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Is journalism a good major?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

#communications #english #journalism #college-major #writing


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Posted by Alexandra C.’s Avatar Alexandra C.
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Alayna Milby Yes! Journalism offers opportunities to travel and meet people from communities ...

When pursuing a career in Journalism or Communications, is it necessary to get a Master Degree?

Many careers require many years of education. I was just wondering if having a Master Degree benefits you significantly in Journalism like in other fields or is graduate school for Journalism just a financial burden? #communications #entertainment #broadcast-journalism...



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Posted by Kayla J.’s Avatar Kayla J.
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Michela Sibilia | Production Coordinator at ESPN I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communications about 3 years ...

What is the career path to a successful career in international health care?

I want to work internationally, and I work to work in health care. What are the different options, and how should I prepare myself so that I am successful? #healthcare #health #career-paths #international...



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Posted by CareerVillage ’s Avatar CareerVillage .
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Joe Wilson Now, more than ever, our career paths in the 21st century ...

How is Supply Chain as a domain ?

This question is for all the Supply Chain Professionals. How do you find this domain in terms of job prospects ? How did you get certified and gained work experience in this field ? Please share your experiences and any insights you can offer. Thanks. #supply-chain #logistics...

#supply-chain-management #logistics-and-supply-chain


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Posted by Chandni D.’s Avatar Chandni D.
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Jake Krishnan | Leader - Digital Strategy and Implementation Supply chain as a domain is going to be extremely active ...

How do I write a good cover letter?

I am applying to a bunch of internships for summer 2018 in the Advertising, Marketing, or Communications fields. If you have any advice that will help me land an internship in one of those fields please let me know! #cover-letters #resume #marketing-and-advertising #communications...



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Posted by Ben  L.’s Avatar Ben L.
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Chris Perkins | Managing Director at Bernstein-Rein Advertising Prove you are resourceful, dig into all the info you can ...
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Matt Meehan | Director, Pfizer PAC, U.S. Government Relations & Public ... Hi there.  I would recommend first that you start refereeing at ...

What is the best way to utilize a degree in fine arts


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Posted by Brenan B.’s Avatar Brenan B.
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Barry Abrams | Host/producer - "In The Gate" thoroughbred podcast at ... Hi, Brenan!I don't know if this is the BEST way to ...

How do you know for sure what career path is right for you?

I am a public health major and there are hundreds of careers I could pursue. How do I narrow my passions down to one career? #publichealthmajor...



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Posted by Dorothy Deane D.’s Avatar Dorothy Deane D.
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Julie Jenson | Director Corporate Responsibility at Pfizer Hi Dorothy, I agree with other responders, you'll probably have lots ...

Have you ever attended college, if so which one?

Basically answer if you have at anytime attended any college and just mention the name of the facility of the school . #college #student...



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Posted by Tracey N.’s Avatar Tracey N.
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Carolyn Mazzella | Higher Education Professional | Financial Management | Operations I graduate from The University of Pittsburgh.

How do you confront a boss when he isn't treating you with respect?

I Intern at Silicon Valley Space Center- with no rewards. I don't get paid, I don't receive any kind of educational support or guidance, but I am constantly thrown in to situations where I have zero idea of how to accomplish a task-let even know really what the task is. I work very hard and...

#communications #communication #respectful #internships #boss


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Posted by Lilia  M.’s Avatar Lilia M.
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Vivian Urata | Senior UX Designer at LinkedIn Hi Lilla, First of all, I'm sorry that you are having ...

When opening a business in another country do you have to abide by the rules in your country as for as trading?

Don't know how trading works in other countries. #business...



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Posted by Devetra C.’s Avatar Devetra C.
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Leonardo Carvalho | NY Hi Devetra ! Hope you are doing fine!Its awesome to see ...

What's a good major to pursue if you have an AA degree in Health Sciences General Studies and you enjoy subjects involving English/Writing?

By 18, if I work hard enough, I should have an AA degree in Health Sciences General Studies, though now I'm wondering if I still want to pursue a career focused entirely on health. I've always struggled with math, which as I've found is quite involved in this field, making me reconsider my...

#professionals #liberalarts #linguistics #healthcareer #creativewriting #english #journalism #debating #writing #professors #career #health #communications #general #opentoideas


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Posted by Sarina W.’s Avatar Sarina W.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential Getting to know yourself and how your personality traits relate to ...

What are the most important aspects of a resume?

I've recently made my resume for future opportunities and I was wondering, what are the most important parts. Other than experience, education, and interests, what should I include to make my resume...


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Posted by Prithvi A.’s Avatar Prithvi A.
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Geoffrey Lennon | Management Consultant - Finance & Accounting Effectiveness Hi Prithvi, I've participated in the recruiting process at my Firm ...

Is it worth it becoming a biology major?

-Job opportunities -Salary -Business Development -Enjoyment of field #biology #science #major #college-major...



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Posted by Kevin B.’s Avatar Kevin B.
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Molly MacLeod, PhD | Science Communications at Pfizer Short answer: yes, if you love biology and want to learn ...

What jobs can you do with a degree in communications?

I like talking with people and being able to relay information and also being able to have human contact. #communications #people #human-resources #degree...



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Posted by Jessika C.’s Avatar Jessika C.
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Kathryn Ridings | HR Performance Manager Many jobs can be obtained with a degree in communications. Television ...

What's the best way to decide your Major and Minors in College?

When attending college should your Majors and Minors correspond with each other, or should they be completely different. Also is it best the they are similar and not completely different. #majors...



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Posted by Isabella E.’s Avatar Isabella E.
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Spencer Lubenow | Consulting Analyst at Accenture There's a couple factors to consider when selecting your major and ...

Agency or Industry? The ultimate PR question!

I am graduating in May of this year and there is a lot of talk about going into an agency profession or starting out in industry. I know I want to do social media management, but I don't know if I should start out in agency or industry. Is agency as scary and difficult as people say it is?...

#jobsearch #publicrelations #industry #agency #socialmedia


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Posted by Lauren K.’s Avatar Lauren K.
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John Cline | Channels Specialist at Google Excellent follow up question. Companies tend to hire the plurality of ...

What types of jobs can come from studying Communications?

I’m curious as to what different kinds of jobs can come from studying communications in college. #communications...



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Posted by Amber T.’s Avatar Amber T.
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Alexis Levenson | Vice President, Communications at Pfizer | Corporate Communications ... There's a multitude of jobs that come from studying comms -- ...

I want to become a Robotic Engineer. I already found a college to apply to for this but after college which company's are good to work for?

My dream is to become a Robotic Engineer and I want to ensure that I'll get the most out of it as a job #robotics #girl-engineer #engineering...



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Posted by Monica H.’s Avatar Monica H.
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Leonardo Carvalho | NY Definitely, I am an industrial engineer and i see a lot ...

Is graduate school a necessity now?

I'm finishing up my third year of college, and I'm planning on graduating next year. I'm majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Sociology. I don't know if I should go to graduate school or not? Is it better to have that extra edge when employers are looking at candidates? #publicrelations...

#career #prsa #graduate-school #sociology


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Posted by Kathryn T.’s Avatar Kathryn T.
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Vivian Lee | Behavioral Health Counselor Hey there! In some careers, graduate school is required in order ...

What if FASFA doesn't show my income correctly?

My parents make a good amount of money but I am paying for college on my own. I need more aid but I don't know how to get it besides scholarships and my job. #money...



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Posted by Keely L.’s Avatar Keely L.
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Carolyn Mazzella | Higher Education Professional | Financial Management | Operations Hi Keely,This is a difficult question as the income listed on ...

What are some tips for a Public Relations major looking to work with social media?

I'm a Public Relations major with a minor in Sociology. It's almost time to graduate and look for a job. I'm passionate about social media and content creation, so I'd really like to look for something that offers those. Any suggestions/recommendations/tips for what I should take a look at?...

#contentcreation #internship #agency #socialmedia #publicrelations #prsa


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3 answers

Posted by Kathryn T.’s Avatar Kathryn T.
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Joey Roziner | Senior Manager, Oncology Communications at Pfizer Build your own personal social media profiles and brand - it's ...

What is the best programming language to learn?

I have no programming experience and I am interested in STEM careers #stem #science...



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2 answers

Posted by Yuniba Y.’s Avatar Yuniba Y.
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Sanyam Bhasin | Software Engineer I started programming when I was very young and immediately fell ...

After graduation, what way is best to immerse myself in the restaurant business?


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Posted by Bobbie-Lin A.’s Avatar Bobbie-Lin A.
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Livia Ambariantz | Martket Manager Hi There! Assuming you've graduated any area related to Food & ...

What is a UX designer?

What are the typical tasks of a UX designer, and what experience do you need in order to land a job in this area? #design #ux-design...



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4 answers

Posted by Pam M.’s Avatar Pam M.
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Trang Nguyen | Design UX Design is used pretty broadly. In terms of tech it ...

Are there any engineering/programming jobs that use Arduino?

As a rising mechanical engineering graduate with an interest in programming, I want to know if there's any jobs out there that seriously focus on Arduino, or any kind of mechanical engineering jobs that use any programming languages at all. Thanks! #engineer #engineering #programming #career...

#mechanicalengineer #arduino #python #electricalengineering #computerengineering #controlsystems #computer #mechatronics #computer-science #technology #mechanicalengineering


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Posted by Melvin S.’s Avatar Melvin S.
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Bonnie Allen | Assoc. Director Technology Please investigate Udacity...they offer relevant online Nanodegrees (6-12 month commitment) using ...

What’s a good plan B to have if you’re someone who’s interested in the arts?

I always think about having my own business one day so I’m wondering in addition to majoring in acting and minoring in dance or directing or writing, what’s the best field within business to take on? #backupplan #ownbusinessoneday #arthasmyheart #actress...



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Posted by Dezire D.’s Avatar Dezire D.
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Stephanie Feliciano Bustos | Systems Engineering Specialist - Hispanic Support Organization Member Hi Dezire, Great question! Having a business background is a key ...

How to choose my career?

I am in 10th std .I am not able to decide what should I become.please suggest me something .But i have a feeling that i should become a #web developer.Is that good...


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Posted by Priya B.’s Avatar Priya B.
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Kaeson Ho | Software Engineer Hi Priya! Above are all pretty good advices, here I'm adding ...

Which is better for Graphic Design majors - Bachelors in Fine Arts vs Bachelors in Arts degree

I am looking at a variety of colleges with graphic design programs. Some offer Bachelors in Fine Arts while others offer Bachelors in Arts. Does the degree type make a difference in getting a job when I graduate? #graphic-design...



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Posted by Rebecca R.’s Avatar Rebecca R.
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Darryl Eng | Creative Director | Art Director | Designer Hi Rebecca,Another good question! The choice between a BA and a ...

What Is the Career and Pay Difference Between a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Computer Programming

Is there a significant difference in pay and career options when it comes to getting a Master's Degree in computer programming versus a Bachelor's Degree? #computer-science #technology #programming #bachelor's-degree...



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Posted by Leighlyn H.’s Avatar Leighlyn H.
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Sanyam Bhasin | Software Engineer I have done a Masters and Bachelors in Computer Science and ...

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