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Wildlife Veterinary Medicine 2 To Dos

  • Start volunteering or working at a veterinarian's office, animal shelter, wildlife rehab, zoo, or aquarium

  • Determine what type of wildlife you would like to work with
by Erin O.

Dentist 5 To Dos

  • Pass National & State Licensing Exams

  • Earn DDS or DDM

  • Take DAT Junio Year

  • and 2 more...
by Jasmine H.

Apply to College 1 To Do

  • Research Colleges
by Test S.

Get my first internship 8 To Dos

  • Find internship postings

  • Add Linkedin connections

  • Make a resume

  • and 5 more...
by Sarah H.

Look for career opportunities 1 To Do

  • Internship
by Kayla R.

Get an internship 1 To Do

  • build resume
by Rose J.

Find an internship in technology 3 To Dos

  • Be active, not passive in reaching out and following up with people that may have a position or know a position that fits well

  • Find people in tech that may know where to begin looking

  • Build a resume that looks good to companies
by Emily V.

Not die this semester 5 To Dos

  • Don't forget to look at your calendar

  • Order more mac and cheese pizza

  • Do all of your homework even if you feel like you want to die

  • and 2 more...
by Tina P.

Add more to portfolio 2 To Dos

  • create more design elements, banners/logos

  • Volunteer more
by Dakota M.

graduate college 7 To Dos


  • Get through first quarter

  • transfer to Portland State University

  • and 4 more...
by Chloe B.

Become a Marine Biologist 2 To Dos

  • Ask my teacher about books for more information

  • Learn about what a Marine Biologist does
by Ilona C.

Get an internship 2 To Dos

  • Get into the intership

  • Find an internship
by Long N.

Learn some UX design 1 To Do

  • Finish lesson from
by Curtis Y.

Graduating Highschool 5 To Dos

  • Pass all of my classes and get the needed amount of credits to graduate.

  • Pass the 9th grade with no F's or maybe no D's

  • Pass the 10th grade with no F's or maybe no D's

  • and 2 more...
by Muhammad C.

Graduate Highschool! 2 To Dos

  • Pass My Math Classes with a B+ or better

  • Get better grades
by Martin A.

College 1 To Do

  • research colleges, find which college suits me
by Y. M.

Get into med school/college 2 To Dos

  • Finish school with a 4.0 gpa unweighted

  • Do a medical internship
by Ankit D.

Get into a good college 2 To Dos

  • Take 2 SATs this summer

  • Maintain good grades
by Reilly M.

figure out what to do with life 2 To Dos

  • career

  • major(s)
by Connor H.

Go to a graduate school after college 1 To Do

  • Go to college
by Brian C.

finish english project 1 To Do

  • write theme essay
by jake K.

To get into medical school in Philadelphia

Get into medical school 5 To Dos

  • Start letter of reccomendation process..

  • Study for MCAT'S

  • Schedule MCAT's

  • and 2 more...
by Matthew A.

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