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How do I get prepared for college

I’m a junior in high school and I just want to know factors to get me ready for college life...



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Posted by Lillian H.
Alice Bekombo | Marketing Communications Manager Hi Lillian,Transitioning from high school to college can be tough, especially ...

Will I be able to join the Marines and go to college still not knowing what to major in?

I'm asking this because I am a junior in high school, currently wondering what I want to major in. It has always been a dream of mine to join the military because I like the idea of protecting those I love and care for. I want to be able to still continue my education after high school but I am...

#theproud #marines #education #college-advice #thefew


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Posted by Carmen N.

What do I need to become a psychologist or mental health professional?

I want to know what kind of degree is needed to become a psychologist. I have searched the internet for answers to this quite a few times, and the answers range anywhere from a 4 - year Bachelor's degree to a M.A. or even a PhD. I would also like to know what kind of degree is generally...

#clincial-mental-health #psychology #psychologist #mentalhealthprofessional #mentalhealthawareness #psychotherapy #mentalhealth


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Posted by Allison B.
Vivian Lee | Behavioral Health Counselor Hi Allison! It's great to hear you're considering a career in ...

How did you know your major was right for you?

I recently chose my major for college but I've been having some second thoughts. I don't have any close family members who went to college and it would be really great to hear from someone who has experience how exactly you knew you'd made the right decision when choosing your major. #major...

#collegebound #confused #help


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2 answers

Posted by Sarah G.
Katie Anderson | Marketing Consultant Selecting a major can definitely feel overwhelming. I know I felt ...

Is it better to minor in French?

I am already fluent in Spanish, but have only taken French in high school. #french #college-minor #spanish...



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Posted by Jasminne V.
Alice Bekombo | Marketing Communications Manager Hi Jasminne,In the business world, the more languages you know, the ...

Who/what do you think truly decides where you go to college?

Most people claim their decision to enroll in a certain college was completely their own. But is this accurate? How much of an influence do you think counselors, family members, friends, and/or money have in their decision? Are there other factors that may indirectly influence their decision?...

#higher-education #college #niche #decisions


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4 answers

Posted by Julie Y.
Charlotte Booncharoen | Senior Credit Risk Analyst at Fannie Mae There are a number of factors that go into such a ...

What is better as an intended minor to help increase the amount of experience for a marketing job.

I want to be able to get the best real life experience for a career in marketing to be able to grow quickly. #marketing #customer-experience...



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2 answers

Posted by Roberto P.
Alice Bekombo | Marketing Communications Manager Hi Roberto, I would suggest any minor related to graphic design ...

What can females do to more likely be accepted into STEM majors?

There is a large difference in the male to female ratio in STEM majors, and from a previous college visit a Dean of Admissions actually said that he thinks female applicants are more superficial than males. What tips do you have for females looking into going into STEM schools that can help us...

#computer-science #women-in-stem #engineering


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3 answers

Posted by Natalia S.
Joanne Mammarelli | Systems Engineer First, I wouldn't go to the school where the Dean thinks ...

Technology is moving at a fast pace. Will my education today support the technology of the future, or will technology replace the education I am working towards?#technology

I am wondering if technology will soon replace people in the job market. Will jobs become more scarce in particular job...



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5 answers

Posted by Naomi A.
Lisa Milani | Leads North America Demand Generation, HANA Enterprise Cloud ... Hi Naomi, Don't will always move at a fast pace ...

What do you need to know about computer programming out of high school to have a good head start in college?

I am a junior in High School and I am interested in Computer Programming....



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2 answers

Posted by Nolan G.
Rafael A. Diaz, MS | Process Engineering Manager at Verizon You should take any introductory classes available. Computer coding languages and ...

Why go to college?


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Posted by Colin T.
Jacob Schwarber | Assurance Associate Hi, Colin. The challenges associated with a college education shouldn't be ...

Can I be an Interior Designer and still pursue music?

Ever since I was little I've wanted to be a musician, but as I grew up Interior Design has really interested me. Is the anyway I can do both? #interior-design...



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Posted by haylie H.

What college in Florida is best for pursuing Interior Design?

I want to stay in Florida for my years of college before deciding whether I want to move away or not. I'm not sure if I want to go to a University or if a Community College would be better. Is there a specific college that I should go to that has the best Interior Design department?...

#interior-design #florida


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Posted by haylie H.

How much time should I be spending on homework in college?

Time Management is important. So how do you balance activities and studying?...



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Posted by Alicia B.
Alice Bekombo | Marketing Communications Manager Hello Alicia,I would recommend to create a daily or weekly schedules, ...

How to start learning about a career path?

I finished my BA in Psychology and I'm interested in counseling, yet I don't have any experience or know anyone in the field. How do I get started learning about it? Or for that matter any career path I'm interested in? #career #career-path #careers #career-choice #learning #start #psychology...

#counseling #psychology-education


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3 answers

Posted by Garima J.
Debra Dukes | Graduate Faculty - Research As others have stated, a counseling career can take several paths ...

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