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Rainer R. Apr 23 91 views

What are essential skills for a mechanical engineer?

If I were to gain these skills( both soft and technical ) , and I could apply anywhere with these skills within the mechanical industries, what would they be? #mechanical-engineering #engineering #mechanical-engineer #engineer...


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Andrew N. Jan 11 111 views
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Mark L. Dec 16, 2016 11146 views

Computer Science Vs Civil Engineering

Hello, I change my mind about every ten minutes, please help. I like both Computer Science and Civil Engineering, I am 36 years old, just finished my first Year at Houston Community College in Associates of Science and will going in to my second year this coming semester, I want to transfer at...

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Joey G. Oct 04, 2019 142 views

Which seasons of the year are the toughest for your job?

I am a senior at Brennan High School Interested in going into the business field. #business #entrepreneur #business-management...


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Kemi L. Jan 29, 2017 7076 views

What is an oral communication class like?

I will be taking an oral communication class in the near future and wanted to see the class would be like. Also, would it be ok to take it together with an English class? Someone told me to take oral communication in a different semester for English....


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Zjorii S. Jan 20, 2016 10354 views

Which job is better a Software Engineer or Game Developer

I always wanted to do computer things and wanted to be a video game designer. Which should i major for or try to go for in...

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Sofie C. Mar 05, 2014 740 views

Should I major in Education and Medicine at the same time? Is it too much work?

I am a junior in high school who loves to teach kids, I have been tutoring and teaching my peers and children outside of school as well. But I would love to go into medicine as well and become a Pediatrician. #medicine #teaching #teacher #college-major #education #career-paths...