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Raquel D. yesterday

What will happen to me if i do have insurance?

Is there another way of getting health insurance in america #health #financial-aid...


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Allison D. Mar 16, 2018
Allison D.’s Avatar
Allison D. Mar 16, 2018
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Pharaoh F. Jan 22, 2018

what colleges have good drama/theater programs ?

I play soccer it's extremely hard to get a soccer scholarship anyways, I've maintained an A in theater all of my high school years and starred in many plays when I was younger and plan too do so currently in my junior year....


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Alyssa M. Jan 18, 2018

What jobs can biochemistry majors achieve?

One of my possible majors is biochemistry and I was wondering what job options there are....


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Paul M. yesterday

What is my Job as a Volunteer Agent will be all about?

#volunteer I want to continue my education into Criminal Justice#Policeofficer#law enforcement...


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Emily I. Mar 15, 2018

Why aren't more engineering courses taught in a hands-on setting?

At my college, 90% of #engineering classes are based on #theory. A common belief is that you will only end up using a tiny portion of all that knowledge once you reach the workplace, and instead employees end up learning most their skills on the job. This makes the burden of college seem...

#teaching #curriculum #education

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Johary H. Aug 31

Who is the founder of this website?

I want to know everything and learned....


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Amanda N. Mar 11, 2018

What influence have the classics had on your understanding of literature?

Interested in further pursuing ancient Greek or Latin, curious as to how deeper study in those areas influences literary perceptions. #english-literature #classical-studies #literature...


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Tyler L. Apr 08, 2014

What is the best part of being a psychologist?

I want to know why people are psychologists. #psychology...


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caya C. Aug 06

does being a clinical psychologist mess up your head?

I'm a very nice person and I like to help people. #clinical-psychology...


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Nate J. 2 days ago

Should I pursue an educational career?

I'm a student at Roger Williams University wanting to study psychology and get a core concentration of educational studies. I enjoy subjects like English, History, and math (even though I'm the best at math I still enjoy doing it). #teaching #education...


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Reaghen K. Sep 16
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Neftaly C. Sep 16

What is the process to becoming a astronomer?

I am an 8th grader trying to get into astronomy and I would like to know how to get in if there is like a process if had a test to see if I could get in the job?...


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hanna G. Apr 06, 2018

How much does a wildlife photographer make a year?

Is it enough to support a family or more as a side job? #money #career #photography...


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connor B. Sep 16

do you travel a lot

I love to travel and I want to have a job that allows me to be on the move and see new things. #photography...


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kimberly H. Apr 12

How many years does it take to be a photographer

I already love to take pictures of landscapes, and i would love to take more detailed and professional photos. #photography #fashion...


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John W. Aug 22, 2018
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Gratian T. Sep 06
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mark A. Sep 16

how hard is it to design a game

like is it difficult to make a game or is it pretty easy...


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christian L. Dec 02, 2017

How do you become a director?

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weft W. Sep 17

how do I become a video game designer

I am in the Programming and Software development program at Ohio Virtual Academy #game-design #video-games...


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Sandy B. May 06, 2016

Will it be worth the time?

Because i wont if its a waste #college #technology...


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Halea B. Feb 09, 2017

What are the best times to look for auditions?

On Broadway or for a movie in general #acting #dance #broadway...


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Karen T. Sep 07

what should i have for my career

I personally want to be a NASA astronomer however I took this personality test and it said it recommends me studying biomedicine so now I start to question myself should I still continue my dream or not....