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Angelina P.’s Avatar
Angelina P. Jul 10, 2017 17167 views

If you were your own manager for one day, what would you change?

If you were in charge of the department you work in for one day, what would you do differently? Would it be something with the actual work you do, or the place you work in? Thanks for your time! career-choice change-management project-management professional-training computer-software...

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keyuni P. Dec 17, 2021 106 views

What education do you need to be a security guard?

What education is needed or required now and for the future. career education homeland...


Charles G.’s Avatar
Charles G. 20 hours ago 64 views

Engineering vs. Law - After being a web developer for 10 years

Hi! I've been a web developer for about 10 years. I am 31 and had left school before graduating after studying at university for about a year. I am now reconsidering my options and I am wondering if maybe I would like to take a different path. My two options are: software engineering and...

law engineering lawyer college

Jocelyn G.’s Avatar
Jocelyn G. Jan 23, 2018 384 views

what is best way to get good money, work study or a job outside of campus?

College is going to be hard enough but being in debt for the best of my life is going to be a big weight to have to carry for myself. So I want to know what would be the better solution to earn money faster to pay off my loans. brokeproblems financial-planning student-debt...


Justin L.’s Avatar
Justin L. Jun 06, 2020 335 views

Advice for 1L online law student?

I’m a 30 year old married to a 28yr old. I’m about to start online law school and am seeking advice on passing the baby bar, as well as, general advice being a law student and passing the bar exam. Theirs a ton of advice on google but would love to hear from personal experiences. I also work...

law-school lawyer law college job

Donnalisa R.’s Avatar
Donnalisa R. Jun 20, 2021 499 views

What are the different types of positions for becoming a lawyer ?

Hello! I’am 17 years old , in 11th grade and something I always said as a kid and growing up as a teen I wanted to be a lawyer every time someone will ask I will say lawyer , but as I’m getting older I’m trying to come to a realization of what type of lawyer I wanna be , The process of even...

law law-school college lawyer

Jordyn M.’s Avatar
Jordyn M. Apr 24, 2018 682 views

Computer science vs Cybersecurity BS?

My school offers a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Cybersecurity. No specializations, they are their own separate BS degrees. They offer similar classes in the beginning, but then change and become more focused near the end. I am wanting to know, if anyone knows, what each field is like? For...

cyber-security technology infosec cybersec compsci computerscience cybersecurity cyber

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Emily L. Feb 17, 2017 776 views

What does a starting interior designer earn? (Approximately)

Interior design interests me. design...


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Vanessa D. Dec 13, 2021 168 views
Sara H.’s Avatar
Sara H. Oct 26, 2016 764 views

If I don't know as much as my high school peers about tech, will I be behind in college?

The high school I currently attend doesn't have tech classes that delve into the topics of cyber security (or what cyber even is, for that matter), computer programming, or the basic fundamentals of how computers are built. Over the summer, I was chosen as a participant for the GenCyber Program...

computer-science cyber computer-security computer-programming

Kendra B.’s Avatar
Kendra B. 2 days ago 88 views

What is the best way to present myself? Can I integrating my skills into a single profession?

I have a background in healthcare and business management. I partnered with the local DHS office as a benefits counselor. I am community educator and run a small informational co-op on like. I was recently approved as a researcher with our local museum. I am not sure how to combine these into...

entrepranuer teacher smallbusiness contentcreator journalism career business selfemployed

Sam G.’s Avatar
Sam G. Jan 11 161 views

What are the best things to wear to an interview to stand out?

Obviously we have to stay looking professional, but is there a way we can stand out?...


Ariel H.’s Avatar
Ariel H. Oct 19, 2016 793 views

I want to be a cyber security guru, however; the cost of tuition is extravagant. How did you avoid becoming discouraged?

I have pretty much settled on 3 universities that I am very interested in attending. Each one is more expensive than the other. My parents cannot afford to pay the $200,000 tuition costs. The underpriviledged have federal aid and grants that do not have to be repaid. The wealthy have deep...

security cyber science computer

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Zaria T. Dec 01, 2021 109 views

What is the best way to get into any one of the departments under Homeland Security?

I enjoy solving mysteries and finding out information through research. Also I enjoy traveling and I have moved around a little bit. I have worked as a security guard for 3 years, I also have licences to carry a weapon and I have an interest in Information Technology. I plan on joining the Air...

security information-technology homeland air military

Ariel H.’s Avatar
Ariel H. Oct 19, 2016 695 views

Is it best to take the path of Business Cyber Security or under Computer Science Cyber Security?

During a college visit at UTSA, one element of cyber security was under the umbrella of the School of Business. The other was under the umbrella of Computer Sciene. Which would you recommend as the best path to follow? business science computer security...


Dawson B.’s Avatar
Dawson B. Oct 19, 2016 642 views

How much does Ethical Hacking Pay

I was quite interested in the Cyber Security field of Ethical Hacking and I was wondering how much money they usually pay. it hacking cyber cyber-defense...


Armando T.’s Avatar
Armando T. Nov 29, 2017 613 views

What can I do to prepare and acquire a cyber security internship?

I'm halfway through my first year in my Cyber Security Master's program and I want to take any necessary steps to obtain the experience that I need to acquire a great job after graduation. I've never had any experience with applying to internships, specifically in cyber security and related...

cyber-crime internships cyber-security cybersecurity-workforce-development cybersecurity cyber information-security

Armando T.’s Avatar
Armando T. Dec 20, 2017 686 views

What are some jobs relevant to cyber security that I can acquire while attending graduate school ?

I'm in my first year of my cybersecurity graduate program and I want to obtain a part-time job working in roles related to cybersecurity. I'm wondering what kinds of positions I should be looking for that will allow me to obtain relevant experience. I would like something that will better...

cyber-security law information-technology cyber web-development law-enforcement

Moe A.’s Avatar
Moe A. Sep 06, 2019 441 views

Which Online Unitveristy for Cyber should I choose ?

Hello fellows, I have decided to get a bachelor's into Cybersecuirty, but I've been confusing with three (3) online universities which one of them has strong curriculum for Cyber, so I listed links of the three universities hereunder and I am looking for expertise or for anyone who has IT...

university career college-admissions cybersecurity college-major cyber

Kaanchana S.’s Avatar
Kaanchana S. Dec 04, 2021 236 views

How do you find out what career/job you want to do?

I am currently a student in high school and I have absolutely no IDEA what I wanna do. student...


Samantha W.’s Avatar
Samantha W. Nov 21, 2021 191 views

is there any career choices for a bipolar person

i was wondering is there any way of a bipolar person get a job and if there's any choice what would be it career-choice career...