How difficult is it to find a job after college for computer programmers?

I want to go to college to learn how to program computers, but I'm wondering how the job market for computer programmers are? #computer #software #programming #java...



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4 answers

Posted by Logan  J.’s Avatar Logan J.
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David Weller | Program Manager/Certified Scrum Master According to, by 2020, there will be 1.4 million jobs ...

How to Structure and Write a great Statement of Purpose for Graduate School?

Hi, I am a mechanical engineering senior interested in applying for grad school for next fall. I understand that schools want a statement of purpose/essay detailing why I want to apply for the program, my interests, my experience, etc. I'm interested in design and manufacturing engineering and...

#designengineering #mechanicalengineering #manufacturingengineering #programming #engineering #electricalengineering #computerengineering #graduatelevel #graduate-school #college #civil-engineering #highereducation #design #additivemanufacturing #engineer


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2 answers

Posted by Melvin S.’s Avatar Melvin S.
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G. Mark Stewart | Adjunct Professor Engineering First thing you should do it put an outline together. And ...

What is the typical coursework for a graphic design major or a mechanical engineering major?

These are two fields I am considering for my career choice. I wanted to know a little bit about the course work to help me decide....



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Posted by Lillian R.’s Avatar Lillian R.
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Georgette A. Diab | Director of Quality Assurance Mostly math (calculus), physics, design, and structural analysis.

Are more innovative jobs available in chemical engineering or computer science during college? What can/should I do in high school to work toward each job?

I am a high school junior and I love the way I get to think in my chemistry class, but I also love engineering and making things with code. I am trying to decide on a major for college. #computer-science #engineering #chemistry #chemical-engineering...



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3 answers

Posted by Shefali Q.’s Avatar Shefali Q.
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Shannon Kung | Performance Engineer at Barclays Hi Shefali, Both chemical engineering and computer science have plenty of ...

How do you become a mechanic?

How did you learn to work on cars? Curious to all the different paths people have gone to learn how to work on cars. How much do you have to know before you can be qualified to work in a shop (as an apprentice)? #mechanic #automotivemechanic #automotivetechnician #carmechanic #womeninautomotive...

#supercar #germanengineering


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2 answers

Posted by Brittany P.’s Avatar Brittany P.
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David Yarbrough | Top-ranked Multi-Unit Operator Your local quick lube will hire you without any experience. This ...

Is nanotechnology a good field to go into?

Since Iʻm interested in science and technology and nanotechnology peaked my interest, I was wondering, is the nanotechnology field a good career path to follow? #technology #nanotechnology #science #stem...



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2 answers

Posted by Cheysen C.’s Avatar Cheysen C.
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Syed M. Sohaib Zafar | Materials Engineer Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, is one of the most up ad coming ...

What would be the best minors to take as an architecture student?

I don't know which classes would put me ahead of other architects, and I have a few interests in minors. If I were to minor in engineering, which type of engineering would be best? #minors #architecture #undergrad...



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3 answers

Posted by Madeline C.’s Avatar Madeline C.
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Souxsie Campbell | Sr. Graphic Designer at PricewaterhouseCoopers Hi Madeline, to distinguish yourself from others graduating with BFA in ...

Balancing reality and a dream?

I've wanted to study engineering, more specifically mechanical, since before I entered high school. And although I still love the discipline and have no doubts about my desire, I know that one reason I like the path is that it is relatively secure. But recently, I've had a dream of going into...

#mechanical-engineering #engineering #sports-media #dreams #sports


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4 answers

Posted by Andrea J.’s Avatar Andrea J.
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Glenn Arche | Technical Lead, Mechanical Engineering at Otter Products Andrea,As you requested, I will not sugar coat any of this.I ...

What qualifications do I need to become an Engineer?

Interested in becoming an engineer. #engineering...



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3 answers

Posted by Trayquil N.’s Avatar Trayquil N.
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Sam Seldon | Mechanical Engineer The only qualifications are that you must attend a college that ...

Is it difficult to study engineering in college without much experience?

When deciding on what major to apply to for college, the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to use my huge passion and love for science to solve tangible problems in both communities and global societies. I settled on engineering, but was unsure due to the fact that I had little...



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4 answers

Posted by Michaella O.’s Avatar Michaella O.
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Benjamin Larson If you have a solid math foundation, you should be fine. ...

How will automation impact the engineering field?

I am exploring in the area of engineering and I am very afraid that automation will result in the unemployment of many laborers in the near future. Therefore, I am asking for an educated guess on the extent that automation will impact not only the working class, but specifically our beloved...

#engineering #future #automation


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3 answers

Posted by Brandon L.’s Avatar Brandon L.
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Brian Newman | Associate Director at Verizon Brandon, thanks for the question. Indeed, automation will have a big ...

For a finance student, what type of business is the best place to apply for an internship?

To secure a good job after I get my finance degree, where would be the best places to ask for an internship? I want my resume to look good and I would like to have some good experience. #finance #internship...



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3 answers

Posted by Jordan L.’s Avatar Jordan L.
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Ani Rekulapalli, ASA | Manager, Deals - Tangible Asset Valuation at PwC ... Your resume should always tell a coherent and convincing story no ...

What should I do if my school doesn't offer aerospace engineering?

The closest bachelor's degree to aerospace engineering my school offers is mechanical engineering. Should I stay on the mechanical engineering track and conduct internships related to aerospace or transfer to a different school with an aerospace major? What are some thoughts? #mechanical...

#engineering #ideas #aerospace


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3 answers

Posted by Henry K.’s Avatar Henry K.
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Andrei Levcovici | Chief Inspector at Flexjet Hello Henry,Mrs. Wang gave some excellent advice.I have a friend that ...

Does biomedical engineering involve more chemistry or biology


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2 answers

Posted by Elijah G.’s Avatar Elijah G.
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Nicholas Petrini | Student at Stony Brook University Like I'd assume most departments, gen chem and gen bio should ...

What will it take for me to be successful in the engineering field?


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3 answers

Posted by Jason B.’s Avatar Jason B.
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Sally Barnett (BA Hons) | Keeping Busy!!! - Illustrator and Designer, also Web ... A want to solve problems is key. An imagination also. As ...
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Ashley Tosta | Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA at Georgia ... When you own a business there is no 9-5 its 24/7. ...

What should I take in consideration when choosing an engineering major?

I want to go into engineering because I love math and science, but I don't know what kind I want to do. Any suggestions or things I should try to figure it out would be great. Thanks. #engineering #engineering...



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3 answers

Posted by Logan G.’s Avatar Logan G.
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Jennifer Paschal | Senior Specialist - Technical Process/Quality at AT&T Hi Logan! When I got to the point in high school ...

I plan on majoring in structural engineering and I want to get a minor as well. Would it be more effective to get a math minor or a business minor for a better chance at a good job?

I love math and I am really good at it, but if I go into more corporate businesses, will I need the business minor instead? #civil-engineering #engineer #engineering...



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4 answers

Posted by Jailee T.’s Avatar Jailee T.
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Douglas Lemmo, P.E. | Consultant, Owner at Power Generation Consulting Services Hi Jailee,Since your question is focused on getting your first, out ...

How many areas are there in engineering?

I want to become an engineer but not sure what area of engineering interests me....



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10 answers

Posted by Wade-Noah  B.’s Avatar Wade-Noah B.
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Sameer Samant | Methods Engineer at BMW Manufacturing This is what I obtained from internet Acoustic Engineering Aerospace Engineering ...

Industrial Engineering vs Mechanical Engineering?

I have a passion for Mechanical Engineering but I'm worried about keeping that passion as I progress through my career. I have heard that Industrial has even better pay and more demand nowadays....


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4 answers

Posted by Brian C.’s Avatar Brian C.
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Marcia Smith | DER/Aircraft Certification/A&P Mechanic Hi Brian, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering are both great careers. You ...
G. Mark Stewart’s Avatar
G. Mark Stewart | Adjunct Professor Engineering Based on the wording of your question, I'll first assume that ...

How long do you have to go to school to be a professional NASCAR driver?

i want to know #sports...



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1 answers

Posted by Breanna J.’s Avatar Breanna J.
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Jared Chung | Founder at You don't. Professional NASCAR drivers aren't selected because of their educational ...

Is taking a communications class necessary to excelling as an engineer in the work force?

I have to choose between taking or testing out of an oral communications class. Should I do it? #engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineering #robotics...



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6 answers

Posted by Shaheer M.’s Avatar Shaheer M.
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G. Mark Stewart | Adjunct Professor Engineering There is something I tell students immediately before launching into a ...

How often do you learn something new compared to using previous knowledge?

As an engineer, how much of your time is spent using what you have previously learned and applying it? How much of your time is spent learning new material within your field? #engineering #computer #mechanical-engineering #computer-engineering...



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5 answers

Posted by Ethan B.’s Avatar Ethan B.
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Christopher Rutledge Ethan, I remember when I was an engineering undergraduate and some ...

How hard is engineering for a girl?

Next year I would be studying mechanical engineering in a four year university, I've heard various times that the work field in engineering is extremely tough, and for girls it's even harder because of the lack of girls in STEM. I know that going into that career you need to have a strong...

#girlpower #mechanical-engineering #engineering #girls-in-stem


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4 answers

Posted by Emilia U.’s Avatar Emilia U.
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May Kaewken | Solutions Engineer/Software Deployment Specialist Hi Emilia! I agree with the comment from Michael. Engineering is ...

What is the everyday job like for an aerospace engineer

What do aerospace engineers regularly do, and how does my aerospace engineering bachelor's degree apply to that? Does it apply directly? #aerospace #aerospace-engineering #engineering #mechanical #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics...


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1 answers

Posted by Shaheer M.’s Avatar Shaheer M.
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Marcia Smith | DER/Aircraft Certification/A&P Mechanic Hi Shaheer,For most of the aerospace engineers I know, including myself, ...

Learn about investing

I'm a mechanical engineering university student with 2 more years of school. I started reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and I am interested in investing and increasing my financial knowledge. For those with insight and experience, what is a good way to start investing after I graduate or maybe...

#finance #business #investing #money #advice #beginner #college


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4 answers

Posted by Joi I.’s Avatar Joi I.
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Katy Maclean | Business Analyst at Dell Compellent 401K - start right away and watch it grow. In addition, ...

What are some degrees that i could get that involves aviation?

I am consider what career path i would like to take on. #aviation #aviation-industry #commercial-aviation...



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4 answers

Posted by Ockeem L.’s Avatar Ockeem L.
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Andrei Levcovici | Chief Inspector at Flexjet Hello Ockeem. Aviation is a very broad field, and the other ...

What is a career in biomedical engineering like?

I've been very interested in biochemical engineering for a long time. I am interested in building and/or improving prosthetics. One of my closest friends was born without the lower half on one of her legs. With a lot of hard work and support from friends and family, as well as a great...

#biotechnology #engineering #biomedical-engineering #prosthetics #women-in-stem


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2 answers

Posted by Hannah W.’s Avatar Hannah W.
MICHAEL BRAFF, MBA | Biomedical Engineering Manager Hanna, Great reason to go into this field. I chose this ...

How could I find myself working at a place like the Department of Defense or NASA?

Working for either of those two institutions would be a dream come true, especially if I could make it to NASA. I want to contribute to humanity's quest for space travel. #engineering #aerospace #nasa...



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3 answers

Posted by Jacob T.’s Avatar Jacob T.
Skyler LaBuff’s Avatar
Skyler LaBuff | NASA Johnson Space Center - ISS ETHOS Technical ... Hello Jacob, If you want to work at NASA, my best ...

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