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Tyler T. Sep 25, 2019 39 views

If given the choice, would you leave the metal refining business?

Is this a job that you enjoy thoroughly or would you give it up in a heartbeat for anything new? #career #metal #worker #metalworker...


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Alan V. Sep 18, 2019 40 views
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Ivan N. Aug 08, 2019 40 views

What is it like a day in the carpentry business?

Hi I am Ivan Nagasawa from Honolulu Hawaii I am in the program Job Corps trying to get my career moving! I need some advice on how to get into this kind of business. This is the biggest goal of my life I am shooting for! Mahalo Nui Loa ! (Thank You Very Much)...


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Daniel M. Aug 09, 2019 41 views
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RAVI M. Jan 22 42 views
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Tamara G. Oct 16, 2019 43 views
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Antonyo C. Sep 16, 2019 43 views
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Raymond N. Jul 23, 2019 43 views

What are the hours people normally work during the day in the cement industry

I'm going into Cement Masonry at Tongue Point Job Corps center, and i was wondering what were the hours people work in that industry are....


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ricardo M. Oct 04, 2019 44 views

what do you like the most of welding

#teacher I am relay inters nowing what is the best part of tat...

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burnalee S. Aug 27, 2019 44 views

What is the difference between Federal and State pay in painting union ?

I'm in job crops trying to get a better understanding of painting ....


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Ray D. Aug 13, 2019 44 views
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Jesus M. Aug 05, 2019 44 views

installation of air conditioners

#job-search Hi I am job corps student and I want to learn about installation of air...

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Ricardo V. Oct 30, 2019 46 views
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Daniel M. Aug 09, 2019 47 views
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cody T. Aug 21, 2019 48 views

Was it hard to start you'r carpenter career ?

#career A little but I soon better at...