What's the best piece of advice for someone who is stuck between career paths?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate, and soon enough I will be attending college. I am curious and eager to learn more about science, especially with chemistry or environmental science, but I am also passionate about writing. I’m stuck at a fork in the road – which passion do I pursue? Of...

#career #journalism #writing #environmental-science #college #chemistry


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Posted by Madisyn B.’s Avatar Madisyn B.
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Elizabeth Coccia | Higher Education Professional - M.Ed Hi Madisyn! Great question. One suggestion is get an internship or ...

Is it stressful to be a tattoo artist? Or, what is mandatory to know to be a tattoo artist?

I am asking this because I am deeply in love with art #art...



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Posted by Erika C.’s Avatar Erika C.
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Holly Zzxxyzz | Professional Business Support/ IT, Networking Art is great however, I have a painting here by Kim ...

If I want to major in accounting, in what field should I minor in that would help me in the field of accounting?

Im just trying to look at my options that I have in the field of accounting....



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7 answers

Posted by Ryan  M.’s Avatar Ryan M.
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Geoffrey Lennon | Management Consultant - Finance & Accounting Effectiveness Hi Ryan, First of all...great advice from Elena! She's absolutely right, ...

what to major in if you want to be an accountant?

I was wondering which major to pursue when trying to be an accountant. #business #accounting...



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Posted by Darrian B.’s Avatar Darrian B.
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Kyle Kelleher | Experienced Associate - Internal Audit, Compliance & Risk ... Hi Darrian - Speaking from experience, I think the best major ...

What major is best to become a sports physical therapist?

I am currently a high school senior and am interested in becoming a sports physical therapist. After researching, I have noticed there are multiple majors a person could take to become a physical therapist; however, I would like to know which major is best to continue into the path of becoming...

#medicine #physical-therapist #sports


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Posted by Yloza2013 .’s Avatar Yloza2013 .
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Dan Tahany | Physical Therapist A person can become a physical therapist after majoring in just ...

What do those who major in computer science do?

Hello! I am a senior in college, looking through majors and career options for my near future. The thing that appeals to me most is a computer science major, as computers have been a large part of my life, and I find myself constantly thinking about them, especially now, as I am using a...



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10 answers

Posted by WillisM_af13 .’s Avatar WillisM_af13 .
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Daniel Jarratt | Data scientist; master's in computer science Computer science is exciting and the field is wide: you can ...

How to make a decision about careers?

I have heard a lot of different things about careers, from friends, family, and teachers, but I really have no idea how to make a decision. How do other people make this decision? When do they make this decision? #career-choice...



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9 answers

Posted by CareerVillage ’s Avatar CareerVillage .
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David Brune How to make a decision about your career and when to ...

Is there any career where I can just build computers.

I love doing IT but I mainly love the hands-on parts about it. Building my own PC was fun so I was wondering if there are any careers out the just for troubleshooting and pc building. #computer...


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3 answers

Posted by Issac W.’s Avatar Issac W.
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Michael Allen | Sr. Software Engineer at Amazon For just PCs, probably not something sustainable. You'd have to find ...

What schools major in journalism?

What colleges have a strong major in journalism #college-major...



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2 answers

Posted by Destinee G.’s Avatar Destinee G.
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Geoffrey Lennon | Management Consultant - Finance & Accounting Effectiveness Hi (Again) Destinee, Glad to see that you're very interested in ...

public vs private

Do you guys recommend being a public or a private accountant? Why?...



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3 answers

Posted by Alyssa A.’s Avatar Alyssa A.
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Andrew Talkington | Senior Assurance Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Hi Alyssa,This is a good question and a decision many individuals ...

What subjects should I take in high school if I want to do a bachelor of commerce degree in university

Im having trouble choosing my future career path, I'm looking to head into either a bachelor of commerce or a bachelor of science degree however I figured that I need more time to think it through. As we speak I do not do any commerce subjects at school and I figured it would help me decide...

#science #subjects #vce #commerce


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3 answers

Posted by Matthew C.’s Avatar Matthew C.
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Abby Klippenstein Each high school offers different classes, but if your high school ...

What are the top tier management consulting firms?

Which companies are the top-tier?...



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6 answers

Posted by Jared Chung’s Avatar Jared C.
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J Pan Typically in the U.S., Bain, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and McKinsey ...

What do data scientists do?

What kind of companies do data scientists work for? How can I become one? #data-science #data-analysis...



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Posted by Flora C.’s Avatar Flora C.
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Anumeha Goel | Strategic Analytics at Castlight Health Data scientist means a lot of things, but in general I ...

What is it like to work in "Big 4"?

I am about to head off to college where I will be majoring in business administration with a concentration in accounting. The college I'm going to is highly recruited by the "Big 4" and I would really like to work at one of the firms, #business #career #accounting...



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4 answers

Posted by Maeve K.’s Avatar Maeve K.
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Holly Zzxxyzz | Professional Business Support/ IT, Networking Welcome to the business world. Maeve! Wow, the question is somewhat ...

How should I dress to an interview?

I am scared of looking bad and giving a bad first impression with the stuff I will wear. #career #jobs #interviews...



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24 answers

Posted by Alexander N.’s Avatar Alexander N.
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Jared Chung | Founder at CareerVillage.org Several great suggestions already. I'd also add that you can often ...

What is the CPA like?

I am about to enter college as an accounting major. I have heard a lot about the CPA exam. What is covered on this exam and do you think that colleges prepare you we'll for the exam? #college #business #accounting...



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4 answers

Posted by Maeve K.’s Avatar Maeve K.
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Holly Zzxxyzz | Professional Business Support/ IT, Networking Maeve, Hello I found so many sites on CPA prep test. ...


I am a highschool junior , what are some tasks that i can focus on to farther in my career as an accounter...



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3 answers

Posted by Maicha .’s Avatar Maicha .
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Gary Toscano I went to a business school, which is where I took ...

What skills must you have to become an accountant ?

I'm a sophomore in high school. #accounting...



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3 answers

Posted by Aisha C.’s Avatar Aisha C.
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Kevin Durmont My answer: Accounting is a pretty accessible field. For the vast ...

What post-secondary school educational requirements are there to become a hair stylist?

[This question was merged from original questions found below] (A) How many courses must you take to become a hair stylist? (B) If you are a hair stylist and you want to take 1 college class is there a possibility for you to work in a job? (C) If you are in a four-year college...

#college-majors #stylist


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2 answers

Posted by TashinaCodman1 .’s Avatar TashinaCodman1 .
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Elizabeth Coccia | Higher Education Professional - M.Ed Several people I know have gone right from high school to ...

What do you look for in a new hire?

Being an intern what can make me stand out from other interns?...



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5 answers

Posted by Jenapmota J.’s Avatar Jenapmota J.
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Justin Pollack | Private Equity Investment Professional Given the time required to train and manage an intern, employers ...

How much time do you have to make a first impression?

I know that first impressions matter, that they are extremely important. Does anyone know exactly how long you have to make a first impression? Thank you! #marketing-and-advertising #information-technology-and-services #financial-services...



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21 answers

Posted by Angelina P.’s Avatar Angelina P.
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Daniela Silva | Educational Writer- New Heights Educational Group Hi Angelina! Everybody knows how important first impressions are. But not ...

What are some careers that can come from majoring in business and finance in college?

I am thinking about this major and I don't know careers it can lead into ....



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2 answers

Posted by Amber W.’s Avatar Amber W.
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Jared Chung | Founder at CareerVillage.org I'm curious: Why are you thinking about majoring in business and ...

How can finance be prevelent in my daily routine? What are some ideas?

I'm new to finance and very curious about ways that I can incorporate finance into my everyday living. #finance...



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5 answers

Posted by Spencer S.’s Avatar Spencer S.
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Bhoomi Pathak | Finance & Operations Lead at Firepole Marketing Is there a specific aspect of Finance that you are looking ...

Is there any acting programs in NYC that are highly beneficial for a male teen actor?

currently I am a High School freshman and I am looking forward to becoming an actor, but I do not know of any acting programs that can provide me with the experience to forward the career. #acting #film #actor #film-making #playwright...



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3 answers

Posted by Edwin G.’s Avatar Edwin G.
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Christine McClure | Acting Coach, Screenwriter, Actor - aka Elli Maclure Hi, I am an acting coach on Los Angeles so I ...

Do students receive more financial aid at private or state schools?

Which type of school normally offers more financial aid to students? Private or state owned?...



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1 answers

Posted by Kaitlin P.’s Avatar Kaitlin P.
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Sabrina Pettis | Academic Advisor If you are referring to the amount you received through FAFSA ...

How can I guarantee that my passion for social work will help find the right homes for those in need?

I’m a sociology majoring who’s concentrating is focusing on social work because I want to be a social worker. I want to help children and families find the right job and make sure they have a safe place to stay. How is my passion going to guarantee them a home? I want to fight for them, be...

#empowerment #sociology #socialwork #courage #passion #children #bravery


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2 answers

Posted by Nads P.’s Avatar Nads P.
Sarah (Andersen) Koenig’s Avatar
Sarah (Andersen) Koenig | Corporate Responsibility Hi Nads - I love that you are so passionate about ...

Does being a chef ever become stressful?

I am 15 years old. I am interesting in cooking. I hear so many people complain about cooking. I want to know how stressful it is for a professional, if it is stressful at all. #chef...



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2 answers

Posted by Shatasia B.’s Avatar Shatasia B.
Gary Toscano’s Avatar
Gary Toscano I spent some time looking at getting into this field. Here ...

what is the life of a chef like?

I would want to know how the grind of a chef would be like, finding jobs, and places of work. #culinary #culinary-arts #chefs #culinary-skills #busines...



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2 answers

Posted by Isaiah W.’s Avatar Isaiah W.
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Amy Smith | restaurant manager Hi Isiah,I have worked in restaurant for 27 years. I have ...

Hi, How attainable is a good career in Information Technology?

I just finished my first degree in computer engineering, with a 2:2. and recently gained admission to study Information technology at MSc level. I however have completed my CCNP cisco examinations and confused on career paths to take as I'm also interested in information/ cyber security...



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2 answers

Posted by Ezra O.’s Avatar Ezra O.
Vijendra Singh Thakur, Lean Six Sigma’s Avatar
Vijendra Singh Thakur, Lean Six Sigma | Associate Technical Services Manager Make sure that you select the path which you like the ...

What are some majors that are required (or recommended) in order to become a successful accountant?

I have been interested in Business, Finance and most importantly Accounting. I am asking this question because I was always curious on what specific majors are required. I don't know if this varies depending on the type of accountant but I would like to know of the majors that would cover most...

#majors #finance #business #career-paths #accountant #college #accounting


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3 answers

Posted by SebastianOppNet2017 .’s Avatar SebastianOppNet2017 .
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MelissaWilliams If you are interested in accounting, that majoring in accounting is ...

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