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What steps did you take to become a Nanosystem Engineer?

I am currently enrolled at Fred G. Acosta Job Corps and will be going into Electrical Wiring as the trade to be trained in. Do you think this would be a good place to start? #electrical-engineering #engineer #engineering #electrical #electrician #nano...



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Posted by Colden G.’s Avatar Colden G.
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Ben Gruber | Analytics and Growth @ Eventbrite From a friend who has a Masters in Nanoengineering."Electrical wiring would ...

How early is too early to apply for graduate school?

I'm currently in my junior year of college with a projected graduation date of Fall 2019. How soon should I start applying for graduate school and taking the required tests for a science program? #science...



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Posted by Racheal B.’s Avatar Racheal B.
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Joseph Dorri | President at PYETS Hi Racheal,Congrats on the near graduation! You posted on March 18th.What ...

What is the best to take notes during a lecture if you are more of a Kinesthetic Learner?

I am in a couple of lecture classes, but because I am still in High School, the teachers still tend to hold our hands a little bit with it. I feel like the level of intensity will change once I am in college and I would like to know how to be better prepared with it also considering the fact...

#psychologymajor #kinesthetic #psychology


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Posted by Ginger M.’s Avatar Ginger M.
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Justice Mele | Childcare Worker at Care.com Ginger, Kinesthetic-tactile techniques are used in combination with visual and/or auditory ...

Are there any steps I should take ,aside from getting my degree, in order to get a good paying job with a bachelors in psychology?

My major is psychology and my main concern plus everyone else is that I will not be able to make a decent amount of money with just a bachelors in psychology. I just want to make sure I’m prepared for anything. #psychology #bachelorsdegree...



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Posted by Tonique H.’s Avatar Tonique H.
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Emi Keshler | Finance Professsional Psychology is such a fun degree! The trouble is that it's ...
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential Patience is a good quality to have in the medical field. ...

What are the skills you need to be successfull in a cosmeology career?

I am very interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology ad would like to know as much I can about it. #cosmetology #career #...


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Posted by Colleen K.’s Avatar Colleen K.
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Ms. Cartographer | Academic Advisor Hi, Colleen! I'm not in this particular field, but my sister ...

What's the most challenging part of being a Forensic Science Technician?


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Posted by Yessica C.’s Avatar Yessica C.
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Victoria German | Sr. Mgr. Ntwrk Security & HSO Member Hi Yessica,The most challenging part of Forensic Science is that this ...

Which CXC subjects are needed to become a lawyer?

CXC = Caribbean Examinations Council #lawyer #exams...



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Posted by Abby Lupi’s Avatar Abby L.
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Laura Macedo del Razo | Sr Manager C ontracts Well for any career - you will need first to get ...

I want to be archaeologist so after tenth which stream I should choose and subjects which will help me best

#professional #college in archaeologist i want to travel the world and go inside the...


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Posted by Dhrumil S.’s Avatar Dhrumil S.
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Erin Baudo Felter | Executive Director, Okta for Good Archaeology is a fascinating subject and it's what I was hoping ...
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Michael Green | Multidimensional Attorney, Educator & Motivator Hi Damian,Great question since there is really no secret formula. However, ...

How difficult is it to get a jobs working for publications like the WSJ and New Yorker?

I'm a student currently pursuing a career in finance, but writing is a real passion of mine. I'm wondering if any professionals working at large publications like the NYT, New Yorker, or WSJ can tell me a bit more about how many job opportunities currently exist. Additionally, I'd love to...

#writing #journalism #english


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Posted by D. O.’s Avatar D. O.
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Susan E. Oser | Contributing Writer at Vape Magazine I have not attempted to do this yet, so I'm not ...

If I want to pursue social media management as a career how can I achieve this?

So I received my General Studies Associates in May and I am looking to go attain my Bachelors degree but I need more clarity on what to do. I definitely want to study cinematography, photography and digital media marketing. I need some clarification concerning Digital media marketing. Since...

#marketing #college #advertising #business #entrepreneur


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Posted by Naysa B.’s Avatar Naysa B.
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Jessica Walls | Customer Advocate Hello NaysaWhat a great thing to take interest in! Social media ...

What could I do as a career by majoring in Criminology

I want to major in Criminology but I'm not sure what options that would give me in terms of career paths. #career #future...



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Posted by Kevin H.’s Avatar Kevin H.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential The area of criminology is very broad. To find your niche, ...

What is the best way to finance a law degree?

if I decide to go to Law School. #law #law-school...



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Posted by Amanda L.’s Avatar Amanda L.
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Jason de Barros | Lawyer, Product Counsel at Credit Karma On the subject of scholarships:In my experience, the dollar amount of ...

what steps would you recommend i take to prepare to enter this field?

Hi my name is artadius im 17 and is going to job corps for brick laying. My question is what steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter this field?...



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Posted by artadius R.’s Avatar artadius R.
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Samuel Scherffius | Ceo at Samuel Scherffius Hello Artadius, your on the right track by knowing already what ...

What would it take to become a Professional eSports player?

I know that with becoming a professional eSports player you would need practice with the game you would like to play competitively, practice to build your skills, and train either by yourself or with a team of your own. But I would like to know something more in depth such as what qualities...

#videogames #esports #professionalgamer


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Posted by Olivia C.’s Avatar Olivia C.
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Jake Marcos | Software Development Engineer Hello,I think a similar question already have been answered on this ...

What is involved in becoming a freelance editor?

I love writing, and I enjoy helping others make their writing better as well, so when I heard a talk on freelance editing, I thought "This sounds like something I could do!" However, although I feel confident that I could do the actual editing part, I don't know much about how I would get...

#freelance #editing #writing-and-editing #writing


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Posted by Mary R.’s Avatar Mary R.
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Christopher R. Broom | Storyteller, writer, social media analyst, editor. Seeking New ... First things first; Don't freelance. The money is terrible and your ...

How to find your perfect career?

I love chemistry and different sciences but I don’t know what career would fit me best. Any advice? #career #career-counseling #job-search #career-path...



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Posted by Karly A.’s Avatar Karly A.
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Wayne Fonville | Ohio Karly, you raise an interesting question. There is no single simple ...
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Katie Burell | North American Quality Management Director at ASR Group When writing your resume, you want to make sure it does ...

Is learning additional languages an asset for my future career?

I am learning French at York University. #career-development #language #foreign-languages...



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Posted by Deborah C.’s Avatar Deborah C.
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Ceil TIlney | Purpose-driven talent management Yes! Obviously, if you want to travel overseas or work with ...

What kind of companies are the best places for biomedical engineers to work in?

I'm a senior in high school and interested in Biomedical Engineering. I am also very interested in following a guideline to becoming a seasoned and well respected Biomedical Engineer. #biomedical-engineering #engineering #biomedical...



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Posted by John-Peter O.’s Avatar John-Peter O.
PAUL GENTHNER | TRINITY BIOMEDICAL Think Of all the hospitals in your area or the US ...

What is your favorite thing about respiratory care as a professional?


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Posted by Stephanie J.’s Avatar Stephanie J.
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Rachel Bell | Experienced Finance and Accounting Professional Hi Stephanie - I'm not a respiratory care professional but wanted ...

How do you budget for college?

I don’t want to be eating ramen everyday or not eating at all. I don’t want to be a stereotypical broke college kid. #college #budgeting...



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Posted by Lauren B.’s Avatar Lauren B.
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Carolyn Mazzella | Higher Education Professional | Financial Management | Operations This is a great question!From my experience, my parents allowed me ...

How to get started in animation?


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Posted by Stephanie F.’s Avatar Stephanie F.

If signing up for a scholarship/grant is simply a sweepstake is there any danger of it being a scam?

I am trying to apply for scholarships through many websites and have come across quite a few that just want to ask me survey questions. Is there a danger in answering them since they are about where I live and what I do?...



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Posted by Savannah W.’s Avatar Savannah W.
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Bryon Sims | Team Manager at DIRECTV There is always a possibility when applying for things online for ...

How can I determine website sponsor pricing.

I am grateful to the wealth of advice I get from this site. Now I have a question regarding the above subject matter. I have a social enterprise website (non-profit) specialized in a specific field. My model of raising revenue for sustainability is basic listing service (which I have already...

#social-enterprise #website-advertising #website-partnership #website-sponsorship #pricing #non-profit #technology


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Posted by Cornelius M.’s Avatar Cornelius M.
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Mary Coronado | Human Resources Professional, HSO member Hi Cornelius! How exciting for you! I would recommend getting some ...

What are some tips and suggestions to becoming a professional Photographer or Videographer?

I am a junior in high school and ever since I was little I had been interested in Photography and Videography (Probably because I grew up in a family of Photographers). Though I had been trying to get more and more into these two subjects because I usually like being able to capture the...

#videography #photojournalism #digital-photography #photography #job-skills #video-production #video #media-production


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Posted by Jazmine K.’s Avatar Jazmine K.
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Lauren Breen | Video Production Manager at Coca-Cola Studios I would suggest looking into local photographers or videographers that you ...

What colleges have good Gender & Sexuality Studies programs?

I'm still in the midst of my college search, and wondering if anybody has any suggestions for my intended major. #collegesearch...



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Posted by Lilly L.’s Avatar Lilly L.
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Rebecca Walker | Academic Advisor at The University of Connecticut Check out the University of Connecticut! You can also easily double ...

I dnt want manths is 11 wat combination cn i take

#math #math i dnt want maths in my 11 wat combination cn i...


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Posted by Simran A.’s Avatar Simran A.

Im a 11th grader and have been thinking about my future lately. I'm really interested in psychology and want to become a social worker, but I'm torn between social work and being a firefighter.

I really want to help people and don' t know which one to choose with my limited knowledge. Would someone please tell me the processes of becoming a social worker or firefighter #stuckbetweencareers #firefighter...



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Posted by L'esha Z.’s Avatar L'esha Z.
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Matthew Armes | Academic Counselor, University of Pennsylvania L'esha, Thanks for posting this question; it's definitely something to consider ...

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