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How can I get experience in the publication feild?

I want to become a book editor, but I live in a place that doesn't have much opportunity to break into that career. #bookworm #opportunities...



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5 answers

Posted by Kimberly W.’s Avatar Kimberly W.
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Sarah Beckham | Freelance writer + editor Hi, Kimberly - My answer is based on my five years ...

What is some advice you would give over college and the future?


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Posted by Valeria S.’s Avatar Valeria S.
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Jeffrey Moore | Solutions Manager One piece of advice I would give for college and beyond ...

How can I make my college application stronger?

It's my senior year, any last minute things I should do?...



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2 answers

Posted by Mehdi A.’s Avatar Mehdi A.
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Andrew Walton | Solutions Manager First make sure your grades as high as possible. Clubs like ...
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Argelys Abreu | Solutions Manager To play just get a ball and use 2 garbage cans ...

How to balance working?

I plan to work as I go to school. I am simply curious about the difficulty of this and if you may know any tips for balancing the two duties. Thank you in advance! :) #working #work-life-balance...



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9 answers

Posted by Brandi S.’s Avatar Brandi S.
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Argelys Abreu | Solutions Manager It is not hard at all. I actually take online classes ...

What are other career paths within aviation?

I would like to become a pilot but I am also wondering what other careers in aviation I could be involved with? #aviation...



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Posted by Molly N.’s Avatar Molly N.
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Nathan Roen | Solutions Manager There are an infinite amount of paths that lead to a ...
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Jason Scott | General Manager You have to prioritize your tasks. When I think of college ...

What does a good job mean if your not getting enough money?

I'm a middle school student and I want a job but can't find one that's right for me. What's a job if you work your butt off and not get enough money? if you could answer my questions that would be great thank...


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8 answers

Posted by Justin S.’s Avatar Justin S.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential Making a lot of money is not the best goal in ...

What is the best way to pay for college without a credit-worthy cosigner?

I am a sophomore in college, and I am just curious on the best way to pay for college. I am a theatre major, and I don't have a cosigner who has good enough credit. I am really looking for advice on scholarships/grants/etc.. Anything helps! #college #college-major #college-jobs...

#work-life-balance #scholarships #theatre #student-loans #first-generation-college-students #student #musical-theatre #loans #professional-development #film


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2 answers

Posted by Adrian W.’s Avatar Adrian W.
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Albert Perkins | Retail Manager Congratulations on being in your sophomore year in school-your definitely on ...

How is your day usually in the Navy

I would really love to join the Navy but i wanna know how it is #day-in-the-life...



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Posted by Drew H.’s Avatar Drew H.
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Matthew Blanton | Solutions Manager It all depends on the rate that you pick as well ...

How can I balance working for income while also being a full time student?

I'm working this next year and I don't want to neglect either my job or my school work. #dowhatyouhavetodo...



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2 answers

Posted by Christopher J.’s Avatar Christopher J.
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Mitchell Strack | Sr Operations Manager Working while in school can be challenging but will provide you ...

Should I go for my masters in Finance?

Im on my 3rd year of college....



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3 answers

Posted by Fierdeos H.’s Avatar Fierdeos H.
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Argelys Abreu | Solutions Manager I would say yes many companies look for this and a ...

What career should I pursue?

I love to since, dance, and play music. What are some potential careers I could do? #singer #music #dance #art #performing #performing-arts #career...



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Posted by Nohealani P.’s Avatar Nohealani P.
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Jamie Weare Hi! Musical theatre is such an exciting career! Both my brother ...
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Daniel Coronado | Solutions Manager The simple answer is no. But, will a degree lay a ...

How can beginner leaders strengthen their skills and qualities needed for their position?

I am interested on taking leadership roles but I am still not confident enough and lack necessary skills. I want to take on more opportunities and learn to communicate better and be more connected with others. #leader...



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3 answers

Posted by Jenny Z.’s Avatar Jenny Z.
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Joseph Canovas | General Manager Look for the individuals that are in your role and doing ...
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