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How do I decide where I want to go to law school?

Should I be looking at law schools in the state where I want to live and practice law after graduation, or should I only be looking at the schools that have a good program for the kind of law I want to practice? I am torn between the two options, and I was wondering what criteria I should consider m

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Are there any good programs for primary education in any schools near me?

My sister-in-law is a primary grade teacher and she said she loves it. I have gained a heavy interest in this field, but I would like to get started on figuring out where this major is more heavily taught, and where I would get the better teachings for this topic.

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Are summer internships an important factor admissions officers consider when you are applying to college?

I am a junior in high school and it is nearing summer. I was really out of the loop regarding summer internship programs and I missed the deadlines for many of the ones I was interested in applying to. I am at a loss for what to do now during the summer to demonstrate to colleges that I am dedicated


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What steps should I take into getting into a college with a good medical program?

I am currently a high school junior that is interested in the medical field. I do not know exactly what I want to peruse in the medical field but I am willing to explore options in all medical fields. I have completed an internship at my local hospital and will look to find more. This information is

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How hard is it to transfer from a community college to a four year college?

I am only a junior in high school and I am in the AVID program which focuses heavily on college. As an AVID student, we have discussed community college and I figured why not do a transfer. I am also going to be very young when I graduate so I would much rather go to a community college before I ju

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If undergraduate university does not matter, why am I being disregarded and overlooked in the job field and MBA admissions process?

I attend a fairly new, medium size, public state university. I have a 3.94 GPA and a list of involvement and service hours. I want to apply to MBA programs in about a year (after graduation,{grad. Fall 2018}), but I am wondering if the admissions officers will overlook my profile because I attende

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What are some careers should I research?

My plan right now is go to a junior college for two years, get an AA, then either go to a local (CA) university or state school and take part in an exchange program to France, or directly sign up for university in France. The reason why I am focused on France, is because I really love the French la

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What are some recommended summer activities that I can do over the summer to show my interest in the Pharmaceutical Sciences field?

As a high school student, I have always wanted to pursue in the medical field. However, I am leaning more on the chemistry aspect, rather than biology (though I want to do both). So I figured that the best option for me is pharmaceutical sciences. The problem now I am having is deciding what summer

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what are the best colleges offering forensic science programs and are any summer programs that would help me better understand what i would need to do in order to major/study this in college?

When I first started high school, I wanted to become a pediatrician, but as the years went on I became more interested in forensics. I want to pursue forensic science/ criminal science as a career but I don't know where to start.

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What is the best college to go to for becoming a registered nurse?

I would like to know what the best college to go to for nursing because I have an idea of maybe becoming a registered nurse. I have seen some colleges that have the programs for this major, but I would like to know the best college that has the best program.

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In the US, what is the real difference between an MD and DO?

I'm a first year pre-med student, and with all of the college health advising, most focus on the path to becoming an MD and for some reason the path to becoming a DO is not often looked at. On a more superficial side, I understand that its easier to get into a DO program than an MD program and that


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Would this qualify has special circumstances for college app?

Hi, I'm currently applying to a university from a 2 year college and I want to know if this qualifies as special circumstance and how do I go about to explaining it. I'm applying for a bachelors program In biochemistry and I feel that my gpa which is a 3.3 is not as high as it should be. I was diag

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How to comopose/write music without going ti school

I want to learn more music however I dont have the money or grades to go to school for it. So What are some tips on self teaching music composers/writers? Like apps, computer programs,books or places to learn for free?


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Tutorials for using Unity paired with Autodesk Maya?

I am currently a psych major, but I'm very interested in computers in my free time. I'm a gamer and I've always really wanted to experiment with creation in Unity. My understanding is that AutoDesk Maya offers a 3-year free trial for students, and that it can be used to create .obj files or animatio

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I want to become a lawyer, what program should I study in university?

Interested in pursuing law as a career, but there are so many options to study under in university. Should I just choose whatever program is most "GPA-friendly" or risk a slightly lower GPA for a program I'm genuinely interested in?


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What careers combine arts and sustainability?

Hello. I am searching for a bachelor career that combines art (if it is dance more than great) or/and crafts and sustainability with a very practical approach. I would would love to study abroad. But also if anyone know about a career in communication that is not focused in marketing/commercial bu

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Master's in Public Administration vs Master's in Social Work

I plan to get my bachelor's degree in social work with a focus on community organization and nonprofit managment. I want to work with nonprofit programs and government programs in the future, and I would on e day love to start my own nonprofit organization. Would it be more beneficial for me to purs

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How should I approach companies for internships?

I am in a High School program that requires an internship by the end of senior year. I was wondering how I would approach companies to possibly land an internship in companies( I am leaning towards engineering companies). I would graciously appreciate it if anyone could explain what should I include

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Should I consider doing my undergraduate program?

I have been working as network/security technical support for the last 10 plus years. I have done Microsoft and Cisco Certifications many years before and got into networking. I plan to change my career line(non technical). I did not complete my undergraduate degree. Although I have 45 credits o

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