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How to participate in this program?

Volunteer: College Student needed Hello there! If you're a student (either in high school or college) looking for a really easy and valuable volunteer program to participate in and add to your resume, this is the perfect program for you! #volunteer...


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Juan P. Jun 20, 2019 71 views
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Charles L. 19 hours ago 8 views

How do I find a good co-op opportunity?

I'm an aspiring student looking to do culinary arts post-highschool. I have trouble finding a good place to do a Co-op placement....


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Devan E. Dec 12, 2019 38 views
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Take 2 or 3 years of world/foreign language?

I am a sophomore currently choosing courses for next year. I would like to drop Spanish completely as I have completed my school's graduation requirement of 2 years so that I can double up on science classes and take AP Biology and Physics Honors. However, I have been told that many colleges...


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michelle T. Feb 07 44 views
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Lyndi B. Nov 20, 2019 38 views
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Zoe R. Sep 23, 2019 59 views

Could you describe your typical work days?

I just wanted to get more insight on how the outlook of this job is gonna be so l'm more prepared going into it....


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Mina G. Feb 03 32 views
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Kimberly W. Jan 20, 2018 829 views

How can I get experience in the publication field?

I want to become a book editor, but I live in a place that doesn't have much opportunity to break into that career. #bookworm #opportunities...


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zoe A. Jun 12, 2019 166 views
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Pharaoh F. Jan 22, 2018 663 views

what colleges have good drama/theater programs ?

I play soccer it's extremely hard to get a soccer scholarship anyways, I've maintained an A in theater all of my high school years and starred in many plays when I was younger and plan too do so currently in my junior year....


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Ryan I. Aug 06, 2019 51 views

what are the challenges for a Nurse Midwife?

# #nurse #healthcare #registered-nurses #nursing-education I am student looking for new information on this career to forward a path in a career in my...

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Letzly M. yesterday 16 views

where do I start?

I'm interested in computer technology but i dont know where to start from. #information-technology...


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Jazmine L. Sep 06, 2019 42 views

How was your track like going through medical school ?

I'm a high school student interested in being an obstetrician! I love being able to make people's lives brighten and to me that brightness for any expecting mother is being able to have their baby and hold him/her for the first time. I have a few distant family members in the field and hearing...

#obstetrician #nurse #doctor #obgyn #midwiving #nursing #healthcare #medicine #midwive

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Juan G. May 17, 2019 167 views
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Kyle W. Oct 21, 2019 48 views

how cool are chefs?

i like cooking in style...


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cody T. Aug 21, 2019 44 views

What kind of Career Goals have you thought of after your Carpentry training?

#career-path I plan to get a Associate's Degree to better my...

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jaylin Y. May 31, 2019 99 views
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Tsz Ho Y. Feb 13 55 views

What personalities are the finance field looking for?

I have sent some applications to different companies and banks but only a little of them offered me an opportunity of aptitude test. #finance #internship #business...