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javocea C. 5 hours ago 7 views

well i want to know how long would i be here cause i only got 1 cridit to make up

I'm hard to get to but if I feel like things going the other way ill let someone know...


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Beautiful D. 4 hours ago 2 views

How long will it take to go from Cna to a Neonatal Nurse?

My name is BeautifulReality Divine, I am 17 years old & I attend the Paul Simon job corps ! I'm interested in eventually becoming a neonatal nurse. My trade is currently cna. #nursing #nurse #neonatal #medicine...


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Bianca F. 4 hours ago 4 views

What is the highest paying position and degree a head chef can get?

My passion is cooking. I'm trying to know everything there is to know about this occupation and whats the furthest i can get in this particular field. #chef #culinary-arts #culinary...


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justin G. 4 hours ago 3 views
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Alphonso P. 5 hours ago 4 views

How's life treating you?

I'm Nonchalant, kinda mean, can be nice, I love exploring, & finding out new things... I'm also very good at most things that I do. #hard-worker #career-choice...


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Ilani R. 5 hours ago 0 views

what is it like being a material handler? what do you do you a day to day basis?

My name is Ilani Rivera and im currently enrolled in a job corps program. it is a program that will help you get your high school diploma/ ged and also help you get a trait, as well as find a job. Im interested in material handling but would like to know exactly what im getting myself into and...


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Deondre B. 5 hours ago 0 views
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Amanda C. 20 hours ago 3 views

How can I volunteer to improve Chicago-area healthcare?

I am a pre-med student at Purdue majoring in Public Health looking for more clinical experience. I am interested in healthcare disparities and epidemiology. Additionally, I am interested in the specialties OBGYN, endocrinology, cardiology, pulmonology, dermatology, and urology, but I am open to...

#chicago #healthcare #premed #medicine

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Aun M. 20 hours ago 4 views

Career pathways for Mechatronics?

I've researched a little on the topic, but have only found videos about robotics engineers. Is this the only pathway specialized for an individual with a mechatronics degree? Or is it broader than that? As a tenth grader, I want to be fully informed of every opportunity I have in engineering...

#engineering #robotics #technology #career

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Shuyan Y. yesterday 40 views

How to participate in this program?

Volunteer: College Student needed Hello there! If you're a student (either in high school or college) looking for a really easy and valuable volunteer program to participate in and add to your resume, this is the perfect program for you! #volunteer...


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Aun M. yesterday 11 views

As a 10th grader what extracurriculars and average should I aim for if looking to apply to computer science?

I'm in 10th grade and trying to work my way towards computer science at waterloo or UOFT. My projected average is 91, mainly because I didn't try that hard first semester, but I understand the sacrifice I must make now. Any advice on volunteer activities or extracurriculars I should pursue to...

#computer-science #technology #college

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RAVI M. Oct 14, 2017 277 views

What was the result of IIT JAM 2017?

Is there anyone who can share the previous year cut off and result of #iit JAM? #studying #exam #india #time-management #higher-education...


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RAVI M. Jan 22 35 views
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Christian P. Jan 27 25 views
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Bryan K. Feb 21 15 views

Looking to expand my contract income opportunities

I'm an audio engineer looking to pick up other contract-based work. I'm looking for something that would not require additional college classes, as I am still paying off my current student loans. I was considering an independent insurance adjuster, but I am open to similar fields that have...