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How do I get experience programming?

I've recently switched majors to Operations, Management, Information Systems at my university which involves programming. I have a little background programming knowledge but don't know how to make it a bigger part of my life. Other than the classes I'll be taking, what can I do to get a better...



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Posted by Ethan G.’s Avatar Ethan G.
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Jonathan Sutherland | Director of Marketing at Feeding Children Everywhere You get experience by getting experience. 😊It sounds a little overly ...

How do I apply for scholarships efficiently?

I feel like searching for scholarships can make me fall into a never ending pit where I am barely even finding many. How do I apply for many scholarships in one sitting and how can I actually earn scholarships? #scholarships #financial-planning...



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Posted by Lauren L.’s Avatar Lauren L.
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Katie Woodman | Associate - Management Consulting at PwC Hi Lauren - As you know by now, applying for scholarships ...

How do decide on a major i truly want?

I’m asking this because I’ve changed my major so much. It’s like i have an idea of what i want to do, but the field doesn’t interest me anymore. I’ve changed my major so many times and i know i have to have I.T figured out by next fall but, i just have no idea #college-major #college...



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Posted by Layonna R.’s Avatar Layonna R.
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Elizabeth Demalija | A.S. in Community Health, Current Psychology Major at ... Hey Layonna! I was in your position at one time. My friend's ...

What are good internship opportunities for high schoolers who want to be forensic psychiatrists.


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Posted by Emily F.’s Avatar Emily F.
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Simona H | Project Manager Hello Emily,I had never seen such an interesting question.  After reading ...

How do I guard myself from toxic people in college?

I want to make sure I use discernment in who my closest circle of friends are while I am in college....



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Posted by Rachel W.’s Avatar Rachel W.
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Amit Kapadia | Financial Analyst Hi Rachel,Your concern is very valid. Sometimes it is very tough ...

Falling back on my last question, how do you think companies (who promote diversity) can do when it comes to racial relations & positive interactions?

As seen lately, there has been lots of racial tensions in the United States. What factors can help businesses when it comes to diversity, and ensuring that different cultures are treated respectfully? Do you think just training would be beneficial? #businessadministration...



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Posted by Maddison M.’s Avatar Maddison M.
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Brandon Adkins | Assurance Associate at PwC I believe the best course of action companies can do is ...

How do mortgages work?

My high school never taught me anything about mortgages, loans, debt, credit or any of that stuff that I will need in life. I am planning to move out of my parents home, but I have no idea how mortgages work and I want to get a house. #house-plans #mortgage...



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Posted by Ronaldo F.’s Avatar Ronaldo F.
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Dien Luu | Underwriting Ops Manager at Arch Mortgage Insurance Company ... Ronaldo;A mortgage is a binding obligation between a lender (Mortgagee) and ...

What Is The Hourly Wage For a Welder In Buffalo New York ?

I' m strongly considering taking up a welding trade at Woodstock job corps . I'm Wondering How Much I'll Be Earning By The Week....



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Posted by Vernon J.’s Avatar Vernon J.
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Simona H | Project Manager Hello Vernon,I was so excited to see your question, especially for ...

Is there anyone who likes being a social worker? If so, what about it do you like?

I’m passionate about helping kids overcome obstacles and I’ve had a bit of experience taking care of and being the head organizer of activities for a family whose kids who are pretty messed up because of their parents and who have had a brush with the system. Everyone I’ve talked to who is a...

#socialwork #working-with-children


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Posted by Hannah B.’s Avatar Hannah B.
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Rebeka Trubowitch | ASW with international and creative background seeks social ... Hi Hannah!Such a tough question to answer - as Kim pointed ...

What happens if you graduate with your degree and find out that the career you thought you wanted is not for you?

I recently visited and old roommate of mine who graduated last year. She just began her first teaching job at an elementary school and hates everything about it. It made me start to worry that I may graduate next year and go into a career and hate what I do and that the 4 years I spent getting...

#career #ptsd #career-change #career-plan #psychology


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Posted by Kaitlin C.’s Avatar Kaitlin C.
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Donna Hurrell | Nurse Manager Kaiser Permanente Hi Kaitlin, I know that this is a scary thought, but ...

How does it look to future employers if you work in a different field for a while?

I am hoping to pursue a career in biomedical engineering. However, I will likely work in an electrical product engineering position for a non-biomedical company following graduation. How will biomedical companies I apply for in the future see this? Will this experience help me or will they...

#electrical-engineering #engineering #biomed #engineering-industry #career-change #biotechnology #first-job #career-plan #biomedical-engineering


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Posted by Kristen O.’s Avatar Kristen O.
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Christos Kampouridis | Systems Engineer at Grifols, Former Device Engineer at ... Hi Kristen,Biomedical and biotech companies are having issues currently with recycling ...

does Bates college have a good business program


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Posted by Devin L.’s Avatar Devin L.
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Simona H | Project Manager Hello,Selecting a college can be very important.  As a former college ...

1-How long did it take to make it to RN


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Posted by diana A.’s Avatar diana A.
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Bonnie Lyons | RN, PHN There are prerequisite courses required before acceptance into most nursing programs. ...


When transferring, do colleges and universities look favorably when you belong to multiple organizations or clubs or it is less important for a transfer student. #college-transfer #college-admissions #college...



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Posted by Jennifer R.’s Avatar Jennifer R.
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Simona H | Project Manager Hi Jennifer,That is a great question.  Making a transfer during your ...

What are your requirements to obtain this position ?

What would I have to do to get YOUR job ?...



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Posted by kamulete N.’s Avatar kamulete N.
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Frank Romano | General Superintendent at Groundforce GeoTechnical Construction My wife was a cna for a while. She had to ...

How can you decide your career for the rest of your life?

I like to think of myself as a Renaissance Man. I strive my hardest to be great at everything. I find it confusing how people are able to single out a specific occupation that they can commit to for the rest of their life. If someone can help me with what I should do to figure out what job I...

#medicine #career-decisions


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Posted by Shakoor A.’s Avatar Shakoor A.
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Nanci Buscemi | Department Manager NY/NJ Structures at Burns & McDonnell Dear Shakoor,I can only speak abt my own experience and maybe ...

What are easy work from home jobs?

I'm trying to save money for college, but I got laid off early in the month and haven't gotten a new job yet. Until I can find one, what are some relatively easy work-at-home opportunities?...



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Posted by Jade S.’s Avatar Jade S.
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Bonnie Lyons | RN, PHN Do an internet search for "online jobs" . There are several ...

Can international doctor work in USA without USMLE n GRE in medical related field ?

I am graduated student from WHO reconized University and have 7 yrs of experience in surgery. can i find medical related job in U.S? And as US card holder can i find medical related courses without haveing GRE score ,tofel...


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Posted by sandesh G.’s Avatar sandesh G.

Stress level

Is the stress level in CMA occupation high ? And how do you deal with it ? #stress...



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Posted by ladaria W.’s Avatar ladaria W.
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Stacey Rozanski | National Retail Account Manager Hi Ladaria! So I cannot speak specifically to stress in the ...

Suggestions for minors?

My major is fine arts with a concentration in digital media with the hopes of becoming an animator. I was curious what kind of minor I should take to accompany it or if I should take one at all. #college #college-major #art...



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Posted by Deanna W.’s Avatar Deanna W.
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Kim Igleheart | Employment Counselor | Open Records Specialist Hi Deanna!I think you should think about what direction you want ...

How important is taking non-science based classes for a future in medicine?

I read that medical schools look for students that take classes that stand out from the usual classes that med school applicants take. How accurate is this? #medical-school...



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Posted by Sapha M.’s Avatar Sapha M.
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Hwal Lee | PA-S Sapha,I can think of many reasons to take non-science classes, most ...

How do you know if you're even capable of doing well in college?

I'm not sure whether I should attend college. It's a lot of money and I'm not sure if i can grow and learn in it. #college #medicine #nursing...



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Posted by Nishaath Q.’s Avatar Nishaath Q.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential Congratulations on being interested in finding the right career to follow.. ...

Are gap years ok to take before med school?

My goal is to go to medical school and become a physician. However, I feel that if I have a little more time, I can get more clinical experience and be a more competitive applicant. Are gap years looked down upon by medical schools? #medicine...



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Posted by Rachel J.’s Avatar Rachel J.
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Eniola Otukoya | Academic Tutor As a premed myself, I have heard this question a lot. ...
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Michelle Waggener Hi - The great thing about college is the ability to learn ...

How difficult is it to find a job as an animator?

How much Money would i make as an Animator? #ineedmoney...



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Posted by Aubie K.’s Avatar Aubie K.
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Jason Daves | Animator/Artist at Freelance, self-employed Yes. All jobs in creative fields are very competitive. You'll need ...

How to get started in animation?


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Posted by Stephanie F.’s Avatar Stephanie F.
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Gates Callanan | Puppet Fabricator, Animator Hi!If you want to make animation, the good news is that ...

How to become an Animation Intern?

I'm currently in my freshman year, and go to an art based highschool. I've been researching 3-D animation, and was wondering how people become interns at big companies like Disney, Pixar, etc. How much experience in animation do they look for? Are they looking for actual animators, or...

#3d-animation #animation #art #internships


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Posted by Iselle K.’s Avatar Iselle K.
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Sheila Jordan, PMP | Senior Technical Project Manager at AT&T Hello Iselle:In researching your question I went to Disney website. Here's ...

How can I get an internship in my field

I am looking for internships for Food Scientists but all I can find are companies looking for experienced scientists. #internships...



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Posted by Jessica B.’s Avatar Jessica B.
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Micah Gwartney | Director of QA and Product Development at Nolan ... You can also reach out to companies' HR departments and see ...

Is it really that difficult to get your BSN, work for a little, and then go back to get your masters?

I am trying to decide if I want to go all six years at once, or split it up....



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Posted by Lauren W.’s Avatar Lauren W.
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Lindsay McJames | Registered Nurse at Womack Army Medical Center Lauren; I struggled with the very same question while I was ...

School subjects required to become a news anchor in India 🇮🇳 ?

Tell me the subjects needed to become news anchor. for board of class 12 #news #journalism #broadcast-journalism...



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Posted by Percy ..’s Avatar Percy ..
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Donte Bridges | Journallist It would be best if you focus on Journalism majors. Communication ...

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