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What should you study if you're a girl and want to work in tech?

Is it harder for girls to work in technology than boys? #technology #tech...



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Active Dec 08 '17 at 02:30

28 answers

Posted by Caitlin B.’s Avatar Caitlin B.
Alicia Lopez’s Avatar
Alicia Lopez | Giving Manager - LATAM at Dell Hi Caitlin, I love your question! In my perspective (having worked ...

How should I dress to an interview?

I am scared of looking bad and giving a bad first impression with the stuff I will wear. #career #jobs #interviews...



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Active May 17 at 16:35

24 answers

Posted by Alexander N.’s Avatar Alexander N.
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Jared Chung | Founder at Several great suggestions already. I'd also add that you can often ...

What's a job I can do if I like to talk to people all the time?

I'm really good at talking to people, and I think I can make people like me when I talk to them. What jobs can I do that make me enough money where I can use my gifts? #communications...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:00

24 answers

Posted by Samantha W.’s Avatar Samantha W.
Gustavo Abdala’s Avatar
Gustavo Abdala | Senior Development Manager at Zynga One of the jobs that comes to mind is sales. I've ...

How long did it take for you to figure out what career you were interested in?

How long did it take for you to figure out what career you were interested in? I'm a Junior and I still don't know what I want to do after college. #career...



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Active Apr 12 at 09:36

23 answers

Posted by Arianna H.’s Avatar Arianna H.
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Will Khoo | Systems Support Analyst II at LinkedIn Be really honest with you, everyone ask the same question. No ...

What made you want to work in sales for a tech company over working in sales in other industries?

I've been told I'd be great at sales, but I'm not sure where to start looking for jobs. Why do you do sales for the company you work for? What should I look for in a company to work for right out of school? #technology...



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Active Nov 07 '17 at 10:28

22 answers

Posted by Kelly J.’s Avatar Kelly J.
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Robert Potter | Vice President, Americas at Symantec; Board of Advisors, ... Working IT allowed me to continue to enjoy a passion I ...

What is Marketing?

Tell me what marketing is and what do you have to do to become a Marketing...


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Active Jan 23 '17 at 07:49

21 answers

Posted by Makenna M.’s Avatar Makenna M.
Gary Stephen Petito’s Avatar
Gary Stephen Petito | Career Guru Hi, That is a great is the Wiki answer: Marketing ...

What is mean by tech?

Hi I am kanika.I am 10th std. #teaching #technology...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:20

20 answers

Posted by kanika M.’s Avatar kanika M.
Sathish Sivanandhan’s Avatar
Sathish Sivanandhan | Team Manager TECH is a short from or a lingo for "Technology"

How did you choose what company to work for?

I am interested in a job in technology, but i'm not sure how to go about deciding what company to work for. How did you pick the company you are working at? What factors did you take into consideration?...



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Active Nov 10 '17 at 13:12

19 answers

Posted by Ali G.’s Avatar Ali G.
Sven Zimmermann’s Avatar
Sven Zimmermann | Director Proposals Western Europe & Germany at Dell Hi Ali, I think the most important thing is to know ...

How did you become confident in your programming abilities?

I started trying to learn to program, and I want to ask professional programmers how you became confident in your skills. Did it take you a long time? When did you know you were really awesome at programming? #engineering #programming...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:00

17 answers

Posted by Anthony T.’s Avatar Anthony T.
Estevan Aguayo’s Avatar
Estevan Aguayo | Software Engineer @ I think these two simple approaches provide a practical way to ...

How do I get chances to practice public speaking?

I keep hearing that I am supposed to practice public speaking to improve myself. I always imagine that there will be lots of class discussion in college, so I want to be better at public speaking before I go to college. I do not have any real expertise so I don't see how I can find any way to...

#oral-communications #public-speaking #communication-skills


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:04

16 answers

Posted by Joan C.’s Avatar Joan C.
Megan Christenson’s Avatar
Megan Christenson | Senior Manager, the Civic Accelerator at Points of ... Hi Joan, Check out Toastmasters! Lots of chapters all of ...

Which is the most valued marketing course ?

Marketing career...


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Active Jan 27 '17 at 08:00

15 answers

Posted by Frank G.’s Avatar Frank G.
Samantha Peters’s Avatar
Samantha Peters | Project Manager @ Market Research Organization Hey Frank- The field of marketing branches off into two general ...

Was it hard to have a job during college?

I want to go to a four year college in Boston, and I think I am going to need to work during college. I will have some scholarships and maybe loans but I heard that they don't pay for books or food. For people who worked during college, was it hard? What did you do for your job and how did you...


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Active Apr 03 at 14:42

15 answers

Posted by Indra K.’s Avatar Indra K.
Rachael Candee Sample’s Avatar
Rachael Candee Sample | Continuum of Care Manager Hello! Most college admissions offices can provide you with details about ...

What that best field to study in the world of tech in terms of job opportunities?

I'm torn between choosing just Computer Science, or Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Cyber-security, Computer Forensics...I know I want to be a tech major...but which...


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Active Jan 30 '17 at 21:42

14 answers

Posted by Alisha S.’s Avatar Alisha S.
Naveen Kumar MN’s Avatar
Naveen Kumar MN | Contact Center Operations Sr. Associate at Dell India ... Computer degrees give students access to state-of-the-art equipment, helping them learn ...

Is an xray tech a good choice for a career?

Im planning to become an xray...


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Active Jan 30 '17 at 22:04

14 answers

Posted by Malinda B.’s Avatar Malinda B.
N Gopi’s Avatar
N Gopi | -- What do I need to know to become an x-ray tech? ...

What do brand managers actually do?

I think that something in marketing might be a good career choice for me. I thought that maybe I could start in customer service and work my way up to brand management, but maybe that's not the right way to reach my goal. But I would like to also know what a brand manager actually does every...

#marketing-and-advertising #marketing #branding #brand-management


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:00

13 answers

Posted by Julea P.’s Avatar Julea P.
Alwyn Velásquez’s Avatar
Alwyn Velásquez | UI/UX designer with management and product development background, ... Hi Julea, Having been a design manager with branding responsibilities I ...

What made you want to work in marketing for a computer software company?

I'd really like to get a job in marketing but i'm not as sure what or who I'd like to do marketing for. I have a couple family members that work in computer software and they really like it so i'd like to learn more about what it would be like to do marketing for a technology company. Does the...

#marketing #computer-software #technology


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:15

13 answers

Posted by Anne S.’s Avatar Anne S.
Barbara Katzoff’s Avatar
Barbara Katzoff | Sr. Regional Product Marketing Manager at Symantec i love working in product marketing for a security software company. ...

How did you choose what company to work for?

People say that figuring out what job you should do or even which industry you should work in is the hard part, but what about once you have? How do you choose what companies to apply at? What did you look for in a company? I am now at the stage where I'm looking for internships at tech...

#technology #human-resources


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:15

13 answers

Posted by Sarah M.’s Avatar Sarah M.
Penny Kusterer’s Avatar
Penny Kusterer | HR Services Analyst at Dell, Inc. Hi! My first job out of college was through a temp ...

Can you become a web developer with an Information Science major?

I'm interested in getting an IS major but I'm not sure about the jobs you can get out of it (most searches end up as Information Technology or Information Systems). #tech #information-technology #web-development #information-systems #information-science...



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Active Nov 10 '17 at 12:50

12 answers

Posted by Lliana H.’s Avatar Lliana H.
Tim Funches’s Avatar
Tim Funches | Business Development Representative In this industry while college major is key, continuing education will ...

Can I get a job at a video game company from high school without going to college?

I heard that video game companies hire people from high school, and you can still be a success. Is that true? What do they do? I don't know how to make games yet, but I would be willing to learn. Also if there are other jobs that I can get from high school that aren't making the games, but are...

#video-games #gaming #college #job-requirements


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:00

12 answers

Posted by Marquis T.’s Avatar Marquis T.
Brice Morrison’s Avatar
Brice Morrison | Lead Designer at Zynga I know hundreds of people in the games industry and only ...

Clubs vs Internships Freshman year of college

I'm an incoming freshman for this fall, and the college I am attending has so many opportunities. To the professionals and former college students, I wanted to ask: is it more important to get involved in clubs and organizations my first year on campus, or should I be pursuing more professional...

#career-decisions #college #college-advice #internships


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Active Aug 15 '17 at 08:52

12 answers

Posted by Deana A.’s Avatar Deana A.
Franchesca Rodriguez’s Avatar
Franchesca Rodriguez | Start Intern at PwC Definitely put grades first. If you have the time to get ...

Will Dell be at the top of the market when I get older and how can I work for Dell?

I am interested in the technology field and think Dell is cool. #technology #job #job-market...



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Active Jun 19 at 22:00

11 answers

Posted by Green Teen K.’s Avatar Green Teen K.
Gary Stephen Petito’s Avatar
Gary Stephen Petito | Career Guru Hi, I have worked with Dell for over 15 years and ...

What is your job?

I want to know what you do and the differences between the...


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Active Jan 13 '17 at 08:33

11 answers

Posted by Javonte S.’s Avatar Javonte S.
Vivek Pandalai’s Avatar
Vivek Pandalai | Sr. Analyst, Operations, Retail Center of Excellence I work with the Sales Operations team driving billing POS deployment ...

Is is useful in now a days

become a technician #tech...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:30

11 answers

Posted by Bhavan K.’s Avatar Bhavan K.
Shetty Hariprasad’s Avatar
Shetty Hariprasad | Senior Retail Marketing Manager yes its good as equivalent to BE. If you are thinking ...

What are some challenges when you are a engineer?


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:30

11 answers

Posted by kyle H.’s Avatar kyle H.
Gordon Hopkins’s Avatar
Gordon Hopkins | Quality Process Engineer at RAE/Honeywell Systens 1) Make a plan based on actual observation of problem and ...

How should I figure out my major?

I've never known what I wanted to do or pursue career wise. I took psychology and sociology in my first year and a half at college, and I liked them, but I don't know what exactly I want to major in. I wouldn't mind studying more into sociology but I also want a career with a pretty decent...

#sociology #psychology #philosophy #writing #communications #college #undecided #english #career-counseling #history


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Active Nov 21 '17 at 22:43

11 answers

Posted by Mike S.’s Avatar Mike S.
Amber Miller’s Avatar
Amber Miller | Software Developer So you basically seem to like studying human behavior, and you'd ...

What is the career path to a successful career in technology?

I really like computers, and I that are and will be a lot of different career options in technology. I'm wondering what I should do now, starting in high school, to prepare for a successful career in technology #computer #technology #career-paths...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 13:57

11 answers

Posted by CareerVillage ’s Avatar CareerVillage .
Sumi Kim’s Avatar
Sumi Kim Here's my stab at an answer: Take programming classes or teach ...

What do you learn in college that is actually relevant to the business world?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at CareerVillage. To be honest, I don't know much about business but my best friend is going to be a Business major, and he also seems a little confused on what a Business major would teach him, glossy pamphlets and the web catalogs...

#marketing #college #finance #business


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Active Apr 03 at 14:39

11 answers

Posted by Anina H.’s Avatar Anina H.
Gary Stephen Petito’s Avatar
Gary Stephen Petito | Career Guru Hi, I agree with what Luis said above, it is not ...

What game/activities do you like the most?

I want to know what inspires you to do your job? #tech...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:30

11 answers

Posted by Javonte S.’s Avatar Javonte S.
Rachel Foresta’s Avatar
Rachel Foresta | Senior Technical Trainer I've always been a fan of puzzles (logic puzzles, number puzzles) ...

What are some good colleges to learn programming?

I have did the hour of code on and became more interested in programming. After that I have been learning the basics of programming and want it to be my career. I am a sophomore now. I need help on what will be the best schools for programming and the journey to get there. Thank you....

#computer-science #programming #computer-programming


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Active Apr 04 at 13:30

10 answers

Posted by Earl S.’s Avatar Earl S.
Kenneth Smith’s Avatar
Kenneth Smith | Web Developer at Velir Hi Earl, I can't really advise you on what schools have ...

Where/what companies should a second year college student look to in order to find summer internships in consulting?

I'm a second year student majoring in English/Economics at Stanford University, and I'm interested in learning more about consulting/figuring out if its a good professional fit for me. #business #consulting #business-analysis...



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Active Nov 10 '17 at 13:10

10 answers

Posted by David Ohta’s Avatar David O.
Shawn Lloyd’s Avatar
Shawn Lloyd | Solutions Architect CCIE - Collaboration | Networking | ... Great question. Consulting is quite a rewarding career. These are considered ...
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