How do I become a singer?

My career plan is to became an singer. What should I do after my degree? [P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.]

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Is it easier to get into graduate school straight out of college or after working for a few years?

I am currently a rising senior in college and plan to pursue a graduate degree. As I'm planning for the future, I'm currently deciding whether or not I should enter straight into grad-school post-grad or wait a few years. Will either one impact my chances of getting accepted?

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How many hours of Residency is required for MDV following Med School?

My plan is to attend Med School for either a Physician/Surgeon specializing in Neurology or I may plan to go to Veterinary Medical School. My concern is the number of years/hours that are required in residency for General Surgery are much more challenging than those that my be required for Veterina

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How would one go about choosing a career in research versus a career in the medical field? Pros and cons of each?

I plan to matriculate and major in neuroscience this fall. I am quite certain about this choice but I wanted to know the opportunities available to me once I graduate in 2020. My initial thought was medical school, as many others choose, but I started thinking about research, particularly in neuro-d

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