13 To Dos

Potential Path to Becoming an Educator

  • Ask questions on CareerVillage about becoming a teacher/educator
  • Consult educators and ask them about their field and their experiences with the career in real life
Mireia R.’s Avatar
Mireia R.
1 To Do

Get an internship

  • build resume
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Rose J.
3 To Dos

Find an internship in technology

  • Find people in tech that may know where to begin looking
  • Build a resume that looks good to companies
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Emily V.
1 To Do


  • research colleges, find which college suits me
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Y. M.
2 To Dos

Picking a profession

  • Meet with professionals from both of my career choices
  • Partake in internships
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Megan C.
2 To Dos

College decisions that must be made

  • Figure out the process of picking a roommate
  • Fully commit to a college
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Megan C.
5 To Dos

Not die this semester

  • Make sure to eat
  • Make sure to sleep enough
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Tina P.
1 To Do

Look for career opportunities

  • Internship
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Kayla R.
2 To Dos

Get an internship

  • Find an internship
  • Get into the intership
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Long N.
4 To Dos

Current Plans

  • major(s)
  • Get Driver's Permit/License
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Connor H.
1 To Do

Sign up for college in winter/spring

  • Completed
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Connor H.
1 To Do

Go to a graduate school after college

  • Go to college
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Brian C.
11 To Dos

Survive first year!

  • Join a club or student society
  • Apply for scholarships
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Ashley C.
6 To Dos

Make a college list

  • Research the schools
  • College visits
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Eli C.
10 To Dos

Alternate Path

  • Study psychology
  • Intern in a mental institution
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Sabrina K.
3 To Dos

Transfer to a 4 Year University

  • Transfer to 4-year universities
  • Apply to potential 4-year universities
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Alisha S.
1 To Do


  • Gain an internship during the summer of 2018
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Remus W.
4 To Dos

Preparing for College :)

  • To find a roommate and become good friends beforehand
  • -Have a summer plan (working or interning)
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Angelina N.
2 To Dos


  • Get room supplies
  • Get school supplies
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Kaylee P.
2 To Dos

Graduate Highschool!

  • Get better grades
  • Pass My Math Classes with a B+ or better
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Martin A.
9 To Dos

To Do: High School

  • Volunteer to edit for NOPBA
  • Write short stories and enter them in competitions
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Daleen C.
5 To Dos

Get into medical school

  • Prepare for my organic chemistry exam.
  • Pass Organic chemistry
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Matthew A.
15 To Dos

Potential Path to Orthodontics

  • Get a specialty in orthodontics
  • Ask dentists and orthodontists on CareerVillage about their profession and the path they took to reach it
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Mireia R.
1 To Do

Get scholarships for university

  • Fill out more applications
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Catherine P.
1 To Do

Keep my grades up for the last semester of HS

  • Finish Ms. Lu's hmwk and Campbell's too
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Luis A.
21 To Dos


  • Secure an internship by the end of Junior year
  • Build significant relationships with at least three employers, employees, and/or recruiters
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Aye Marie C.
6 To Dos

start a new life after accident

  • get a new car
  • move stuff to storage
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Dulcce V.
2 To Dos


  • Discover what I can do with a Certificate in Administrative Assistant
  • Major in Business Administration or Human Resources Management
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Alicia C.
9 To Dos

Get that POSITION!

  • Turn in 10 job applications per month until you get it!
  • Use BRAVEN as a resource to network and make industry connections
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Lauren K.
4 To Dos

1st Class

  • On Feb 22nd print syllabus for 1st Class
  • Add all assignments to calendar
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Elizabeth D.