What is the best approach for a paralegal student to secure an internship in a small law firm?

I am currently a student in the Middlesex Community College, Certificate in Paralegal Studies program and will need to secure an internship for myself in the coming semester. I am in need of guidance as to the best way to get an attorney to agree to allow me to perform paralegal duties and not...

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What specific transferable skills will be beneficial for selling myself in an interview following completion of a Certificate in Paralegal Studies, but with no prior work experience in the field?

For an adult-learner with no prior work experience in the legal field, but completing a Certificate in Paralegal Studies, what specific life skills might I use as transferable skills both on my resume and during an interview? #paralegal #legal #law...


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What happens if you graduate with your degree and find out that the career you thought you wanted is not for you?

I recently visited and old roommate of mine who graduated last year. She just began her first teaching job at an elementary school and hates everything about it. It made me start to worry that I may graduate next year and go into a career and hate what I do and that the 4 years I spent getting...

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what's music therapy like?

I want to be a music therapist, and I would really like to know what's enjoyable about it, and if it's really as cool as it sounds #music-therapy...


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How important is Social Media literacy to employers?

Should all employees know today's biggest social media platforms or just employees looking to work as Social Media coordinators and other related positions? What are some benefits if any to being literate in platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, and the like?...

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Other than samples of my writing, what is appropriate to be included in my portfolio and/or resume?

I am an adult-learner entering an entirely new field of employment. I am a paralegal student and am beginning to put together a portfolio. Samples of my writing will be included (case brief, legal memo, client letter, etc.), but I would like to know if it is appropriate for me to include...

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Is the payoff for being a psychologist worth it?

I'm a freshman in high school and clearly have a ways to go before I choose what profession I want to go into. However, helping people and talking them through their problems seems like it would be an incredible job, or at least one I'd want to go into. My first question is: What is the best...

#psychology #marriage-counselor #science #doctor #therapy #therapists #clinical-psychology #psychotherapy

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What's a good college study routine?

There are many different ways to study in college but i've heard that spending hours staring at material isn't very effective. What would be a good study plan to follow when studying for an important college exam/quiz? Should there be breaks, if so how many and of what duration? #college-life...

#study-skills #time-management #studying-tips

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What if you have a question?

While working on homework is it often that you have a question that doesnt get answered. In such a large group of people I am nervous that my questions eventually won't get answered and I will be stuck not fully understanding my work or being able to grasp the concept....


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Which college should I go to?

I am deciding between Harding University and the University of Alabama. Harding is smaller and farther away, but it simply feels like home and I know a lot of people there that would make my college experience more fun and comfortable. My best friend and brother go there as well. However, there...

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What are some career options, if I'm interested in helping people and animals?

I want a career where I can be able to help people and animals because I want to make a difference around the world; However,helping others is one of my favorite things to do in life. I will love to spend the rest of my life in a job where I can do what I love the most which is to help. I will...


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I want to be an acoustical engineer - what can I do to start now?

I'm a freshmen in high school and I'm interested in becoming an acoustical engineer. I play an instrument and I enjoy physics and math. I know that acoustical engineers need to have at least a masters degree and experience in the field. What can I do now to get started? How and where do I get...

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Is it better to just do Automotive engineering or do a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering?

Specifically I would do Mechanics and Power and I want to do research and development for an automotive company specifically doing propulsion systems. Things like drivetrain and the engine. Since the future is electric power, I think it is a good idea to have the knowledge of electrical...

#electric-vehicles #mechanics #automotive-engineering #electrical-engineering #research-and-development #masters-degree #electrical-and-electronic-manufacturing #mechanical-engineering

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If I wanted to get a job in automotive research in development, is it worth it to major in both electrical and mechanical engineering?

I am thinking about getting at least a masters in both electrical and mechanical engineering but I am wondering if it is even worth it or if I should just get a masters/PhD in mechanical engineering. #electrical-engineering #mechanical-engineering #automotive-engineering...

#science-phd #masters-degree #research-and-development

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