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which school would be best for programming?

I want to know what school I want to go to.#programming #computer-science...



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Posted by Jose N.’s Avatar Jose N.
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Frank Lemmon | Sr. Test Engineer at Chegg Inc. Hi Jose, it really depends on what your computer programming aspirations ...

How can my passion for science play out in a career?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate and I am extremely curious about the field of science, especially when it bubbles down to the bonds and atoms. Knowing how things in the world work, down to the finest detail, has always made me interested in the field of science, specifically with...

#science #chemistry #environmental #lab #nature


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2 answers

Posted by Madisyn B.’s Avatar Madisyn B.
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Ryan Bonaparte | Manager at Samsung Pay; Author of Crazy Enough ... It's great that you have such a strong interest this early ...

What programming language should I try to learn first?

I am just learning to program in high school, but I am already learning HTML and CSS and Javascript. What should my next programming language be? I am going to go to college and I would like to start learning my next language now so I can be ahead of things for college. I know that "it...

#java #python #programming #software-development #ruby #computer-programming


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18 answers

Posted by Jordan L.’s Avatar Jordan L.
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Bryan Gough | Site Reliability Engineer at Google The best programming language to learn is whatever your friends are ...

How do you study for the LSAT?

I am a third year college student, preparing for the LSAT. #japan...



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Posted by Yong Kook K.’s Avatar Yong Kook K.
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Paul V. Suppicich, Esq. | Immigration Attorney Read as much as you can. Check the library for study ...

Do I need to take any specific classes in college to become a babysitter?

I am a sophomore in high school and i am very interested in kids. I need to know how many years it will take and what I need to know. #children #daycare...



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2 answers

Posted by Shatasia B.’s Avatar Shatasia B.
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CareerVillage Hi Shatasia, You do not need to go to college to ...

Once you have received a Bachelors in Nursing, what are the steps to become a Nurse Practitioner?

I am currently a junior in high school and I am interested in becoming a nurse practitioner. However, I am unaware of the steps I need to take to become a nurse practitioner. #nursing...



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3 answers

Posted by Sapna B.’s Avatar Sapna B.
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Cathleen Shannon MSN, CPNP | Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Montgomery County Public Schools ... I agree with Cecily's excellent response. I also would like to ...

What does someone in pharmaceuticals do on a daily basis?

I'm interested in pursuing a career in pharmaceuticals, but I'm not sure what their day-to-day tasks look like. #pharmacy #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals #pharmaceutical-industry #clinical-pharmacy...



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3 answers

Posted by Katia D.’s Avatar Katia D.
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andy nguyen | Unemployed as a pharmacist at not applicable With a major in pharmaceuticals, you either teach or do pharmaceutical ...

Is it possible to graduate from nursing school and pursue a career other than hospital nursing?

I am enrolled at Liberty University for fall 2016 and am hoping to get into their nursing program. My mom is a nurse and has done hospital nursing for many years. I see that it is long hours and physically draining. I love helping people and really want to pursue this path but, if it's an...

#nurse-management #nurse-practitioner #nursing #registered-nurses


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4 answers

Posted by Megan J.’s Avatar Megan J.
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Amy Alemany | Private Duty Nurse / Graphic Designer Megan, Yes there are many different paths to take other than ...

What would be the best thing to major in if I want to become a criminal defense lawyer ?

I'm asking this because I've heard a lot of things to major in but I don't know which would be the best . I've heard it all from Psychology, sociology,criminology to criminal justice and more . But I don't know the difference between them so I would like to know which one would be more...

#criminal-justice #criminaldefenseattorney #law


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2 answers

Posted by Krystal C.’s Avatar Krystal C.
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Kim Igleheart | Employment Counselor | Open Records Specialist Hi Krystal! I'm not an attorney, but, I'm going to try ...

How much salary does a typical Architect make?

I'm talking about a degreed, certified Architect. I'm getting some indication that they don't make as much as college professors. Is this true? Anyone have real life information? #architecture #architect...



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3 answers

Posted by Joseph D.’s Avatar Joseph D.
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Virginia Gonzalez | Intern at Saldana+Associates Architects, Inc. Hi Joseph! I do not know if that is ultimately true... ...

Is Harvard ALWAYS the best place to go to college to be a lawyer

Is it really always best #law #lawyer...



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4 answers

Posted by Azandia T.’s Avatar Azandia T.
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Ed Bernstein | VP at Tetra Tech Not necessarily. There are many top notch schools such as Yale, ...

I've been introduced into SalesForce. Highly debating becoming certified. Is it worth it?

Being in a career search, I'm all over the place! I'm in IT right now, not quiet sure which direction I want to head in... #computer-engineering...



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11 answers

Posted by Kristina M.’s Avatar Kristina M.
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Saman Djabbari | Sr Analyst, Sales & Operations Planning SalesForce is one of the biggest SaaS platforms out there, it ...

How to become a soccer player?

I want to become a soccer player become famous have money make my family proud #becomethebest #athletics...



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2 answers

Posted by Brandon T.’s Avatar Brandon T.
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Tion Steele | Physical Education Teacher, basketball coach, trainer and mentor Practice hard. Commit to becoming a pro. Play on recognizes travel ...

How many hours do veterinarians a week ?

I'm interested...



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2 answers

Posted by Cassey D.’s Avatar Cassey D.
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Mike Parker | Veterinarian at Crazy Horse Veterinary Service The 50 hours per week is a good estimate. However, it ...

What kind of engineering career/major could I pursue if I am interested in the food industry and food chemistry as well as business?

I am a senior in high school heading to college next year. I am going to major in engineering, and although I don't have to declare until the end of my freshman year, I am leaning towards Chemical Engineering or Material Science Engineering. I have always been interested in leading a healthy...

#business #chemical-engineering #career #materials-science #materials-engineering #engineering #chemistry #chemical-engineer


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3 answers

Posted by Sofia L.’s Avatar Sofia L.
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Hind Chebli | EMEA Channel & META/CEE e-Business Sr. Manager at ... Hi Sofia,I am an Industrial engineer and I believe it allowed ...

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