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Aun M. yesterday 11 views

As a 10th grader what extracurriculars and average should I aim for if looking to apply to computer science?

I'm in 10th grade and trying to work my way towards computer science at waterloo or UOFT. My projected average is 91, mainly because I didn't try that hard first semester, but I understand the sacrifice I must make now. Any advice on volunteer activities or extracurriculars I should pursue to...

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Bryan K. Feb 21 15 views

Looking to expand my contract income opportunities

I'm an audio engineer looking to pick up other contract-based work. I'm looking for something that would not require additional college classes, as I am still paying off my current student loans. I was considering an independent insurance adjuster, but I am open to similar fields that have...


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Tyler T. Sep 25, 2019 25 views

What type of work do you do as a Metal Refiner?

What do you typically work on? Is it just shaping metal into figures, trying to make it look nice, or just cutting it and packaging it? #career #metal #worker #metalworker...


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Tyler T. Sep 25, 2019 26 views

How prepared are most people in the Metal Refining business?

When getting into the job, how prepared are they? Is there a specific amount of knowledge required to even start? #career #metal #worker #metalworker...


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Bobby R. Oct 25, 2019 28 views

How did you become interested in the welding field?

I'm very self motivated and I like to take initiative . I'm a hard worker who likes to ask questions to gain more knowledge ....


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jared C. Oct 03, 2019 28 views
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Tyler T. Sep 25, 2019 28 views
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danna C. Sep 24, 2019 28 views
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Alan V. Sep 18, 2019 28 views
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Eli F. Aug 26, 2019 28 views

Does this career match my out going personality?

Yes. This job will have you being very out going with climbing 80 foot poles to riding on a helicopter to tall steel power line poles, and cutting down trees for new wire....


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jim W. Aug 14, 2019 28 views

what are some big no nos in mechanic work

Im in job corps and looking for FUTURE!!!!...