How do I get an internship with a career where confidentiality is key?

I want to see what its like in the daily life of a Medical Social Worker, but I understand that the privacy is important from patient to professional, and personally, I would not want to put my business out there to someone who is barely learning the ropes....


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How to balance college, a social life and part time job?

I recently finished my first semester at Cal State Fullerton and found it difficult to manage new rigorous courses and still manage to stay active in our school's RSA meetings(it is like student government and I type up what happens at all our meetings). Recently, I have (luckily) acquired a...


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What are some techniques to become a better studier?

I recently finished my first semester at Cal State Fullerton and I strive to do better this upcoming spring semester, but I need new ways to study. My old ways didn't get me as far as they did in high school. I am open to about anything. Thanks!...


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I'm majoring in Computer Science. When should I try to find internships? Is it hard to get one?

I'm majoring in computer science and I feel like I've been doing well so far. I definitely want to expand on my knowledge through an internship but I'm afraid that I won't have enough experience to even be considered. I know most people tend to apply for internships in their junior or senior...

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What do video game companies look for when hiring their programmers? Is a bachelor's in computer science good enough?

So I want to program video games for a career and I'm already majoring in computer science and trying to learn a little about video game programming through Unity but I'm worried that there'll be a lot of extra hoops I have to jump through before I look hire-able. So I want to know what not...

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What does the future hold?

You always wonder where you might end up or how things are going to be in the future. Individuals are more focused on what is ahead of them rather than the present so I wonder what the future holds....


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Is it possible to be a desirable applicant for a world renowned company without having gone to an Ivy League school?

Over the course of my childhood, I’ve developed a deep adoration for Disney, alongside a fascination with the technology behind the attractions, the engineering that creates the magic. My dream job would be to work as a part of the Walt Disney Imagineering Team. I plan on studying computer...

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Is obtaining an MBA through a 5 year accelerated program and then going into the workforce a better option compared to just getting a bachelor's in 4 years then working?

I am trying to decide between getting my MBA in 5 years in an accelerated program or waiting until my company or myself can pay for online courses for an MBA while I am working a year or two after obtaining my bachelor's degree. I am interested in hearing feedback from business professionals...

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What can I do to feel more excited about, and less scared for, my college transition in a few months?

I'm very close with my family, but my top school is over five hours away from home. Everyone tells me that college will be one of the best times of my life, but I can't help but feel more terrified than excited. Is there anything I can start doing now to start easing myself into the idea?...

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What are some good tips for going into Nursing?

My dream has always been to be a nurse, I have always loved to help people and I enjoy making others happy! I am excited to go into Nursing, however I'm a little scared of what is ahead of me. It would be really helpful to get some advice, so I can prepare for what's coming!...


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Are there any medical fields that specialize in nutrition and athletics that is not Kinesioligy, and what are the things I should be doing to further place myself in that direction?

I really like athletics and nutrition, but do not want to go into kinesiology, I still want to attend medical school and become a doctor, but was just wondering if there were any specific career paths that would be best for those interests....


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When graduated with an MBA or Bachelor's degree in any business field, is it more beneficial to work at a mid-level firm or large firm if you look to obtain enough capital from your job and then invest into starting your own entrepreneurial enterprise?

I look to graduate with a degree in marketing and would like a job at a sizable firm so I can make money, but once I have worked for 15 to 20 years in corporate industry I want to become an entrepreneur and start my own marketing agency to work with local businesses and eventually move my way...

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Is it better to keep doing what you’re good at or to challenge yourself with something out of your comfort zone?

Throughout all of my life, I’ve always gotten stuck at forks in the road: one pathway appearing to be safe and pleasant, and the other looking more like the depths of Hell. The sloth in me is always tempted to just take the easiest paths; however, this doesn’t often lead to the self-growth that...

#career-choices #decisions #choices

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What all classes can I take in college?

If you are wanting to major in a certain topic, is there specific classes that you have to take the whole time or would you be able to take other classes that you would be interested in?...


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What are some good study tips for when I get to college?

My high school is quite small and I feel like I haven’t had extremely challenging tests where I needed to study a lot. I know there will be very difficult exams in college so I’m looking for the best ways to study to pass them with flying colors. #study...


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How many hours do you have to go to be a part time student ?

I want to know exactly the amount of hours you have to go to either be a part time or full time student? I don't want to be applying for colleges and then they ask me if I want to be a part or full time student because I don't want to give them false information. #fulltime...


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What do I have to do to become a forensic psychologist?

I have this obsession with how different people's minds work and how life events affect their mind set. I enjoy hearing about how different childhood or life events can in turn set in motion decisions they may make later on. I am going to college in the fall and I do not know what classes or...

#forensic-psychology #psych #college #what-classes-should

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How do I most effectively help people in my career?

As a biomedical engineer, I want to adequately develop prosthetic organs to make patients live the best quality of life possible. However, this is a very subjective issue. Therefore, I would like insight on how to reassure myself I am helping people for the better, and that engineers are able...

#women-in-stem #making-a-difference #stem #engineering #representing-women #medicine

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How do you know what career you want without actually having the experience?

I feel like many people say they want to be a nurse, doctor, engineer, computer programmer, et cetera without having much experience. How do they know that those jobs will not burn them out after years of being in the field? How are you supposed to find your passion when you are bound to high...

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Is a doctoral degree worth it?

I want to major in Nuclear Medicine and become a doctor/physician in the field, but I'm unsure if it's worth taking a large student loan for med school. My family isn't the wealthiest and I do not desire to spend my parents' money on anything past a four-year university. I'm willing to work...

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What's after college?

I don't know what to do after I obtain my degree. Finding a job would be ideal, but where do I start? Should I already be in touch with companies or should I simply apply to some? Should I find a job to keep income steady while I search for the position I desire? I have many questions such as...

#career #life-choice #after-college

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How does applying to college as a high school senior compare to applying to graduate school as an undergraduate?

Hi! I ask this question because as a highschool senior, I wonder how independent the graduate school application process truly is. I understand graduate students usually receive far less scholarships than highschool students, but are there ways around that? Also, did the application process...

#applications #highschool #graduate-school

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Do I have to take physics in high school to be a successful engineer?

Unfortunately, I decided on my major late in my high school career. Because of this, I did not take physics in high school, but want to be an engineer in the future. Should I be dissuaded from the field if I did not take physics in high school? And is high school physics a necessity to...

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How much do extracurricular activities matter?

I am a junior in high school and have a strong work ethic for academics, but I am not athletically or musicially talented. I am in swimming and in orchestra, but I am not the best at those activities. Will it effect my chance to become successful in life?...


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