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Neftaly C. Sep 16

What is the process to becoming a astronomer?

I am an 8th grader trying to get into astronomy and I would like to know how to get in if there is like a process if had a test to see if I could get in the job?...


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Katrina R. Jun 18, 2015

What majors would I need to take to become an Art Therapist for teens or kids?

Hi I am a freshman in high school and I was wondering what majors for college I would need to take to be an art therapist for teens and kids. I want to go into therapy and I want to know what to do to get there. #art #majors #therapy #teenagers...


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Victoria B. Jan 18, 2018
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Leonardo M. 2 days ago
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Vincent L. Sep 05

How can i get a scholarship to UCI Irvine?

#ignitingpossibilities i will get scholarship from UC Irvine because they support professional gamers #scholarship #financial-aid #college #money #help...

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Percy .. Mar 20, 2018

School subjects required to become a news anchor in India 🇮🇳 ?

Tell me the subjects needed to become news anchor. for board of class 12 #news #journalism #broadcast-journalism...


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Sha M. yesterday

Becoming a dentist

I want to study 3 years of college and become a dental hygiene, and start working. Then i would like to continue my study and become a dentist. #dentist #dentistry...


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Rodolphe A. yesterday

I would like to know a little about this

As I told I am a student and I like teaching , help others in the need such as it is doing in volonteer organisation...


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weft W. Sep 17

Do I need a college degree to be a video game developer

I am in an online high school and prefer online learning #video-game-design #college...

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Jasmine C. 2 days ago

What are the employers looking for when I apply to jobs related to protective services?

#job-search #internship #job #research I was wondering what employers look for when I apply after I'm done with my job...

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Noe H. 2 days ago

how do people advance in this this field

I am looking into advancing my knowledge in automotive I'm interest in this field because I like working on cars what are some things you need to get more skills in this trade #engineering...


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Abbie E. 2 days ago

Is being an actor a reliable job?

I love to act, sing and dance. Yet I'm also a very goal oriented person and always plan to be successful, I'm just scared I won't have the lifestyle I want if I decide to become an actor. Ive been told time and time again that being an actor isn't a realistic occupation, is this true? #acting...

#college #dance #actor #art

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Edgar F. 2 days ago

How do I get the money to open a business?

I would like to open a mechanic store when I finish my training and I want to know how could I get tho money or a loan. #entrepreneur #finance...


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Eduardo L. Sep 16

Is a lawyer a good job

I am a 8th grader #lawyer...


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Ruby L. 2 days ago

What do you like the most about rehab?

I love working with others and helping them in any way I...


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Jasmine C. 2 days ago

Do you enjoy working in protective services? If so please explain.

#career #career-counseling #career-choice I was wondering if working this trade changed anyone's life and I would like to see if this is the right career for...

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Noe H. 2 days ago

what are your job prospects like

What information will you send my way to improve my knowledge in automotive and gain good skills in this trade #career...