How did you decide what type of engineering was right for you?

I am a senior in high school and I think that I want to major in engineering but I'm not sure what type. Right now I am leaning more towards civil engineering, but I am just unsure what I can do to see what type of engineering is right for me. #engineering #mechanical-engineering...

#industrial-engineering #civil-engineering


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Posted by Jacob F.’s Avatar Jacob F.
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Monica Martinez | Worldwide Product Manager Sounds like you have so much wonderful advice already, and here's ...

Should I switch from Mech E to Architectural Engineering?

I am currently a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering, but I find myself more interested in Architectural Engineering. Some people have told me that Architectural Engineering is more narrow as a field and that it's not worth switching into, but I'm not sure what to do. Should I change my major?...

#career #engineering #job #architectural-engineering #architecture #mechanical-engineering #college #technology #engineer


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Posted by Lily A.’s Avatar Lily A.
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G. Mark Stewart | Adjunct Professor Engineering First off, what you've been told is correct. In most architectural ...
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G. Mark Stewart | Adjunct Professor Engineering In general, a degree in Mechanical Engineering is usually recommended along ...

What is involved in the daily work life as a mechanical engineer?

Will be going for this degree but would like a simple answer as to typical job aspects....



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Posted by Kathryn H.’s Avatar Kathryn H.
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Carol Kampf | Recruiter Hi KathrynWhile I have not recruited specifically for Mechanical engineering positions, ...

where are the dealerships that need mechanical engineering work? im interested in this career.

Im going to school in the summer for automotive and i want to get in a dealership and work on cars. #automotive #cars #mechanical-engineering #mechanics...



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Posted by alexis A.’s Avatar alexis A.
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Spruce Cox | Retired Aerospace Engineer and Rocket Scientist Hey Alexis,I’m glad you asked about this because I sense the ...

Are there any engineering/programming jobs that use Arduino?

As a rising mechanical engineering graduate with an interest in programming, I want to know if there's any jobs out there that seriously focus on Arduino, or any kind of mechanical engineering jobs that use any programming languages at all. Thanks! #engineer #engineering #programming #career...

#mechanicalengineer #arduino #python #electricalengineering #computerengineering #controlsystems #computer #mechatronics #computer-science #technology #mechanicalengineering


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Posted by Melvin S.’s Avatar Melvin S.
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Bonnie Allen | Assoc. Director Technology Please investigate Udacity...they offer relevant online Nanodegrees (6-12 month commitment) using ...

How do you get to work at Google or any other major companies?

I'm very curious and hope it's as nice as it seems. Also, how much would they pay? #tech #google #career-details...



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Posted by Josephine C.’s Avatar Josephine C.
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Bobby Hilliard | Rac·on·teur Having worked for some big enterprise-level companies, it's like this: you ...

What industry areas of Biomedical Engineering are the best for recent college graduates hoping to pursue a lifelong career in biomedical product engineering?

I am hoping to pursue a career in Biomedical Engineering. Since this field is so broad and full of various areas of concentration, I want to know what areas professionals think are the best to begin with. What areas will help those new to industry narrow down their interests and applicable...

#electrical-engineering #biomed #engineering-industry #engineering #biotechnology #first-job #biomedical-engineering


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8 answers

Posted by Kristen O.’s Avatar Kristen O.
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Nishat Tasnim | Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering Biomedical instrumentation and biomaterials are the best areas of biomedical engineering ...

Does the college you go too for engineering, effect you in future job employment?


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Posted by Juan H.’s Avatar Juan H.
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Austin T. Jones | RF and Wrieless Intern Yes! To continue, I think we need to define what a ...

Is it wiser to major in Aerospace Engineering or Software Engineering?

I have a great desire to become an aerospace engineer when I leave college. However, I know that software engineering has a better job outlook. Should I still major in Aerospace Engineering in college even if job availability for that field is not as promising as software engineering?...

#software #jobs #aerospace #engineer


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Posted by Justin E.’s Avatar Justin E.
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ritesh sharma Well i don't know much about aerospace engineering but i can ...

What's the difference between Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Biomechanical Engineering?

I am currently majoring in Biomedical Engineering, however I see these other terms thrown around all the time. I'd like to know if there is a difference or if these terms are simply synonyms. Thanks! #general #anyone #professors #health...



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Posted by Evelynn O.’s Avatar Evelynn O.
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Lisa Walton | Sales Engineer, industrial pumps Evelynn - that's a great question, here's my understanding of these ...

Good Manufacturing Engineering Schools

Hey guys, I just wanted to know what graduate schools out there are good for manufacturing engineering? I'm a mechanical engineering student and right now I'm looking at Rutgers, NJIT, and Rowan University but I'm not sure what's good for manufacturing. Thanks! #manufacturing...

#industrialengineer #industrialengineering #3dprinting #manufacturingengineering #additivemanufacturing #engineering #cnc #engineer #engineeringstudent #mechanicalengineering


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Posted by Melvin S.’s Avatar Melvin S.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential It really does matter where you go to school. The important ...
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G. Mark Stewart | Adjunct Professor Engineering Realize that biomedical engineering covers an enormous range of knowledge areas. ...
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Douglas Lemmo, P.E. | Consultant, Owner at Power Generation Consulting Services Hi Brett,No, I would not recommend that you take general courses ...

What are the hardships of a women becoming an architect?

I’m a sophomore looking at possible career choices, but I want to know all the possible hardships I could face and what might happen if I were to join architecture. #architecture #architect #interviews...



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Posted by Ashley W.’s Avatar Ashley W.
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Alice Yap | Career Developer and HR Professional - Bringing the ... There are many challenges a woman has to face if she ...

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