation. Is it more akin to individual work or research in...

#applied-mathematics #math #math-major

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s S. May 13, 2016 592 views

How can I get better at math?

I don't understand math. #mathematics...


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Marc P. Apr 10, 2019 146 views
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kourtney L. Oct 19 27 views
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Gus M. 20 hours ago 29 views

Salary for an Anestheseologist

What is the average annual salary for an anesthesiologist? There are a lot different results I have found but I am unable to find a sure answer. #medical...


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aerion V. Oct 22 24 views

what are some alternatives of being a nurse or a surgeon?

if i change mindset what would be some alternatives i can go to in the medical field. #nurse #surgeon...


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Jason G. Oct 19 17 views
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Adiya U. Oct 19 20 views

Would you change you change your job if you could?

Would you rather be something different #nurse...


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Abigail B. Aug 22 110 views

I want to become an engineer but I'm not sure which engineering field I should pursue, how can I narrow down my choices?

I love science and math, and roller coasters are what got me inspired to become an engineer. #math #maths #mathematician...


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Jaelarae C. 2 hours ago 9 views
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solaya G. Oct 19 11 views
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maeleeke W. Oct 15 59 views
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Jazmine S. Oct 19 19 views
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Nathan L. 10 hours ago 23 views

What would you consider to be the most useful degree in the 21st century?

Hi, I'm Nathan and I'm currently a senior in high school and looking to attend college and achieve a degree. I currently have no definitive plan on where I'm going to go to college or what I'm going to do after high school. As a professional, what advice would you give me as a senior in high...

#success #future #money #college #degree #career

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juli R. Oct 23 17 views

How can a 15 year old get a job in nyc?

I've been trying to get a job, but everywhere says they hire at 16. #job #entry-level #jobs #job-search #first-job...


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armando B. 11 hours ago 15 views
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Edward P. 1 hour ago 4 views

In Gerenal are most Finance Careers worth the pay in your opinion?

Im in 9th grade and I am interested in finance careers but they seem like alot of hard work crunching numbers. #career #worth #finance...


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Aiden W. 1 hour ago 5 views

I am interested in working with computers?

Hello. I would like to know some of the different careers I could get with working on the computer? I like computers and I know that you can fix them and use them for work but what else can I do?...