How will the MD-DO residency merger affect students seeking an MD and students seeking a DO, particularly those students interesting in pursuing ophthalmology?

I've has a passion for medicine for as long as I can remember. Due to my medical history and having read up on various conditions and diseases, I've found ophthalmology to be the field, that I would like to pursue, so that I can give other individuals a shot at living an uninhibited life. I...

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What is the best way to help your peers on a broad scale?

If one has experience with writing resumes, finding a job, and working efficiently, what is the best way to help your classmates acquire these skills? Where can I find a group that works on these skills to make sure I am up to date and still working efficiently too? I want to learn from my...

#learningenviroment #teamwork #business

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How helpful is your school’s alumni network in finding a job after graduation?

I can take the proper courses to prepare myself for the job I want. I can get experience. But how do I get set on the proper path? Will the school help me find a good job? Are schools’ alumni more open to hiring recent graduates of their alma mater? #social-networking #networking...

#buildingrelationships #business-networking

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How do I get into a college overseas?

I know it’ll be a really good opportunity but I’m worried that they won’t take students from other countries or that it would be too costly....


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How do colleges teach you if your major is undecided?

I don’t know what I want to do as a career and I’m afraid that a good college won’t except me because they can’t put me into a category or they don’t have the courses for me....


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What are some of the difficulties experienced while working on a Master’s degree in Special Education?

I have just begun my Master’s degree in Special Education while working as a full time teacher in middle school Science and raising my 13 year old son. I understand that many hours will be needed to study and work throughout this program and am curious as to any obstacles that I may encounter....


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4.0 GPA = Accepted by Ivy?

Shortly, am I more likely to get accepted as a transfer student to a really good school with a 4.0? Or, in general, chances are the same as for average students? #gpa...


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How could you get a Phd in college?

I'm interested in getting a Phd for chemistry or chemical engineering, and i was wondering how do you start to work on getting a Phd, and what college year? can you start on your freshman year or only after getting a master degree's #science-phd #chemistry...


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What is the best way to earn cash for college?

I have never liked the idea of using loans. I have earned several scholarships from the college where I've been accepted for the fall semester and most of my tuition is paid. However, there are still some expenses left before I can say everything is covered. What is the best way to earn more...

#cashforcollege #college-advice #college-tuition #cash #expenses #scholarships #college #college-bound

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How can I prepare to teach English as a second language?

I am interested in going to Japan as an English teacher. Currently, I am planning to attend a university in Virginia to earn a BA in English. I am also studying Japanese on my own. Since I'm new to this whole idea of teaching English as a second language, I was wondering if there is anything...

#teaching #overseas #teaching-english-as-a-second-language-tefl #working-overseas #japan

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How to be more social in college

I'm just asking this because I don't know how to outside of obvious reasons. I tried joining a Fraternity but it got too serious too fast. I also have Epilepsy which forbids me from alcohol and other substances. How do I manage to make and keep friends in college when all I find fare people...

#college-advice #social

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Does Anyone have any advice on getting scholarships?

I'm already a freshman in College but might not be able to finish because my family and I don't make enough money to support me enough to finish. I'm worried that I won't be able to continue my education at this rate and feel like I am not that good compared to the rest of the competition out...

#money #scholarships

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What will the future look like for ocular medicine and technological advancements?

The reason I ask this is because I am going to college to become an Ophthalmic Technician and I graduate in May 2019. With technology moving at a fast pace, I wonder if my professors will be able to create advanced lessons and labs in regards to the medical advancements occurring in the future....

#medical-careers #ophthalmology #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #medicine #technology

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How easy is it to major in music and minor in graphic arts in most colleges?

I will have a much better chance of getting into colleges and getting scholarships in music than in graphic arts. I have been playing trumpets since 3rd grade and I am pretty good. But, I don't wan't to be a performer for a living; my long term goal is graphic arts. #trumpet #music...

#musicscholarships #graphic-design #graphic-designer

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How long does it take you to cope with a new area?

I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos about first day experiences and living in the new dorm in a new environment and most of the people who are taking videos seem pretty confident in themselves. I've never moved before in my ENTIRE LIFE and now all of a sudden I'm getting kicked out and...


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If I work in a medical career in another country, what are the regulations I need to follow?

If I become certified with IJCAHPO (International Joint Commission on Allied Health Professionals in Ophthalmology) after graduating with my Associates, I can pretty much find a career in another country. If there is anyone working abroad or internationally in the medical field, I am interested...

#medical-careers #international-law #living-abroad #ophthalmology #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #medicine #working-abroad

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How do you find time between schoolwork, actual work and a social life?

I'm not particularly rich... I'm most definitely getting a job to start making money when I get to college. But homework and studying sounds rough. How do you make friends in between that? Will I get the chance to join any clubs or will I be locked up in my dorm either doing homework or, I...


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Transition from college to life?

Now that I've been accepted into college, I've started thinking a lot more about what's going to happen after I graduate college in four years. How do college seniors transition from dorm/campus life to moving off campus and starting a job? #life-transitions...


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