3 To Dos

Transfer to a 4 Year University

  • Transfer to 4-year universities
  • Apply to potential 4-year universities
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Alisha S.
1 To Do

List #1

  • Figure out which colleges have the majors that I want
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Arlyne T.
2 To Dos


  • Write new play
  • Edit Meteorite
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Brenna M.
2 To Dos

College decisions that must be made

  • Figure out the process of picking a roommate
  • Fully commit to a college
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Megan C.
4 To Dos

Preparing for College :)

  • To find a roommate and become good friends beforehand
  • -Have a summer plan (working or interning)
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Angelina N.
3 To Dos

Architect Plan

  • What education to take to become an architect.
  • Possibly find an internship for being an architect.
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Nathan B.
6 To Dos

Make a college list

  • Research the schools
  • College visits
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Eli C.
5 To Dos

Not die this semester

  • Make sure to eat
  • Make sure to sleep enough
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Tina P.
2 To Dos

Picking a profession

  • Meet with professionals from both of my career choices
  • Partake in internships
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Megan C.
10 To Dos

High School Extracurricular Plan

  • Insert here one habit you must cultivate and do every day to develop this skill
  • Check out codeacademy.com and other online reseources
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Aun M.
1 To Do

Go to a graduate school after college

  • Go to college
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Brian C.
1 To Do

College Exploration

  • Write down five schools I would like to attend.
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Mya T.
11 To Dos

Survive first year!

  • Join a club or student society
  • Apply for scholarships
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Ashley C.
1 To Do


  • look at best universities to study economics
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Ben S.
3 To Dos


  • 1. Try to take an advanced science class in order to be more prepared for career.
  • 2. Join an internship that is similar to my career
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Elizabeth C.
1 To Do

Sign up for college in winter/spring

  • Completed
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Connor H.
1 To Do


  • How long do you have to be in school for?
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Adonai M.
3 To Dos

Get a 4.0 by the end of senior year

  • Expand my friend circle to at least two new people
  • Look into human bio at Canada college for 11th grade summer
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Gisselle B.
3 To Dos

My Second List

  • Make a schedule for my AP Eniglish class over the summer.
  • Find the steps I have to take to become a forensic anthropologist
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Halley C.
4 To Dos


  • make my decision on AP US History
  • make a plan for my first Save The Earth Club meeting
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Gina B.
13 To Dos

Job Search

  • Shadow someone in the field
  • Become a teacher and teach the next generation the right way to address inequality.
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Rebecca A.
1 To Do


  • Gain an internship during the summer of 2018
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Remus W.
10 To Dos


  • Learn about the process of becoming a doctor after medical school ends.
  • Launch your SAIL profile.
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Aleksandra B.
2 To Dos


  • Get room supplies
  • Get school supplies
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Kaylee P.
2 To Dos

My Second List

  • Discover the work environment of an environmental engineer
  • To participate in an a engineering program
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David C.
2 To Dos

My Third List

  • I want to attend Cal Poly SLO, Stanford, UC Berkeley. or Syracuse University
  • Create a study group
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David C.
1 To Do

List #2

  • Do more research on the majors I want to get involved with or what other majors are similar to what I want to do in my future
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Arlyne T.
1 To Do


  • research colleges, find which college suits me
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Y. M.
1 To Do

second to do list

  • Use reminders for time management
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Nicolas O.
3 To Dos

first to do list

  • apply for a job
  • get at work permit
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Nicolas O.