what is the hardest about becoming a lawyer?

Throughout the process of becoming a lawyer, what is the hardest? Is it the LSAT's OR getting into a Law school, or finding a job after?...


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What is the best approach for a paralegal student to secure an internship in a small law firm?

I am currently a student in the Middlesex Community College, Certificate in Paralegal Studies program and will need to secure an internship for myself in the coming semester. I am in need of guidance as to the best way to get an attorney to agree to allow me to perform paralegal duties and not...

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What specific transferable skills will be beneficial for selling myself in an interview following completion of a Certificate in Paralegal Studies, but with no prior work experience in the field?

For an adult-learner with no prior work experience in the legal field, but completing a Certificate in Paralegal Studies, what specific life skills might I use as transferable skills both on my resume and during an interview? #paralegal #legal #law...


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How long would it take to become a pediatrician?

I am going to study at my home town and hopefully work here as well. But I’m afraid of what I can do while going to college since it will cause me to start my life much later. #medicine...


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Which school is best for nursing in Florida?

There are many excellent schools in Florida for nursing and medicine. However, they all have some downsides. For example, UF is very expensive university but has an amazing medical program. I would like a better perspective and unbiased opinion. #medicine #florida...


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What is organizational psychology all about?

Psychology major undergrad. Thinking about future. Which school offer organisational psychology program? (grad studies) What is it like? What can you do with it? Any personal experience you can share with me if you are in the program? Thank you! #psychology #HR #organization...

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What happens if you graduate with your degree and find out that the career you thought you wanted is not for you?

I recently visited and old roommate of mine who graduated last year. She just began her first teaching job at an elementary school and hates everything about it. It made me start to worry that I may graduate next year and go into a career and hate what I do and that the 4 years I spent getting...

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Are there any internships out there that help you decide what you should work as?

Still very undecided about what I should major/ work as. Would appreciate any insight on internships that personally helped you decide your major/career. #undecided #career-counseling #career-choice #career-development #career-path #career-paths #careers #education #nursing #internships...

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Do you go to college for the degree or experience?

I talk to so many of my fellow graduating seniors and all they talk about is the experience of college. However, when I mention academics they tend to turn their head away. I just wonder what do most people attend college for? More of the experience of academics? #college...


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What are good astrophysics schools?

I want to go to a college that will help me get the best education in astrophysics, and I’ve been having trouble finding schools that would be good to study this....


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