To Do: High School 9 To Dos

  • Find articles from your choice company and edit and create your own story.

  • Find photos / images from your choice company and add your own copy.

  • Submit a story to Chicken Soup

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Daleen C.’s Avatar
by Daleen C.

Travel Abroad before I graduate 11 To Dos

  • ...I was going to add that if you have specific companies in mind, you can check those company websites as well.

  • Hi Augusta, make sure to attend as many job fairs on campus. Also, some employers post internship opportunities on LinkedIn. You can set up searches per key words and locations. Once your search is created, you can select to have alerts emailed to you when new posts are available on LinkedIn.

  • I would suggest to look into IBM. They offer many summer internships, and once you have your foot in, it is easier to get a job.

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Augusta I.’s Avatar
by Augusta I.

Alternate Path 10 To Dos

  • Work as a receptionist for a therapist's office

  • first read much about the matter you want to teach, not only the basic but the structure. one advice learn about the origin of the linguage, like me i'm a biologist and i know some latin, on biology the names are only in latin or with this origin, with this i can corelate the meanings of something i don't know. second learn about how teach, a good theacher needs to know how pass the information to yours students and how make then interested. and last never, never leave stop studying. knowledge is mutable, it is malleable and finite. What you have today as truth may not be tomorrow and know that you can also learn from your students, because teaching is not a one-way street. I suggest you take a course in English-oriented letters or a teaching course. can be a technical or a graduate, and during or after doing internships and even work as a teacher

  • If you want to be a counselor or therapist, you should pursue a bachelor degree which relate to the counseling or therapy major. Then, you need to get your certificate.

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by Sabrina K.

Steps to Dream Career 13 To Dos

  • Reach out to individuals on LinkedIn who work at your target companies. Ask for a brief coffee meeting to talk about how they got into the biz. Networking is everything.

  • Write for school newspapers publications and creative writing as much as you can

  • Complete my first internship.

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Catherine T.’s Avatar
by Catherine T.

Get into medical school 5 To Dos

  • Start letter of reccomendation process..

  • Study for MCAT'S

  • Schedule MCAT's

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Matthew A.’s Avatar
by Matthew A.

Potential Path to Orthodontics 15 To Dos

  • Get a specialty in orthodontics

  • Ask dentists and orthodontists on CareerVillage about their profession and the path they took to reach it

  • Become certified

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Mireia R.’s Avatar
by Mireia R.

Band 6 To Dos

  • All state ??

  • Find duet music

  • Find Flute Choir music

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Brenna M.’s Avatar
by Brenna M.

Job Search 13 To Dos

  • That is a noble thing to do,but before you engage,what answer do you have for these two questions.WHY and for WHAT

  • Join Teach For America! It is a fantastic, hands-on way to get in the trenches and address racial inequity through the vehicle of education equity. Please reach out if you'd like to talk more about TFA.

  • Shadow someone in the field

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Rebecca A.’s Avatar
by Rebecca A.

College Exploration 1 To Do

  • Write down five schools I would like to attend.
Mya T.’s Avatar
by Mya T.

Becoming a Better Student! 9 To Dos

  • Read The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking by Matthew Hutson

  • Read The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud

  • Find out what type of studier you are (I love Fleming's VARK model). This really helped me figure out how to best study for exams

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Adaeze O.’s Avatar
by Adaeze O.

Networking 6 To Dos

  • Create a LinkedIn profile which will help with networking

  • Be a volunteer to work with children to ensure that you are heading in a path that works for both of you. Choose an opportunity that deals with at-risk children and young adults so you become familiar with issues & behaviors. Look for something that will add to your resume later when you are qualified.

  • Check out for helpful tips on getting your academic path on the right track.

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Mariya T.’s Avatar
by Mariya T.

Get scholarships for university 1 To Do

  • Fill out more applications
Catherine P.’s Avatar
by Catherine P.

Employment 1 To Do

  • Gain an internship during the summer of 2018
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by Remus W.

Current Plans 4 To Dos

  • AP Psych Exam

  • Get Driver's Permit/License

  • career

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Connor H.’s Avatar
by Connor H.

Keep my grades up for the last semester of HS 1 To Do

  • Finish Ms. Lu's hmwk and Campbell's too
Luis A.’s Avatar
by Luis A.

Psychiatry 3 To Dos

  • From looking at some of your other questions it appears that you likely a college student. So, your next step is medical school. So I would recommend majoring in any area you want (and obtaining the highest GPA possible). Also, you will need a very good science GPA - for med school those are calculated separately and your science GPA is very important. Sciences classes like microbiology, anatomy/physiology, and biochemistry will help prepare you for the MCAT and also be very helpful in medical school. I think those would be the next steps to focus on. Good luck.

  • Research child and adolescent psychiatry

  • Research neuropsychiatry
Mariya T.’s Avatar
by Mariya T.


  • experience will be a + through an internship and you can also network for permanent positions

  • Have you participated in any of your school's internship programs?

  • Update your CV, indicate all your academic implications. Go to the employment forum; some employers are looking for finish new graduate staff.

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Aye Marie C.’s Avatar
by Aye Marie C.

start a new life after accident 6 To Dos

  • get back on my feet

  • get a new job

  • get situated

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Dulcce V.’s Avatar
by Dulcce V.

Sign up for college in winter/spring 1 To Do

  • Completed
Connor H.’s Avatar
by Connor H.

Research 1 To Do

  • Find out what should be expected in major
Jalencia P.’s Avatar
by Jalencia P.

Preparing for College :) 4 To Dos

  • -Receive at least 2 scholarships

  • -Create a list of possible majors

  • -Have a summer plan (working or interning)

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Angelina N.’s Avatar
by Angelina N.

college 2 To Dos

  • Major in Business Administration or Human Resources Management

  • Discover what I can do with a Certificate in Administrative Assistant
Alicia C.’s Avatar
by Alicia C.

Get that POSITION! 9 To Dos

  • Look at marketing associate/product manager job descriptions to figure out what you'll need to know

  • Get certified for 3 more things before graduating

  • Build a better online portfolio to show skillset

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Lauren K.’s Avatar
by Lauren K.

1st Class 4 To Dos

  • Decide an organization system to make sure all assignments are completed early

  • Print all/any printouts needed for the first 2 weeks

  • Add all assignments to calendar

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by Elizabeth D.

Go to college for Engineering 1 To Do

  • Discover different kinds of Engineering
Jonathan W.’s Avatar
by Jonathan W.

Transfer to a 4 Year University 3 To Dos

  • Contact potential universities to build a relationship and find out how to improve applications

  • Apply to potential 4-year universities

  • Transfer to 4-year universities
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by Alisha S.

Intern for Code for America 7 To Dos

  • look around online for the companies in your area. Under the Career section, they usually post jobs and indicate if they for intership or not.

  • Reach out to your connections like friends, seniors or alumni who might have interned or worked there earlier in the field that interests you.

  • Start applying during fall semester for a summer internship

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Augusta I.’s Avatar
by Augusta I.

Find the College i wanna go to 4 To Dos

  • apply to them

  • reduce 20 to top 5

  • eliminate to top 20

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Alicia F.’s Avatar
by Alicia F.

Theatre 2 To Dos

  • Edit Meteorite

  • Write new play
Brenna M.’s Avatar
by Brenna M.

Apply to College 1 To Do

  • Research Colleges
Test S.’s Avatar
by Test S.

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