What would be the best path to take for someone trying to use their MBA to find a career working for a Government Contractor? (I.E. Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, etc.)

I am asking because in the country I live in, San Diego, there are numerous government contractors here and looking at the careers offered, there is job security from what I can see. I have been told numerous times that I look like prior military and have the personality for it and am still...

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Why don’t colleges support extreme sports?

The skateboarding and surfing industry is expanding endlessly, and almost all colleges continue to support team sports, while starting a Surf team is difficult at most universities. Skateboarding and surfing will be in the olympics soon as well. #sports #skateboarding...


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How do you know if you like a college, or the idea of a college?

I'm interested in the University of Florida (though I've prepared like I'm going to a different school) but I don't know if I actually enjoyed the school from the tour, or if I just like the respect that follows the school and the ranking of their programs....


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How to plan for retirement?

Seeing as how my income will be very minimal while in college (around 200$ a month) how can I begin saving for my retirement? -- Also interested in investing #plans #goals...


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What are the benefits of pursuing a career that require you to be stoutly but yet your passionate about?

Coming from imigrants parents ,growing up i been told to finish high school and pursue something small.At first i thought that maybe i should do that but once entering high school i was able to learn more about myself. I seen how stereotypes defines us and i want to change that.Some stereotypes...

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How do I balance work and fun?

After college, I want to travel the world, but I also need to have a job and money. How do I save up so that I can have fun but also be a responsible young adult with a job? #work #travel...


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Is IB worth taking?

There's both International Baccalaureate (IB) and AP at my school, I was wondering which one would be the best for colleges and which ones would be the best to take. #AP #IB...


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In which country are mechanical engineers in demand and paid heavily?

I am a Mechanical Engineering major student. I will be graduating and will obtain my Bachelor's Degree two years from now so I needed to understand very well the job market, opportunities and future for such a field to be able to trace and plan my career successfully starting off now. #career...


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Does failing in one elective means that you can not graduate?

i am asking this question because i have computer science AP class and it is really hard and i feel i can't get good grades in it. Somehow i passed my 1st semester but i am worried about my 2nd semester because if i don't pass maybe i have to go summer school and then delay my graduation and i...

#graduation #stressed

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What are helpful study habits to use in college?

I procrastinate when it comes to studying for tests. Are there any tips that can make it easier to study leading up to a test, instead of cramming?...


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When transferring, do colleges and universities look favorably when you belong to multiple organizations or clubs or it is less important for a transfer student....


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graduate school

How can I sing up to take TOEFL exam for graduate school?...


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Animal Behavior

I want to pursue a career in animal behavior, do you think I will need to continue my education beyond a bachelor's degree in order to be successful?...


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How will internship experience help me in college?

I want to go into the medical field, so when I found the opportunity to do an internship at a local clinic, I just on the opportunity. I know it is good to have prior experience in a field but I am unsure what the actual benefits are....


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How will a neurological sleep disorder affect my college experience?

I was diagnosed with narcolepsy during the summer of 2017. Prior to my diagnosis, I was constantly falling asleep during class and while doing homework and was unable to focus. Although I am on medication, I am not sure how the stress and fast pace college life will be affected by it....


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is 2.7 a good GPA?

I am high school senior and i am asking this question because i am worried that how i am gonna get admission in colleges with this GPA and also stressed about graduation....


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Good minors to go with a CS degree?

I'm working on a CS degree and probably continuing on to a master's degree. I was wondering what other (STEM) minors go well with Computer Science on a resume....


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What's the best way to survive culture shock in college?

I'm going to college across the country and I'm worried about living somewhere new. I've lived in the same town all of my life and I don't want it to be too hard to adjust to a different culture and atmosphere. How can I avoid being overwhelmed? #culture-shock...


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