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Alex K. 9 hours ago 27 views

How exactly does one go about becoming a registered Clinical Psychologist? What can you do from there?

Hi, I adore psychology and I someday aim to become a clinical psychologist. However I’m not sure what to do to get there; what high school and university / college courses to take, which countries would have the best opportunities, etc. My 3 main goals are to volunteer in the UN, work in a...

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Kyrstin D. May 05 76 views

What types of programs should I learn if I want to be a chemical engineer?

Aloha, My name is Kyrstin D. , I'm a college student working on a Chemistry BS major, and I want to be a chemical engineer. I'm currently working as an administrative assistant at an electrical engineering company, and I was wondering if any of the programs used at my company would be good...

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Tanu N. Feb 08 163 views

I want to be an movie/tv actress and lawyer at the same time!

I’ve been wanting to be an actress since I was 3. I can also dance, I’ve loved it since I was 3. I can sort of sing. Drama is my favorite class at school. But I need something else just in case, so I plan to graduate in law and be a lawyer. I am also passionate in law, but it is a recent...

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jennie S. Dec 07, 2019 114 views

What do you have to do to become a law clerk?

do i have to get a JD? How long will it take? #law-school...


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Theresa M. Oct 28, 2019 199 views
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Arely S. Oct 07, 2019 624 views

Which major is better? Math, Finance or Accounting?

I love numbers . I don't know if I should pursue a major in Math, Finance or Accounting. #accounting #finance #business #math...


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Drake M. Aug 13, 2019 137 views
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Kamylie M. Jul 11, 2019 101 views

where is the best place to be a surgical tech?

where do they look more for a surgeon ? #surgeon #medicine...


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Jordan S. May 28, 2019 177 views
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tahajjuddin A. Jun 04, 2019 128 views

how much do brick mason make a year

how much do brick mason make a year....


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Naziyr M. Feb 15, 2019 133 views

How much money will i make per hour as a brick mason or a tile and marble setter

i want to be a tile and marble setter but my trade is brick masonry, do those two things have anything in...

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Malvin W. Dec 08, 2018 193 views

How can I become a movie actor?

Ever since I've been born, I have the passion of acting but in the country where I'm in, that privilege to become an actor isn't available.... I can't pursue my dreams and I don't have the finances yet to travel to America or any other country to pursue this dream... What do I do?? And can I...

#actingismypassion #acting

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Zadi P. Aug 30, 2018 172 views

what is the daily life of a zoologist?

I am interested in knowing more about zoologist. I am a junior in high school and i think it would be interesting to learn what exactly a zoologist does in his/her daily life. #zoology...


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Michelle A. Jun 23, 2015 1062 views

Does it really take 13 years to become a pediatrician?

im in 11th grade in Sf, and i really want to do something in the medical field. So like a pediatrician or nurse and i want to know how long it takes because i just want to go to school for 4-5 years and get a job right after i get out of college. #doctor #nursing...


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Linda R. May 11, 2016 10232 views
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Brendan V. Feb 04, 2016 604 views

What are the requirements for out of state colleges (Arizona State)?

My friend and I want to go to Arizona state university but don't exactly know what the requirements are because we're coming out of state. I read some of the requirements but I've also read that sometimes the requirements like GPA, ACT and SAT scores need to be higher than in state since we're...

#college-bound #college

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Devin F. Jan 20, 2018 262 views

Do you have tips for adjusting to being away from home for the first time?

I'm fairly independent but I'm very close with my family. How do you deal with being away from home and living with roommates in a dorm? #first-year #living-away-from-home #dorm-life...


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Ciara G. May 16, 2018 230 views

What kind of experience are photography magazines looking for?

I know what I want to do specifically but I am not sure what I will need for my future after college and beyond a degree. Are there any characteristics that business's are looking for? Do I need to have multiple connections in order to get a foot in the door? #futurejob #experience #nationalgeo...

#photography #photojournalism #art

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Karlee F. May 13, 2016 451 views

How hard is it to be a chiropractic physician in Oklahoma?

I heard this is a very competitive field. I was curious to know how difficult it will be to establish my practice after I graduate. #college #career #physician #physicians #chiropractor...


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Matthew M. Jul 10, 2018 244 views

Is Chinese a good language to learn?

I am planning on minoring in Business. Will learning Chinese be helpful, even though I will be living in the U.S.A? # Business...


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Grace V. Apr 30, 2018 244 views

How will technological advances change how medicine is practiced when I become a doctor?

I am seeing robotic technology that allows doctors to do surgery remotely and this seems like a completely different type of training than what I thought I would be doing to be a surgeon. It is exciting, but I hope that I don't get my education only to find technology has left me behind....

#technology #medicaltechnology

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Jalencia P. Apr 12, 2018 287 views

Why isn't anyone standing up for helpless kids?

Some are too young to understand and some are old enough and people might think that the child is overacting and just want attention. #child-development #working-with-children #child-care #children #career-choice...


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abhishek B. May 03, 2016 889 views

How can I become a IAS police officer?

im in interest in public service.i want to control corruption. #ias...


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Arliene A. Apr 02, 2014 36124 views

What are some pros and cons to becoming a registered nurse?

I'm thinking about becoming one and would love to hear more about your experiences and thoughts on the career! #nurse #jobs #hospitals #nursing...


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Brandon H. Apr 06, 2018 164 views

How much money on average can you get from endorsements as a professional golfer?

I want to be a professional golfer and was wondering about income outside of...


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Dianne M. May 12, 2016 2325 views

What careers in STEM will allow me to travel?

I'm an incoming college freshman pursuing a bachelor's in biotechnology and planning to enter the field of sustainable energy. While I am very comfortable with this plan, I would also like to travel the world, and travel often. Are there any careers in the STEM field that can open opportunities...

#sustainability #environmental-science #stem #oil-and-energy #energy #environmental-services

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Sarah M. May 12, 2016 552 views

Is there a large variety and availability of jobs if I have a Forensic and Investigative Sciences degree?

This is the field I plan on studying and I am curious as to what my future would be after attaining my degree. #forensic #forensic-analysis #criminal-investigations...