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Cecilia N. Mar 27 66 views

What’s the best career decision you made?

My best career decision I’ve made was getting involved with elderly people (residents) as a cna....


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Ethan A. Mar 25 62 views

With COVID-19 happening, how can I get a job in the following fields: data, analytics, or business?

I am a college freshman who has experience in all three of these fields through internships, research positions, and other leadership opportunities. I'm wondering how the virus will effect me being able to get a job/internship in the future? #covid-19 #data-science #analytics #data-analytics...


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David F. Sep 06, 2019 44 views

Do you have to own your own company? If not, is it better to do it?

I am a student at Brennan High School looking for more information on #engineering...


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Jeniffer P. Jun 26, 2015 4042 views

What career can i pursue if i want to work with animals besides being a vet?

I'm Jeniffer I am 16 years old, and I'm asking this question because I don't necessarily want to be a vet but I do want to work with animals and help them in any way I can, my question is how can I pursue that career and make money at the same time? I don't want to be a vet because I personally...

#animals #veterinarian

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Daion H. Nov 04, 2019 69 views

Why do some employers use violence at the workplace?

I worked for a moving company and my employer was a rage-aholic what are some ways to deter that type of anger? #management...


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Heather J. Jan 26 85 views

What's the best way for a beginner to learn software testing and get started working in this profession?

I'm an adult learner with a Bachelor's degree in an unrelated discipline (Social Science) that is seeking a mentor for transitioning my career into Software Testing #software #technology #computer #softwaretesting #qa #software-development...


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rakesh M. May 18, 2016 405 views

Why did Thomas Edison invent the lightbulb?

Need to know! [P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #science #higher-education...


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Tanwani B. Sep 25, 2019 52 views

Can I work independently as a computer engineer??

#engineering just wanna know if I can do...

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michael S. Mar 13 38 views
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Julionna C. Nov 08, 2019 104 views

why did you pick computer programming?

# #computer-science and i love...

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Maria R. Feb 21 103 views

What are good personal attributes and qualities to be a good candidate for the computer science field?

I'm considering going into computer science in my future, so I would love to know what qualities would be good to have to be able to make a good candidate for computer science. #computer #computer-science #science #technology #computer-software...


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Yves P. Oct 16, 2019 170 views
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Julionna C. Nov 08, 2019 109 views
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Aravindhan S. Feb 28, 2019 94 views

how to train and test a machine learning model

As i have the datasets for machine learning, I know to code python, I don't know how to train and test a machine learning model. #tech...


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Maria R. Feb 21 113 views

I'm looking to increase the amount of exposure teens like me (17) have to coding and computer sciences so they can take it into account when thinking about their future like I'm doing. What could be the best way to do so?

I've thought about this a lot and I think organizing a workshop in schools that do not include computer science courses in their curriculum is the way to go. During the workshops, students will be taught to program in certain languages by experts, although I still nee a lot more planning. I am...

#computer-software #volunteer #computer #education #computer-science #technology #planning

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Ze Y. Mar 04 58 views
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Aun M. Mar 03 121 views

What Would a Typical Day of a Machine Learning Engineer Consist of, and How Does it Compare to Other Engineering Fields?

After looking at most of my choices, I believe that my interests lie in software engineering, hardware engineering, mechanical engineering, and machine learning engineer. I've always been told that a role as a machine learning is quite complex, and can often be handled by very few individuals...

#engineering #career-advice #computer-science #technology #data-science

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Younes E. yesterday 46 views

How to be come a UI/UX designer coming an engineering background ?

I'm a computer science engineering student .who is turning to UI/UX design as self-thought . #design #graphic-design #engineering...


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Ramsey P. Mar 23 92 views

What careers should I look into?

For years I have been trying to figure out what career/field I should go into. I have been looking into healthcare, but I decided to consider other fields to make sure that's what I want to do. I am interested in math, science, technology, art, agriculture, and photography. I am also a people...

#math #agriculture #photography #career-counseling #science #career #college #college-major #major #technology #art #job

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kalum J. Nov 08, 2019 38 views

What is a help desk technician