1 To Do

Look for career opportunities

  • Internship
Kayla R.’s Avatar
Kayla R.
4 To Dos

Preparing for College :)

  • To find a roommate and become good friends beforehand
  • -Have a summer plan (working or interning)
Angelina N.’s Avatar
Angelina N.
1 To Do

Get an internship

  • build resume
Rose J.’s Avatar
Rose J.
9 To Dos

How to pay for college

  • Inquire about jobs on campus. Some will subsidize some of the tuition costs.
  • Look for a place with the least amount of rent to live
Tomi A.’s Avatar
Tomi A.
2 To Dos

College decisions that must be made

  • Figure out the process of picking a roommate
  • Fully commit to a college
Megan C.’s Avatar
Megan C.
6 To Dos

Becoming a software engineer

  • Submit application for internship programs via your school or small to large companies you're interested in
  • Build Coding profile by participating in coding competitions like Topcoder.
Diogenes L.’s Avatar
Diogenes L.
5 To Dos

Not die this semester

  • Make sure to eat
  • Make sure to sleep enough
Tina P.’s Avatar
Tina P.
2 To Dos

Research jobs in industry

  • Look into Center for Detectors at RIT
  • Look into Ball Corporation
Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L.
3 To Dos

Find an internship in technology

  • Find people in tech that may know where to begin looking
  • Build a resume that looks good to companies
Emily V.’s Avatar
Emily V.
1 To Do

Career To Do List

  • apply for university programs related to graphic design
Jersey S.’s Avatar
Jersey S.
1 To Do


  • research colleges, find which college suits me
Y. M.’s Avatar
Y. M.
6 To Dos

Topics I want to learn about

  • Memory allocation
  • Definitely join linkedin and reach out to employees at those companies to learn more about the field. Get a mentor in the field by applying to programs like Streetwise Partners, America Needs You.
Diogenes L.’s Avatar
Diogenes L.
25 To Dos

Research These Careers

  • I am not specifically familiar with these two locations, but there are many careers that involve math and science. For example, electrical/mechanical/chemical/biomedical engineering, several careers at NASA involve math and science (not sure if they have any branches in Roanoke or Winston, medical lab technologist, pharmaceuticals (chemist). Are you open to looking at other geographical locations?
  • Full Stack Developer
Sky E.’s Avatar
Sky E.
2 To Dos

Picking a profession

  • Meet with professionals from both of my career choices
  • Partake in internships
Megan C.’s Avatar
Megan C.
5 To Dos

Get Into Graduate School

  • Purdue University
  • University of Florida
Mae Ling C.’s Avatar
Mae Ling C.
1 To Do

List #1

  • Figure out which psychology area to work in.
Adonai M.’s Avatar
Adonai M.
2 To Dos

My Second List

  • Discover the work environment of an environmental engineer
  • To participate in an a engineering program
David C.’s Avatar
David C.
3 To Dos

Get a 4.0 by the end of senior year

  • Expand my friend circle to at least two new people
  • Look into human bio at Canada college for 11th grade summer
Gisselle B.’s Avatar
Gisselle B.
2 To Dos

Get an internship

  • Find an internship
  • Get into the intership
Long N.’s Avatar
Long N.
13 To Dos

Job Search

  • Shadow someone in the field
  • Become a teacher and teach the next generation the right way to address inequality.
Rebecca A.’s Avatar
Rebecca A.
1 To Do

List #1

  • Figure out which colleges have the majors that I want
Arlyne T.’s Avatar
Arlyne T.
1 To Do


  • find colleges
Nathan B.’s Avatar
Nathan B.
6 To Dos

Medical Schools

  • colombia
  • NYU Med
Vilma K.’s Avatar
Vilma K.
11 To Dos

Survive first year!

  • Join a club or student society
  • Apply for scholarships
Ashley C.’s Avatar
Ashley C.
3 To Dos


  • Find a NCARB accredited college / university or community college that offers a transfer agreement with a NCARB accredited program (this is important if you ever want to become a licensed architect).
  • If you are already a creative (you do not need to be), assemble your work into a portfolio. This can include simple sketches, graphic design, photography, actual art, etc. This could help with scholarship opportunities when applying to a college / university. Again - you do not need to be a creative, I received my scholarships through writing because I did not have a portfolio at the time.
Nathan B.’s Avatar
Nathan B.
6 To Dos


  • Take an interest and aptitude test
  • Shadow a graduate student
Mariya T.’s Avatar
Mariya T.
1 To Do

list #3

  • Know what would make me competitive for future colleges wanting to attend
Arlyne T.’s Avatar
Arlyne T.
4 To Dos

Grade 12 DP YEAR

  • Achieve a mid 30 points for IB Diploma
  • Apply for Scholarships
Jack W.’s Avatar
Jack W.
10 To Dos

Career Crisis

  • There are many careers in the Medical Device industry that use both math and science skills.
  • I would suggest reaching out to college professors regarding available career paths and then talk to people in that industry
Sky E.’s Avatar
Sky E.
13 To Dos

Potential Path to Becoming an Educator

  • Ask questions on CareerVillage about becoming a teacher/educator
  • Consult educators and ask them about their field and their experiences with the career in real life
Mireia R.’s Avatar
Mireia R.

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