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Ki'Rstyn N.’s Avatar
Ki'Rstyn N. Ki'Rstyn N. 8 hours ago 11 views
Janiah J.’s Avatar
Janiah J. Janiah J. 9 hours ago 3 views
Oluomachi U.’s Avatar
Oluomachi U. Oluomachi U. 9 hours ago 4 views

How many years does it take to complete a biomed/bio engineering bachelor degree?

Does the time needed to complete a degree depend mainly on the college/university you attend? Or is it a consensus? #engineering #college #college-major...


Jaquari B.’s Avatar
Jaquari B. Jaquari B. 10 hours ago 7 views

What can my career goal be?

caring,understanding ,love helping ,positive ,calm #career-choice...


Nylan P.’s Avatar
Nylan P. Nylan P. 12 hours ago 7 views

How do you become a nurse

I want to become a nurse so that I can take care of people and help them get better from what’s going on #nursing...


Angel M.’s Avatar
Angel M. Angel M. 12 hours ago 5 views

What are the different career options for Welding

I'm good with my hands and i like to fix things....


pharrell T.’s Avatar
pharrell T. pharrell T. 13 hours ago 11 views

what is career village about?

My name is pharrell everyone calls me rell and I do brazillian jui jistu...


Fatima S.’s Avatar
Fatima S. Fatima S. 14 hours ago 15 views

What do I need to become a photographer?

I want to know if you need anything specific like is there a school made for that ?#photography...


Kori T.’s Avatar
Kori T. Kori T. 14 hours ago 9 views

Are you happy?

I want to become the first surgeon in my family.#medicine #surgery...


Timothy W.’s Avatar
Timothy W. Timothy W. 16 hours ago 12 views
Mela B.’s Avatar
Mela B. Mela B. 17 hours ago 24 views

How should I choose between two career options?

I want to be a therapist, but I am not sure if I want to go as far as being a psychologist or just being a counselor. #psychology #therapy...


charles S.’s Avatar
charles S. charles S. 17 hours ago 20 views
Latavea T.’s Avatar
Latavea T. Latavea T. 18 hours ago 14 views

How do I become a Music Therapist

I love music and I want to help people when I am able to. I sing and I want to study psychology when I get to college. #music #psychology #singer...


Rick V.’s Avatar
Rick V. Rick V. 18 hours ago 19 views

For any Marketing Specialists, what's the route you guys took to get to your careers?

Hi, my name is Rick and I want to be a Marketing Specialist in the future, I'm currently attending Job Corps for Office Administration and I plan to move into Community College for an Associate's Degree in Business in the future at some point. I do know there are online seminars some free some...

#college #career #marketing #business

Brandon N.’s Avatar
Brandon N. Brandon N. 19 hours ago 23 views

How do you become a billionaire.

I wanna know the basics to becoming a billionaire at...


Lakeia A.’s Avatar
Lakeia A. Lakeia A. 19 hours ago 12 views

Career goal?

My career goal is to be a Psychologist....


Brandon N.’s Avatar
Brandon N. Brandon N. 20 hours ago 8 views

My career goal is to be a billionaire.

I wanna be a billionaire to show that this black people can do it they can make it somewhere in life and be...


Ariel C.’s Avatar
Ariel C. Ariel C. yesterday 23 views

What are some ways to help me make a decision for my future ?

I’m not sure if I want too be a nurse, doctor, or go into law what are some ways to help me make a decision? #medicine #law #doctor...


Brandon N.’s Avatar
Brandon N. Brandon N. yesterday 7 views

How can I become a billionaire.

I’m 15, I love wrestling and I’m very kind and I love money and favorite color is blue....


Kyana H.’s Avatar
Kyana H. Kyana H. yesterday 10 views

How long do you have to go to school for to be a Contract Lawyer?

I'm in high school right now and deciding what degree I want to get first for when I go to college and want to know what will help decrease the time in school. #college #law...


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