What are some of the major problems that most people don't think of when opening a Bar and Grill? What gets overlooked when planning and building a Bar and Grill?

I have always wanted to own and operate my own bar and grill. I have been working in the food service industry since high school, and am now getting the business background I want to help insure I understand the ins and out of the business world. I have asked a few local successful Bar owners...

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What is the best way to take notes?

I take notes mostly on my journal but find myself looking back at them and realizing they are not clear enough to understand what I learned. Is there any other efficient way to take good notes? #help...


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How can I increase my ACT score significantly.

I'm wanting to raise my #act score so I can have more money for college and wanting I'm to expand my area of learning , so what can I do to raise that...

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How would one go about choosing a career in research versus a career in the medical field? Pros and cons of each?

I plan to matriculate and major in neuroscience this fall. I am quite certain about this choice but I wanted to know the opportunities available to me once I graduate in 2020. My initial thought was medical school, as many others choose, but I started thinking about research, particularly in...

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What is your definition of success?

Our whole lives are tailored towards becoming successful but everyone's definition of it seems to change from profession to profession and from person to person. As I transition from high school to college I want a deeper understanding as to how to achieve true success in all of my endeavors....

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Would you recommend being a nurse or physician assistant?

I am a pre-nursing student who was considering physician assisting for years but decided to switch to nursing because my parents wanted me to get a degree in something I could immediately make money off of (from my bachelors). I am not sure which career to do. Any recommendations? #nursing...

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What are some the similarities between Psychology and Sociology?

I am a freshman at City Charter High School and I have always been interested in Psychology. I was doing research during one of my career classes and I read about Sociology and was very interested after learning more about it. I am very interested in both of these fields and want to know more...

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