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Lilly J.’s Avatar
Lilly J. 15 hours ago 28 views

Do you regret choosing to enlist in the military

I am an intelligent individual with the ability to get into many prestigious universities, but recently I have been wanting to enlist in the military. I want to enlist in the navy, and hopefully become a navy SEAL. I do realize that it is a long shot, especially considering I am a female and...

#military #seal #navy #career

Jerry D.’s Avatar
Jerry D. Oct 27 42 views

College Courses

What college classes should i take that would have the biggest effect on the succesfulness of myself and my buisness? what are some helpful classes that are extra but help you get a better idea of the economic supply chain #college-admissions...


Brandon D.’s Avatar
Brandon D. Oct 27 31 views

Whats the best state for real estate

I want to go to college and then move to a different state that has the best openings for real estate #out-of-state...


xinhao Z.’s Avatar
xinhao Z. Jun 22, 2016 357 views

What kind of software should I focus on?

Hi, my name is Harris. I'm planning to become a programmer, and for it I start study computer engineering by myself. So that I wonder what kind of software I should learn first, like AE, JAVA etc. Thanks in advance for any help!...


Diana D.’s Avatar
Diana D. 11 hours ago 25 views

what should i do? i hate my major, i dont want to be a teacher

Im 22 years old girl and im in my third year of Preschool Education (it takes 5 years) , im gonna be a teacher and i hate t i dont know why did i choose that major, i hate to see myself in the mirror, and i hate to think in my future because im gonna become the person i always fear i fear to...

#school #college #lost #major

Ryan L.’s Avatar
Ryan L. Oct 29, 2016 449 views

How would you go about parallelizing a recursive function that can't be written in for loops (like Ackermann function)?

I am a high school student and I am exploring a career in computer science, and while I've been able to solve many other similar problems, I haven't found an efficient solution for this. #computer-science #computer-programming...


C L.’s Avatar
C L. Sep 12 288 views

What to say when reaching out connections on Linkedin?

THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO ANSWER MY QUESTION! Context: I came across a job posting in "X" department I'd like to apply and I know someone who works at that company in "Y" department. I understand that X & Y departments work closely together. I want to gain more insights about the...

#technology #networking #employer #interview #careercoaching #strategy #jobapplications #linkedin #career

Amulya D.’s Avatar
Amulya D. May 30, 2017 398 views

What SAT Subject Tests do I need to take for a Comp Sci. major?

I'm interested in Computer Science and I have taken many programming courses....


Cynthia M.’s Avatar
Cynthia M. 10 hours ago 29 views

How do you start having good study habits?

I am a 5th grader and I'm addicted to YouTube and Social Media. That's why I want to kinda get my life together, you know? #social-media #general #media...


Meghan R.’s Avatar
Meghan R. Nov 30 21 views

When it comes to the criminal justice field, what is the hardest part about staying mentally healthy.

#career #knowledge #experience #criminal-justice #child-psychology I am 16 and I am interested in going into the criminal justice field I was wondering if there were any major mental set backs in your...

Abigail C.’s Avatar
Abigail C. Nov 05 67 views

What majors are in art and business category? How do you work financial aid and applications?

I'm in the 11th grade figuring out which major in art I should take. Their a few schools I'm interested in but still figuring that out between five choices. Peers around me always said go for what you like to do and business for getting more opportunities in life. I know that art won't give...

#university #finanical #appliaction #business #general #art

jemima S.’s Avatar
jemima S. Oct 17 56 views

i dont know and i know what i want

i know i want something related to biology and maybe a lab, or forensics; but i dont know what can fit into a biology carrear that i feel accomplished. I was looking for biomedical engineering, please give me examples and more majors/ideas. #biology #lost #biomedicine...


Liduvina T.’s Avatar
Liduvina T. Nov 05 42 views

What would be good options for me if I want to become a Lawyer?

I am a high school student looking to become a lawyer after school but I need help figuring out what classes would be good for me to take and what universities would be good options. #school...


Lauren L.’s Avatar
Lauren L. Sep 04, 2019 125 views

Are you at a disadvantage if you apply undecided to college?

One of my main concerns is picking a major that I really like and enjoy but my interests are constantly changing so it has become a never ending circle of me going nowhere. My biggest concern is that if I don't know, will that leave me behind other people? #college #undecided...


Anthony Z.’s Avatar
Anthony Z. May 30, 2017 668 views

Are there any good colleges for learning business ?

I am a 11 grade student in American high school, and I am looking for a good college to studying my majors for business works and marketing. Any ideas? #business...


Lauryn A.’s Avatar
Lauryn A. Aug 27, 2018 223 views
Idris A.’s Avatar
Idris A. Mar 20, 2019 171 views

Which carrier path in your opinion, normally leads to the IT Product Manager (Product Owner) role?

Hey there, Please advise, which carrier path in your opinion, normally leads to the IT Product Manager role? And what is the further carrier path options available for IT Product Manager? What are the key competence required for Product Manager role? Thank you. #it #productmanager...

#carrierpath #carrier #management #itproductmanager

Tristian L.’s Avatar
Tristian L. Nov 30 19 views

Would you say that you are a great doctor?

What are the qualities of a good doctor? #doctor...


Denieka P.’s Avatar
Denieka P. Nov 25 37 views

What kind of jobs could a recent criminology bachelor's graduate get?

I am in my last year of college and I've been looking at jobs for criminology but they aren't many. I don't want to do policing, I want to do something else in the criminology field other than being a cop or detective....


Genevese S.’s Avatar
Genevese S. 16 hours ago 16 views

how to be ready for college?

I'm a senior wanting to be a bio-engineer, before i wanted to be a marine biologist. i want to get all A's just like last year. #navy #biologist #marine-biology...


Vivian D.’s Avatar
Vivian D. 15 hours ago 15 views

Wedding Planner

I am a 10th grader having a life crisis and it came across me about the idea of becoming a wedding planner. I talked briefly to my counselor and I want to know what degree would be helpful for me to pursue this career and what other things would ensure my successfulness, if I decide to follow...

#weddingplanner #eventplanner

Shantrell A.’s Avatar
Shantrell A. Sep 18 77 views

What challenges did you have to face to achieve your goal to become what you are today?

My name Shantrell and I want to know what are the challenge and goals you had to face. #goals...


Alex E.’s Avatar
Alex E. Jan 15, 2018 298 views

Best Scholarship Programs?

I am looking for scholarships right now and I am wondering what the best online resources are for finding great scholarship opportunities, preferably tailored more for my location and major. #scholarship #financial-aid...


kendal W.’s Avatar
kendal W. Jan 24 179 views

Whats your motivation for being a nurse?

Im a student at cascade job corps I am wanting to further my future #nursing #medicine...


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