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Christa W. Sep 03, 2019 49 views

What are employers looking for in HVAC (skills, education, experience)?

My name is Christa and I am 19 years old. I am looking to see what type of job would most fit me and my skills. I want to know more about the routine of a Heating and Cooling Mechanic (HVAC) to have more or less of an idea of what it might be like. I am currently enrolled in Job Corps to learn...

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Keshaun W. yesterday 12 views

what is the best way to start the journey to becoming a pediatric surgeon?

I am just out of high school and very interested in the medical field #doctor...

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Fatima B. May 03, 2019 218 views

How can I keep my schedule organized?

I need more time to hang out with friends #school #time #time-management #student #college...


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Sumaiya A. Jan 27 49 views
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Desirae G. Feb 04 53 views

If you are in the process of majoring in criminology, what are some challenges that you have faced?

Im a senior in high school trying to become a criminal profiler. I will be the first one to graduate in my family!!😀 #criminal-justice #college...


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Li L. Feb 16 26 views

How to explain the meaning of The Farmer and the Viper to children?

There could be more meanings be included, rather than the only kindness....


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Janis S. Feb 04 55 views

Will there be opportunities to continue my education in the position I am hired to do?

I am a CMAA student and hope to find a permanent career as a medical administrative assistant in the helping field. #medicine #healthcare #career-counseling #career #medical #hospital #human services...


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James B. Feb 06 53 views

How to be involved in economics?

I like math and i think that i'm pretty good #college #math #economics #accounting #college-major...

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Samantha R. Sep 14, 2019 152 views

Need advice-feel zoned out all the time and worried about failing

So, I'm in my 2nd year of college. I almost got suspended semester and I'm ashamed of myself. And I worry it may really happen and I feel so silly. I'd describe my problem as being..zoned out? And I'm not sure how to stop it. I can't even read half the time. I know how to read, but when I try...

#writing #student #college #time-management

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Aaron G. Jan 17, 2018 231 views

Should I go to a safety school for now (financial safety/school safety), and then transfer after 2 or 4 years?

I want to complete my general education/major requirements, so is going to a safety and relatively cheap school advisable? Thanks! #college-transfer #college...


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Anna R. Jan 30 48 views

What is it like to be a Lawyer?

I have been wondering since I was five? #law #criminal-justice...


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Ray K. Jan 03 116 views

What is your favorite type of writing to edit?

And why is it your favorite? #editing #publishing...


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Galicia G. Feb 02 51 views

What should students take away from law school?

Interested in legal affairs, and wanted additional information! #law #lawyer #law-school #attorney #law-practice...

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brittany L. yesterday 23 views
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Maria R. yesterday 11 views

I'm looking to increase the amount of exposure teens like me (17) have to coding and computer sciences so they can take it into account when thinking about their future like I'm doing. What could be the best way to do so?

I've thought about this a lot and I think organizing a workshop in schools that do not include computer science courses in their curriculum is the way to go. During the workshops, students will be taught to program in certain languages by experts, although I still nee a lot more planning. I am...

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Jesica W. Jun 26, 2019 77 views
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Maria R. yesterday 20 views

I want to enroll in the computer science program in dawson cegep, it is a three year program, but what if I'm wrong when I think I'll like it?

I am about to enroll in the computer science program in Dawson, it's a three year program and I honestly do not want to lose time. I've done computer coding and analysis before and i loved it, it was my best class, but it was a long time ago and I'm not sure if I'll keep liking it when I get...

#computer-science #computer-software #computer #technology #college

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Samuel A. Jan 20, 2018 447 views

What programming languages should I know to impress potential employers?

My goal is to make a very comfortable life for myself but I need to get hired for that to happen. So what should I learn? Should I just try to learn every language I can or will that be a useless effort? #computer #computer-software #computer-science...


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Kwanda T. Aug 13, 2019 36 views
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Judith N. Sep 09, 2019 62 views