What exactly does a math major do?

I have searched up countless times what math majors do and asked many people about their jobs, but all of the answers are very different. On one side it's "There are many jobs that you can do that pay very well," but there's also the responses like "All you can be is a teacher. Don't do it." Right n

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How to improve my English in a short time

I don't need the summary answer like"do more reading""handing home work on time". I need something detailed.


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In the US, what is the real difference between an MD and DO?

I'm a first year pre-med student, and with all of the college health advising, most focus on the path to becoming an MD and for some reason the path to becoming a DO is not often looked at. On a more superficial side, I understand that its easier to get into a DO program than an MD program and that


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What carrer I should study to be a videogame designer?

I will no be able to go to a university that teach videogmae desing and I don't know what of does university as trustful or not. So I will like to know what carrer that are teached in a community college I could learn in order to become a videogame designer.

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