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ASRAFULL 7 hours ago 6 views


Hlw support me I M LOGO DESIGNER I like this siteI am like design inh hlwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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Courvoisier yesterday 6 views

What are some downsides of being a personal chef?

I asked this question because I am interested in this career and I wonder what are the downsides so I know what to expect.

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Courvoisier yesterday 7 views

What is your favorite thing about being a personal chef?

I asked this question because i'm interested in this job and want to know what you like about it.

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Courvoisier yesterday 8 views

What are some benefits of being a personal chef?

I asked this question because I want to know if there are any benefits of being a chef and if there are what they are so I can decide if I want to become a personal chef or not.

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Mayann yesterday 9 views

What do you need to get into Pharmacy?

I asked this question because I want to get into this field.

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Stephen 2 days ago 9 views

What would be the best way to become a film editor for a bigger production company?

I have been interested in being a film editor for a bigger production company. do you have any advice on how i could do that? What are some skills that i would need to have?

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Lucas yesterday 10 views

What benefits come with this career?

401 K, Health Insurance, Paid Holidays, Paid Medical leave, Paid Sick Leave, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Identity Protection, financial resources, Financial Hardship Programs, Flexible Scheduling, Disability Insurance

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Mayann yesterday 11 views


I wanna know if I need a diploma to get into it ? Will it be beneficial for my education and my future ?

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Lucas yesterday 11 views

Can you describe your company culture?

To understand the company's values, management, leadership styles, and the approach in which they take to solve challenges and treating their employees in that particular occupation.

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Reagan 2 days ago 11 views

How long does it take to become a great real estate agent?

I am interested in being a real estate agent and i want to know how much time and energy it will take me to become a great realtor.

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Derek yesterday 12 views

Does electrician have benefits

I asked this question because its important to know before you enter an job . I feel as benefits says a lot about an job.

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Elliott yesterday 12 views

Why did you decide to become a head chef?

What made you want to become a chef working in a restaurant. Did you decide to do it for the love of food or for a deeper meaning.

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Thea yesterday 13 views

What dose a typical day look like as a security guard?

I asked this question because i want to know if its something i would enjoy

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Reagan 2 days ago 13 views

Why does real estate take so much work and dedication ?

I am interested in real estate and trying to find out how much work and dedication it will take to accomplish it.

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Elliott yesterday 14 views

How did you become a head chef?

What training did you go through to become the chef you are today and how did you go about it. Was it mostly over the years moving up in the job or was it more education and training in a classroom like setting.

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Gunnar 2 days ago 14 views

Steps to the MLB ?

How difficult is it to develop relatinships with MLB Scouts?

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Grace 2 days ago 15 views

As a CNA, how did you not become overly connected to your patients or residents?

I am trying to become a CMA, but when I was in clinical for CNA, I experienced the sadness of my patients missing me so much to the point where they didn't want to eat unless I fed them. I would like to know how to avoid such bittersweet dilemmas.

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Gunnar 2 days ago 16 views

Professional Athlete Goals ?

In order to become a professional athlete, what are some ways to prepare?

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Elliott yesterday 18 views

What is the most fulfilling part of being a head chef?

What part of being a chef brings the most joy is it the art of making the meal for an individual or is it a much larger aspect.

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Casandra 2 days ago 19 views

what skills for medical assisting do you have that accomplished you for this capacity?

I can use all the tips and advice

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Revathi 2 days ago 19 views

What is the good undergrad for medicine?

I am high school senior thinking of becoming doctor. I have few options but not sure which will be the right one for undergrad 1. Business administration with premed, so that some day i can open my own clinic 2.Biomedical engineering with premed 3.Premed track - what jobs can i get if dont...

sandra’s Avatar
sandra 2 days ago 20 views

what steps would you recommend i take to prepare to enter this field? (medical assistant)

Hi my name is Sandra and I'm at job corps.

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Stephani Sep 16 23 views

What is the best schools for cosmetology and nursing to become a neonatal nurse ?

What is the best schools for cosmetology and nursing to become a neonatal nurse ?

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Derek yesterday 24 views

does security job really make you happy?

The reason i asked many people this question is because people go to school for years to not be happy with a job they do not like.

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Jerin 2 days ago 34 views

What advice do you have for someone new to the computer system field

Willing to work hard is a good first impression and be punctual

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Shavonne 2 days ago 34 views

career related questions

Why are interested In this career? How do you feel about working with other people? What are your plans after High school? How can you make an impact?

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Casandra 2 days ago 35 views

how did it feel during the process of medical assisting to get to where you are now?

Hi my name is Casandra and I am a 19-year-old student at job corps . I am starting off my career as a medical administration and moving next to medical assisting and would really appreciate some advice from someone in my place .

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Avigail Sep 19 35 views

What programs can I use to build a 4-day event program?

How do I build a "program" and request funding from sponsors (lenders, brokers, affiliates) to host a 4-day Real Estate Summit at Costa Baja Resort & Spa in La Paz BCS? The proposed date is October 11-15th 2023.

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Javelle Aug 26 46 views

What is a typical day like in Elevator & Escalator Installers & Repairers?

I pick this because it is something I like doing.

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Kayla Sep 16 60 views

Paternity Lawyer

How complex was it to be in the law field and how long did it take you to fully become a paternity lawyer. what steps did you take? What college did you attend? What made you desire this field?

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