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Kaitlyn S. Apr 29 129 views

What does volunteering mean to you?

My name is Kate and I am passionate about volunteering and making the world a better place. I love helping people to realize their full potential in life and help them accomplish their dreams. #shootforthestars...


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Arisa Y. Apr 29 182 views

How did you know what you wanted to do for your career?

In what stage of your educational life did you realize what you wanted to do or are passionate about? I feel pressured and stressed about the fact that I don't know what to do because I feel like everyone else does. Are there any suggestions as to what I should do to get a sense of what I like?...

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malu J. 2 days ago 82 views

How do I know if a community college or University is right for me?

I don't know where I want to go now, so many people have different opinions and they're helpful, but, I am just getting more confused, can someone give me some tips on finding what is right for me? #college #undecided...


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antonio P. Feb 10 64 views

im trying to find out what i have to do to be a pharmacy aide

I am a junior in high school and I do music such as singing and hip hop but I need a back up plan if it doesn't go the way I plan. I just really want to know what it takes to be in in this field of work? what do I need to be aware of? #pharmacy...


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Nicole A. Mar 25, 2018 236 views

How do I enjoy college while also getting a higher education?

I am bowling in college, but I am also going to become a math teacher after college. I want to enjoy college, but it will be busy. I would like to know how to do both at the same time. #college #time-management...


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Jorden C. May 22 60 views
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Robert B. May 05 38 views
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Marie E. May 22 55 views

Can I Become fluent in ASL?

ASL- American #english #any Sign...

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Ena W. Feb 18, 2017 320 views

If my study permit does not allow 20-hour working per week, wether I can do volunteering in workplace?

I am business student so internship will play an important role in my early career. I have some friends who work in banks, can I ask them give me volunteer chances?...


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Rachel D. 2 days ago 38 views

How will I know when a specific field of engineering is for me?

I am a senior in high school and I have applied to numerous colleges for engineering. My only problem is that I applied undecided engineering and after hearing numerous colleges talk about the different fields of engineering they offer, I still can't seem to lean towards a field that I like. I...

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Tejendra U. May 13 99 views

How to start a career in networking ?

I am a student and I want to career in networking how? #networking #cybersecurity#cloud computing #iot...


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Allison S. May 22 76 views

When is the best time to start looking for summer internships in college?

I am going to be a college freshman this fall. When is the right time to start researching and applying to summer internships? #college...


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Nayeli L. Apr 14 93 views

Should I transfer to a different college that has a BS in Nursing Science?

I'm currently a freshman at UCSD, and not to long ago I decided to pursue a career in nursing, however, my college doesn't have a BS in nursing. I am a human biology major and was wondering if I should stick with that and then go to nursing school or if I should transfer to another college that...

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mya T. May 20 91 views
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Paige J. Mar 02, 2018 375 views

What are some ways to save/earn money while in college?

I have a part-time job and I'm commuting from home to college (so that's helped a lot), but I'm still trying to save for additional costs and even the next year....


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Vincent C. Mar 02, 2018 191 views

What is a good structured way of balancing my studying and college life so that I am not creating bad habits early in my college life?

I am going to play football for Texas Lutheran University, and I am very excited for the college life ahead. When I exert more thought into the whole process, I begin to think about having to balance my studying and college social/athletic life, and I want to be able to thrive in the classroom...


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Mireia R. Feb 17, 2018 349 views

What are the best jobs for college students looking to pay for tuition?

I'm asking because college is expensive and I'm wondering if there are any jobs out there that are perfect for busy full-time students besides work study. Preferably anything online. Personal experience is super helpful. I appreciate the guidance. #college-jobs #college #college-advice...

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Mireia R. Feb 17, 2018 392 views

Would you recommend graduating early in college if you have all the credits?

My fields of study may require lots of graduate school so is there a way to shorten the time I'm working towards a bachelor's? If so, how? And is that recommended? I really appreciate personal experience and guidance. #college #college-advice #higher-education #colleges #college-major...

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George L. Feb 15, 2018 1185 views

AP Bio junior or senior year?

I'm a sophomore going into junior year and I'm planning to take AP Bio since I might go into the medical field. One of my teachers said that if I take AP Bio junior year I'll start to forget it by the time I take pre-med classes in college. Also whichever year I don't take AP Bio I'll take AP...

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Khloe G. Jan 30, 2018 293 views

Is summer school more expensive than a normal school year?

I have to pay tuition on my own and I am wondering how that will affect me......