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13 To Dos

Potential Path to Becoming an Educator

  • Ask questions on CareerVillage about becoming a teacher/educator
  • Consult educators and ask them about their field and their experiences with the career in real life
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Mireia R.
8 To Dos

Get my first internship

  • Fill out my LinkedIn account
  • Write a general cover letter
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Sarah H.
6 To Dos

To Do: Professional Writer

  • Attend Cedarville University and major in Professional Writing
  • Intern at nonprofit during school
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Daleen C.
5 To Dos

Learn how to import raw footage

  • Check the capacity(memory) of the computer
  • Learn how to import raw footage
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Luis L.
6 To Dos

Gain school experience

  • Follow current events at the state and local level
  • Join community groups and be an active member or sit on their board of directors.
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Deana A.
2 To Dos

Get into a good college

  • Take 2 SATs this summer
  • Maintain good grades
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Reilly M.
1 To Do

Go to a graduate school after college

  • Go to college
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Brian C.
1 To Do

Look for career opportunities

  • Internship
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Kayla R.
4 To Dos

Potential Path to Neo-Natal Nursing

  • Ask questions on CareerVillage related to nursing
  • Talk to nurses about their jobs and the paths they to took
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Mireia R.
2 To Dos

Graduating CSU Maritime Academy

  • I need to pass all STCW courses that are required for my license, especially electrical systems.
  • Before applying for the job and graduating, I want to have a 3.5 GPA.
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Allan H.
11 To Dos

Survive first year!

  • Join a club or student society
  • Apply for scholarships
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Ashley C.
2 To Dos

Major Life Decisions -- requires immediate attention

  • Learn what steps need to be taken in order for me to begin teaching Philosophy, Psychology, or ESL online.
  • Decide if I am going to attend Graduate school or if my BS in Liberal Studies will get me the kind of jobs I am looking for.
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Marissa M.
1 To Do

Personal Learning

  • Learn more about machine learning by creating a program to analyze MNIST data.
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Remus W.
7 To Dos

graduate college

  • transfer to Portland State University
  • Get through first year
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Chloe B.
4 To Dos

Graduate In May 2018

  • form a study group
  • do all assignments in a timely fashion
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Shelana B.
6 To Dos

Welding Career Options

  • Fall 2018: attend Alfred State College of Applied Technology (AOS degree)
  • Fall 2020: begin working as a welder or continue at Alfred State for BBA degree (Technology Management)
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Sean D.
5 To Dos

Not die this semester

  • Make sure to eat
  • Make sure to sleep enough
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Tina P.
1 To Do

finish english project

  • write theme essay
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jake K.
1 To Do

Learn some UX design

  • Finish lesson from Lynda.com
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Curtis Y.
4 To Dos

Before the Job Application

  • I need to get my 3rd assistant's engineering license form the Coast Guard.
  • I need to graduate from the CSU Maritime Academy.
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Allan H.
3 To Dos

Find an internship in technology

  • Find people in tech that may know where to begin looking
  • Build a resume that looks good to companies
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Emily V.
3 To Dos

Take the MCAT by August 2018

  • Search prep sites
  • Apply for FAP
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Shelana B.
4 To Dos

Continue working as Substitute Teacher

  • Check for Substitute jobs daily
  • Accept any substitute jobs that work with family needs
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Renee J.
2 To Dos

College decisions that must be made

  • Figure out the process of picking a roommate
  • Fully commit to a college
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Megan C.
5 To Dos

Astronomy To Do List

  • join astronomy club at school
  • take physics
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Tara R.
4 To Dos

Journalism To Do List

  • take one of the journalism courses that my school offers
  • get into columbia university because that's my dream school
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Tara R.
4 To Dos


  • Fill out student loans.
  • Fill out scholarships.
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Kaylee P.
6 To Dos

1- Transfer

  • Go for a campus tour
  • Do some research on the campus
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Abdalla E.
9 To Dos

Today's List of Work

  • Wake up early
  • Brush my teeth
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Abdalla E.
7 To Dos

Short-term goals

  • Transfer
  • Look up top schools for Mechanical Engineering
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Abdalla E.